Paramore: Rose-Colored Boy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Mature Amateur

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  1. i love this song. it's basically a sly "fuck you" to all of the clueless, ignorant men who are only now realizing just how fucking shitty the world is! and even worse – talking about how we can fix it, like it wasn't worth fixing decades ago lmao. everyone's been suffering dudes, thanks for caring only when it started affecting y'all!

  2. Before this came out, I always imagined that the music video would be about a clown trying to cheer up people (the sad people are black and white while the clown is colorful. When they became happy, they would turn to colored.) The Hayley had a fight with the clown, telling him to just let them be sad if they're sad. The clown then had flashbacks of his sad life then at the end, he also turn like them, black and white.

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