Parts from the Oil-cooled PC – Do they still work???

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  1. "Ah garcon, what are the CPU options today?"
    "Well sir, we have a wide colelction of CPUs, but the specials tonight are the 5960x or 5930k."
    "Ok, give me the 5930k and a lot of olive oil."

  2. This is like the opposite of 80s action movies where all the stars had to get oiled 'up'. Now its about getting oiled 'down', and I know everyone here wants to see LTT get 'oiled down'.

  3. FYI: PCB's of just any level of complexity all get cleaned the same way at the factory.
    Water and detergents.
    Only so much solvent is really needed to remove excess flux and all, and that can leave white films and haze.
    Vapor-phase solvent tanks just can't do it all.
    But to get that sparkling clean 'new' look, it's a quick trip through an industrial dish-washer running purified H2O.
    My point?
    Detergent wash followed by lots of rinsing with de-ionized water will cure your oily blues without killing the parts.

  4. For the giveaway
    I need a new laptop to replace my 12yo one.
    What I love about the LG gram is the battery life, the weight and all his power !
    And that's from a guy with laptop that weight 3kg, has a core 2 duo, 2 Gb of ram, a dead battery and runs on ubuntu 17.10 (HP Compaq 6710b btw)…

    I have no chances 🙁

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