“Play Ball”

My name is Trent and I’ve played baseball since I was oven. Now, over 55 years later, I can&# 39; t matter play more because of age and injuries. Well, I’m the head groundsman at the local Boy&# 39; s baseball field organization. It’s a big deal for me.

I’m still part of the game, get paid in cash and see children with baseball Some real talent.

The children have the thirty year old parents, top equipment, the goal shortage "gift" to play the game. This applies to the vast majorit√© the players except for a child, Derek. He’s a shortstop with all the tools.

He’s a slick fielder, strong arm, great beats and a desire for the game. For a baseball fan, it is a pleasure to watch.

After I _him_ for about six games, Cam three people with me to talk about. "who are you"? They asked.

"I am the groundskeeper."

"Hey, you’re the form of ball players and high school coaches. The League hired to improve the fields. You have done a great job."

"Yep, old coach never left. They are a groundskeeper. The child at shortstop, number eleven can play the game."

The Group Responded, "He is our. His grandfather trained _him_ before he died."

While parents beamed with pride and is when I noticed Grandma. She was in her late fifties, beautiful face and figure, and a big smile. Grandma was quiet and not a lot about baseball to know except her grandson was that a good player.

We introduced ourselves and I found out her name was Jane. We talked baseball and Derek&# 39; s skills. I told them shoulds he probably learn how to pitch some professional lessons and receive.

Papa and Mama went Derek to speak, remained objective Jane back to talk to me.

"Is it really good?"

"For his age he is outstanding. I bet he’s good in sports nec," I said.

Replied Jane, "Football and hockey."

We started to talk. She was a widow for over a year and I had-been divorced more than thirty years. None of us: has a social life and then I took them to the concession stand for a ice cream bar.

Yes, I am high rollers.

The family said, "Good-bye" And then I started a way to make planning even to em popular. I knew some baseball scouts and called up in a favor. I have four tickets to the Mets game and gave ’em to Derek&# 39; s family.

They protested the gift that goal I said it would be a great family outing Baseball.

Jane agreed, "Derek, why don&# 39; t you take my place in Curt. he&# 39; d enjoy it more than I do."

Derek was excited, and his relatives, said, "OK."

That gave me an opening to meet Jane. "Since you do not go to the Saturday night game, you would go for dinner? "

Jane was stunned because no one had asked them in a long time. "I think, yes, yes, that would be great. Long time since I dated"Jane said.

"Me too. Give me your address and I&# 39; ll you at six-thirty and dine pick seven. Just tell me what you’re in the mood for, American, Italian, Mexican, Sushi gold Everything you want."

Saturday night came and the family went into the game. I went to Jane&# 39; s place and picked her up. She was beautiful in a gray knit dress, wearing gray stockings and high heels. They looked good and did not wear much makeup.

We decided on the American qui Meant steak, potatoes, vegetables and soup / salad. We arrived at the restaurant, ordered drinks and sampled the menu. As we read, we started on our lives, joke, laugh, and get comfortable talking to each other.

It was a great time. While return to the car, Jane grabbed my hand, stopped me and gave me a very passionate kiss.

Jane was Said and confused, "I&# 39; m sorry, I don&# 39; t know what Cam about me."

"I thought it was great. It has-been for me a long time. Don&# 39; t many ways to get that."

Then I returned the favor and gave her my best kiss I could muster. We left the restaurant and went to a local neighborhood place. Surprisingly cam Jane another explosion out of left field with ratings up.

"Please go to a place private park and where we can see. I want to continue to feel young, a few thrills have and enjoy life."

This review was music to my ears like a Rock And Roll FM radio station. In fact, this idea excited and woke me up. I went to a wooded area that my family belongs. Previously No, that I the car is off, we were all over each other two.

Our mouths trying l’autre to swallow&# 39; s tongue and our hands were making an anatomy lab and homework.

mature two people like teenagers act, what a great cardio workout. Joking aside, things got serious. Moved my hands slowly up to cup her breast.

It was warm and soft.

Jane purred, "It has-been a long time since a man touched me. I had forgotten what it was, and the joy I got from him.

Her words inspired me as I gently pinched the nipple. Jane&# 39; s breathing was quicken War I examined her body. Moved my hands down on her knees and inner thighs.

Instinctively Jane was sparked into action. Her hand lay parade in my manhood. It has-been and some time this was would be Jane&# 39; s Renaissance in sexual activity. Her hand ran my thighs and on my cock.

She began to massage my penis and got more excited when her massage hardened my manhood.

No doubt in our minds, we were two teenagers in a car finish. Just then, pushed my hand her thighs entre on her femininity. She jumped as my fingers touched her panties and looking her clitoris and love tunnel out.

She started biting her lip involuntarily move their bodies.

I felt her fingers start my zipper pull down and look for a price. She let out a sigh and seemed to be getting hotter.

"Trent, that feels so good. Take my panties and my body to explore."

It was an offer I could not refuse. Her hand job gave me chills down my spine up and down. Had I Jane in her spell.

I carefully pulled off her panties and a nicely trimmed pussy found. Jane let out a moan as my fingers touched her clitoris and entered into her love tunnel. When I played with her clit she moans est devenu loud and passionate.

Your sexual pleasure and increase the intensity of their job was hand was.

"Jane, you can continue what you’re doing, and you will be a home run on a happy ending hit."

"I don&# 39; t care. I haven&# 39; t felt like this for years. My body is on fire and I want and need an orgasm. Rub and massage me to a climax.

I am finished now!" cried Jane.

My plea did not fall on deaf ears. My goal was to give Jane what she wanted. It did not take long.

After about two minutes, Jane let out a scream that the birds made flee. She fell into a crisis, trying to catch his breath.

"Now it is my turn to give you a thrill," she said.

The Hand Job est devenu intense and they really enjoyed it. Jane realized that she was in total control.

"I&# 39; will cum," I groaned.

"Go forward."

My cock shot a hot flow of seeds and Jane caught her with her hand. She got a tissue and wiped my cock. Jane cleaned me and licked her finger actually.

Showed her face serene look of satisfaction was.

Said Jane, "We-have wanted to do this again properly in a bed with some privacy."

"Works for me, whenever you want. I&# 39; ll start training for the main event," I answered.

continued The baseball season and I did not see Jane. Then. at one of Derek&# 39; s games, I asked his mother about Jane. I found out that her sister had become seriously ill and they&# 39; d East declined from their care.

I mentioned that I was sorry, that would be heard and happy to help with anything. They asked to water the plants and grass,

About three weeks later I saw Jane at home. Her sister had recovered and was it their own. Boldly, she brushed Went up close, her hand to me contre my crotch, and winked at me.

Said Jane, "I want to finish what we started in the car. Why donate&# 39; t you come to dinner on Friday night with me? It is Italian. We won&# 39; t, because the family are disturbed: has removed a baseball tournament over a hundred miles."

I watched Jane and Said, "Seven, Okay. I&# 39; ll bring the wine. A nice Chianti."

Jane nodded "Yes" and it was a date.

My heart was racing with excitement and could not wait for Friday night. Finally, Friday night and came to I Jane&# 39; s at seven. I rank the doorbell and Jane opened the door.

"Wow," I just had the shock of her life. Jane was dressed in a black leather ladies business suit with a silver low-cut blouse, black stockings and black stilettos. She looked as hot as lava and her perfume smelled great.

I watched Jane and Said, "I see something&# 39; s for dessert and it looks spectacular."

replied June "I have a antipasto salad and baked lasagna for dinner. Then-who can your dessert."

One thing was certain, Jane could cook. Dinner was great and the company was even better. The wine seemed to help the mood.

After dinner, we adjourned the family room and Jane clicked on the television. I thought that they might at some romantic melodrama, INSTEAD goal, she is a porn DVD loaded and executed. I had not paid attention to until I heard the sound of people talking dirty.

It was a shock, purpose It was a pleasant surprise.

This time I devenu est the attacker and went into attack mode on Jane. ouvert your mouth and I slipped my tongue inside. There was a joust in the mouth happens. My hands began the usual climb to her breasts.

In light they seemed bigger and abundant that I had recalled in the car. When I unbuttoned her blouse, her bra cam in sight. It was black with open ends, so that the nipples could show.

Said Jane, "It’s time to enjoy life to the fullest and you are about to reap the rewards."

My fingers ground to the bare nipples. They were hard and upright, and I barely had ’em touched. Jane was a horny woman who was on fire.

I pinched her nipples gently and stroking her breasts. Next, my hands were entre to move her legs and touching her crotch through her panties. Jane&# 39; s breathing became more and more difficult and unpredictable.

She began as dirty as the DVD to speak that played on television.

"Trent lit.&# 39; s go into the bedroom, NOW. I need to make more comfortable."

We immediately went to her bedroom. The room must have to burn twenty candles in it. It seemed that she was in a very romantic mood.

As Jane laid down on the bed, turned my hands on her nipples and pussy. Both areas were flaming hot with passion. My gently pinching the nipples HAD made extremely sensitive.

So I took her bra and looked hose beautiful breasts. My mouth, tongue and lips touched her breasts, Jane let out a moan and load "fuck" cam from her throat.

Kelly loves to play ball

"Please suck my nipples. I really love this feeling."

continued my verbal assault, and I made sure to nibble and bite her tits. This drove her wild and she thrashed uncontrollably on the bed. My hands now went to work on her womanhood.

Even through her panties, I could feel the heat and moisture from her pussy.

"Do it like you in the car DID. Rub and massage my clitoris. Keep your fingers in me," she said.

There was no problem with the request. I pulled her panties and slipped easily my fingers into her wetness.

"that&# 39; s there, finger fuck me. You make me feel so good," Jane gasped.

She had small mini spasms of pleasure. Her body trembled every time my hand moved.

"Okay, Trent, now it is my turn to give you a ride to the moon."

Jane pushed me on the bed and grabbed my penis. She raised her hand as Complete in the car. My cock responded with hard Becoming skirt and stand at attention.

Suddenly Jane went on my cock. Her mouth Swallowed my entire length and completely surprised me. She pushed the cock in her mouth and down her throat.

She started a Hall of Fame Blow Job. Her mouth bounced up and down from the button to the handle. The more she sucked my cock, that inspires more they est devenu.

She was always a first class cock whore.

"Enough," I said.

She stopped and this time I pressed her on the bed back down. My head slipped between her thighs and my tongue focused on her clitoris in. When the tongue a bulls-eye doors can, Jane a yelp from.

My tongue was busy lapping their sweet juice and Jane in a euphoric state moves. I could feel her body with a number of orgasms and it was leading to a grand finale.

"Oh, Trent, fuck me now. I can&# 39; t wait any longer. Give it to me good and hard.

I really need to cum. Don&# 39; t hold back, I want it so much."

It was time, and got her legs entre. My cock entered her glowing love tunnel with ease. We were ready to go both reviews, the other person in ecstasy. When I started in her vagina my rhythmic thrust, Jane met my thrusts her hips arched.

We were trying to try, reviews, destroying the other person.

"Faster, harder," she said.

I increased my speed and speed. Her answer was just as intense. Our sexual lovemaking filled l’autre&# 39; s wishes.

We were in sync and started along the climax. That I was always as my burden to What to leave my body unmistakable feeling in my balls. Jane was moaning and groaning as her body was to be formed Entire Beginning.

Together they began to happen. We hit the mark together. My seed exploded into her body and she let out a "fuck Yes", The two of us and broke down completely call issued. Only two mature people who had put a smile on l’autre&# 39; s face.

It was a wonderful feeling.

I watched Jane over and realized that I have never taken off her shoes and stockings. She looked to be one of sultry women alive. Jane was definitely a Hall of Famer in my league.

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