Please Do Not Tell Anyone

Her ass looked amazing.

Liz, my staff was, flat on his stomach, on top of the covers of her bed in just her white panties. Just like they promised.

Liz and I are working together, and-have for about 6 years. The first 5 years passed Innocently fair and always professional. She is in her late twenties and single.

I aussi her boss.

Last year, Liz and I have a big office split and since then have begun, more and more guests. She’s sweet, about 5 ‘9 "with a lean frame and long brown hair. Not too thin, thin object. It is a bit of a tomboy with pale skin. It is more conservative and passive aggressive as she is.

She is very nice, I think I have achieved the stated objective.

Her hands folded Where under her head and her eyes were closed. I could not stop at her sweet little ass in white cotton covered stared hovering over her long legs. Her white panties were a little entre her cheeks wedged qui really highlights the curve of her buttocks. Beside her on the bedside table was a small bottle of baby oil.

Just like they promised.

About 3 months ago, our Cats Crossing began on relations, qui led to discussions a few that I never thought would come between us. It was nothing too crazy or sexually, just basic things target relationship. We would talk about her past friends and my wedding. Yes, I am married. Special one day we were discussing massages (she / spa package got for Christmas) and that’s when it all began.

As it turns out, we both love massages. I love them and to receive them especially. I told her this and she expressed how much she and get ’em with great pleasure. This led stories, the result of the response were qui me questions to ask output various information get out of her.

For some reason this issue you really ouvert a little more to talk about themselves and especially their bodies. And I loved it hear every second.

Liz apartment was very quiet. After a few times of my staff website take place on her bed in her underwear, I went to the side of her bed on Where I Began my shoes slipping. Were my socks next, followed by my shirt. After a deep breath, I opened by belt and slid my pants on the ground. As I stood beside Liz bed in my black boxers.

They were closely shows a bit of a bulge. When I say a little, I do not mean as little as … in the bulge was LITT … oh never mind.

A little bit about me if you are interested. I’m in good shape, about 5 ’11 "180 pounds with short brown hair and olive skin.

I do not think you cared.

I sat on the edge of the bed and said, Not one of us has word. Her head was so that they do not see with views of l’autre Management undress me, she knew goal Obviously, I had. In addition, we agreed that I would. With the clear bottle of baby oil in hand, I poured it slowly on the back. Her skin twitched ever so slightly, when the first drop touched her skin.

Poured A number of oil her spine from her shoulder blades to the top of her white panties. The oil on the back applied, my hands finally contacts with their skin for the first time. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

Your skin immediately est devenu shiny as I rubbed the oil generously to her back. Next, I moved her shoulders to the arms and. After every second a new hand her pale skin began to glisten. Poured more oil on her thighs and calves and my hands followed, slowly rubbing it in her.

I could not-have-been even more difficult at this moment.

Under these circumstances was our cats at work est devenu more and more was "open" day, I found myself on a Friday afternoon with a massage at the chat I Specific some time ago come to qui turned a bit erotic. I told Liz restarted during a massage, I was naked and uncovered. As subtle and not too graphic, I was to let them know that I with my cock was as hard as stone at this table while this lady massaging me.

"Did she touch you? You know, down there?" Asked Liz.

"Now normally I would never do that?" I lied sincerely, "but she was very nice and it was going very well, so I agreed there massaging my let."

"… And it felt good." I have to as Liz just stared at me.

My colleague was now very interested. She had a little bashful smile and her panties were always damp. (I actually-have no evidence, her panties were wet, goal I’ll just go ahead and do so, as it were.)

"And?" She asked Liz.

"What?" I asked what completely back knowing that she was going.

"Did you … you have to have a happy ending-?"

Now I want to tell you how great it was my long-time employees to hear, ask me if I had received a happy ending. Progress!

"Yes, it was a pretty good end." I confirmed.

Time to bring them a notch.

"It was pretty exciting actually to have this lady I met just give me an orgasm so she was very professional and never said a word to me.. While you oiled just my, well, you know, and stroked slowly I finished me. "

"Shut up." Said Liz.

I went on and on with more details and honest as the day I Progressed it Brought so far as it will go. We found ourselves on more than one occasion, while alone in the office talking to be stroked over masturbation and my cock through my masseuse. She sat and listen to my stories (with damp panties we can all assume).

Our relationship was now at a new level and I had my innocent people finally come to talk to me about sexual matters.

The work was so much more fun!

Special one day our discussions became quite heated. It was usually around the end of the day, when we got to work issues. I admis That the happy ending scenario more than once happened and I had to tell her about the experience in detail.

She said actually at a point of shoulds that we stop, because she turned to.

More progress!

I heard and not kept going.

Towards the end of our day I asked only flat, it if I could give her a massage once. I could say, yes, she wanted to say to that, said that she shoulds Because I was not married.

You did not say no. She said, "you shoulds Because I was not married." Baby steps!

Time to put on my game face! That’s what I said literally (or at least darn close):

"Liz, I understand completely call. The last thing I want is to make you uncomfortable and also we work together and I consider us friends. I would never want to have an affair nor would I consider sex-even.

I thought it would be fun to give you a massage. Is it right? Probably not, we work together, we both want to know we are mature enough to try this and enjoy our normal life, without being affected us. It would be fun. "

And now I waited.

"What if someone found out? That would be terrible." She said.

"Well, there will be only two people who know his. I pissed as hell is for obvious reasons not to say anything. So the only way someone will know is if you decide to have someone to explain. "

"True," she replied.

Now it has a little inconvenient for some time after this-and I did not want to leave us in this quiet space to do together each print strange feeling, a decision or anything, so I decided to grab me.

On the way out I just said: "your home would be perfect, it is close enough that we could use it over lunch, perhaps in the next few days we were able to use it..?

Anyway, I got to run. Please do not worry about it, I’m just having a little fun with you is all. Have a great night and we’ll see you tomorrow. "

And I went.

I left them alone, thinking about it. And when I got to work the next day I started again in the chat and post-trade A Few transitioned back into our massage conversation.

And then it happened.

Liz staring eye not in their monitor any contact with me, says in a half-sarcastic tone, "You know that my back is pretty sore again. Every opportunity you can help me work out the kinks?"

Have mercy on my soul sweet! (I did not say it out loud. That would Beens strange).

"Sure, I think I can help you. Let me know if the condition." I try to stay calm Trying Said.

"Tomorrow is good for me", my staff says are massaged over.

"Perfect," I say quietly. "Tomorrow it."

She looks over her shoulder at the door pissed no one is to make walking by.

"Tomorrow at 12, I will leave for the first time. Just wait about 10 minutes and leave then. I’ll give you my address an email and I’ll be waiting for you with me."

Wow, now she’s giving me orders and clear it is thought that through. As the Tide Has Changed woman Innocent Liz.

Now it’s my turn.

"When I’m there, I’ll just need a bottle of baby oil. Lotion works purpose oil is better. You can wait for me or just take off and lay on the bed."

Please Dont Tell

"I’m not getting naked," says Liz.

"Uh, okay. Whatever makes you comfortable," I reply.

"I’ll leave my door open. Just come inside and to lock it behind you." She says.

"Sounds like a plan," says the boss happiest in the world.

And that was it. The rest of the day was business as usual and of course I could not do a single ounce of work. I was happier than a fat kid with cake and ice cream ….

The big day arrived and it took forever for lunch to arrive. Seriously, the slowest .. day .. ever. Strangely enough, we have not even talked about, in fact lead to him. Part of me thought she would change her mind and decided not to go with it. Target For some reason I did not want to say anything, so I left it in peace.

something at 11.55 Liz says finally.

"I’m going to lunch. Did you get my email?"

I replied: "Yes, I have it."

"Cool, see you in a bit."

I almost forgot to mention the email. The night before I received an email from her qui said:

"Dear Boss Awesome (You okay not write SuperBoss, they entered my name, purpose Would not-have-been cool if they did?)

I and I-have-oil. lucky! How do I will not be naked target already mentioned, you will be happy.

See you at work tomorrow!

Oh, and if I have to be half-naked, then you do so that you. Bye!


So yes, that has happened.

So back in the office, Liz now had left and I started, my staring contest with the clock on the wall.

I lost.

After 9 minutes and 53 seconds I grabbed my keys and bolted the building.

I parked my bright red Ferrari (Ford Focus) on the street outside her apartment. Her apartment was easy to find, and I took one last deep breath before I opened the door. It was not locked, and I gave it a moment later, within my staff apartment. Now there was no turning back, I thought. I remember how quiet it was and everything was very clean.

I closed the door and locked it just as I was told. You never told me where her room was goal I thought 800 square meter apartment in AD I shoulds to find his ble the half-naked woman on a bed. I’m good. Quietly I went on about until I came to the door, which was open broken.

For slow to open the door, I was greeted with a beautiful sight. And the first thing I noticed … her ass looked amazing!

Liz legs and back gleamed now with oil. I do not know who invented baby oil, destination, when you see ’em, give’ em a hug for me. The room was through the open blinds-half bed, were the half. is not too dark, not too light. Liz was with her hands under her head and her eyes were still closed.

This time I had Entire Beens sitting next to her rubbing her bare back and legs. It was at this point that I spread her Decided to. From low, I sat near her ankles and really working Began their calf muscles. Then I slowly moved to her thighs, slowly em goal welded firmly knead. Up and down my hands glide watch over their oily skin.

Pure happiness!

Finally my hands her buttocks worked up her way and for the first time, I was now massaging my ass staff. I was fait que area for about 10 minutes and really got into it. every inch of her beautiful behind me to massage slowly to her panties. With my massaging movements Would my hands her cheeks spread apart these white panties not wish were there. Her cheeks would wobble back into the room every time I let you go.

They never said a word.

It was time to do it again, and that’s where it got fun. Now sit just below her ass, I leaned over me to her dignity to massage the upper back and shoulders and my hard cock pressing her butt contre on. Every time when I’m on their shoulders back dignity my cock she dry humps from behind. My hard cock would perfectly entre wedged her cheeks, and I would gyrate slowly as I pretended to concentrate on his back. As I massaged her neck I saw the black outline of my cock to see them disappear down her cheeks entre.

The feel of her soft cheeks dry contre me was amazing.

After a few minutes I asked her if she was to roll or remain as they wanted.

She just rolled.

Your small but perky tits were little tan lines that were beautiful. Her nipples were something just perfect and upright. I noticed a small grin on her face, she probably because knew I how much to enjoy this.

And she could not-have-been more correct.

With more baby oil in hand, I applied more on her stomach and then entre her small perky tits on. My hands began caressing the belly and slowly worked their way to her breasts. It took a little courage, I’m just trying finally cupped her breasts in both hands. It was just surreal that this it still happens, and said nothing.

This was a sign to continue.

I was gentle as I (stroked) massaged her breast. If my hands left her breasts, it was only for a second. As I sat in my underwear with a big hard on pressing her visible contre, rubbing her tits. This went on for quite some time. Her eyes were closed, so she could see, to burst my cock not out of my tight panties, she had of it felt to aspire to.

was pressed my bulge contre her pelvic area, and I did my best to make sure she felt my balls and shaft contre her.

With a new goal in mind, I got up and sat down beside her and began on the front of their legs to concentrate. More oil poured on her thighs and I began to knead gently em. Inevitably ended my hands gently in her inner thighs, where I will be pushed apart her legs.

Its hills could be seen under her panties, and she looked to have a nice trimmed bush. I stayed there Concentrated down for a few minutes and let one of my fingers ever so slightly below the top slide of her panties.

"Those who have-to stay there." She said finally spoke for the first time.

"Of course." I said.

Goal I thought it was the best massage I could down. My thumb rubbed against the crotch of her panties and she said nothing. I did it again and pushed a little further upwards em under the fabric, and she said nothing.

And finally, pursuing my thumb over the top of her pubic hair under her tissue, and she said nothing still. I could not have-been-even-harder and a patch of pre-cum Noticed on my briefs.

Decided I go for it.

With one hand on her thigh, my other hand on her crotch casual ugly. Slowly I began my hand in small circles on her hill move top of her panties. Pretending that I focused with one hand on her thigh, make my other hand Worked icts way down over her labia and put small contortions.

Yet it was her no reaction. I squeezed a little Firmer up my right hand over her bulging was full pussy. Without objection from Liz, I let my middle finger begin to push the fabric entre her warm lips and moved slowly up and down.

At this time, I had completely stopped Call massaging her thigh and was concentrated 100% on her pussy. I held up to that I received at last a tiny wriggle out of it and a soft audible groan.

This was the sky Oh, I thought.

I quickly switched hands so my left hand now it was her pussy and my right hand was on her tits. Liz was now in my power, as I felt like I oiled full control of her body had. Liz bit her lower lip as my middle finger went a little deeper into her. There was nothing subtle about it.

The crotch of her panties wedged in her labia and I was fingering them basically with her panties. My eyes went back and forth from her nipples pressed entre my hands and fingers contre pressing her crotch. She began moan more. Not loud, just deep.

It was incredibly hot. added My pace and so did she moans.

I wanted to make her cum. I wanted to make her cum. a bit now grater I exposed devenu me made faster Noticed que la crotch of her panties began to lift a little of her crotch with his hand est each gyration and her pink lips for the first time. A few finger-even accidentally fell into her panties and her wetness soaked my fingers.

Her nipples were now fully hard and I could tell she was getting close to the pace of her moans. She sounded so incredible. trembling After a few minutes of this heritage Liz Began.

I slid my hand under the whole crotch of her panties and my middle finger slid into her.

Deep inside of her. Your wet easily allow my finger enter and once inside, I felt her tense. Her panties were stretched my hand around now and I was fucking my staff with my finger and damaged deliberately as I could.

Her legs squirmed more and you could feel the wetness of my fingers going in and to hear out of it. Her moans and cries were now little I did my best to keep the pace of the fingers, go despite their body movements. She bit her lower lip down and forced her head into the pillow firmly welded.

Your legs stiff and I observed Slowed my movements, the incredible site of my staff Cumming in front of me. Seriously, it was pretty cool. Her breath est devenu slower pace and ace did my last she heaved a deep sigh. Was my fingers in her pussy still deep and I pulled it out slowly, as one last time winced.

Was my hand soaked.

I sat next to her and we both gave a little giggle when our eyes met. Liz looked over and saw my hard dick trying trying to burst out of my tight boxers.

"I see you that much." She said.

"Uh, yeah, just a little." I replied sarcastically.

Then Liz tells me that I’s turn, and she wants me to watch cum. I’d love to tell you we had a great sex, or they went to me, or even gave me a hand job, aim, that’s not what happened. Despite this goal, what happened next turned out to be damn erotic … my opinion. Still on her bed kneeling I slid my boxers revealing my hard cock in my staff for the first time. She said nothing Smiled gate when my hand quickly went to my shaft back and began to slowly stroke it for them.

If all boundaries gone, I decided it back and lifted my leg to bridge over them until I was sitting on her crotch float with my cock just above her belly button area.

My hand caressed my shaft slowly and methodically as she watches attentively. Her eyes were focused on my cock. We have eye contact has few times and it felt so erotic.

Liz put just there with her perky tits and staring at me as I masturbated for them. Leaning over cupped, I her breast with his left hand as I stroked goal quickly they pushed back my hand and said that I was her turn now. I Could-have cum in about 3 second goal I did my best to make it last.

This went on for about 10 minutes, just about me masturbating on top of Liz, as she lay there all oiled. Pure happiness! It had some point to end goal.

This feeling has me and I knew I cum.

Leaning forward, I braced myself with one hand on the bed and began all over Liz stomach and chest Cumming. The first shots FEW atteint her décolleté area and in the last few fell on her navel. None of us could believe how much I cam. My colleague was covered in my cum. It was a surreal moment Such know that I masturbated just for them, and they left me all about their cum.

After I got my composure and finished again, we giggled again, and I stood up. They quickly got into the bathroom and darted to clean. I sat in disbelief of what just happened to the edge of the bet.

After again to clean we a little more up and got dressed. I told her I would be back to go for a few hours in the office and when she wanted to, she could take the rest of the day off. She decided me to accept my offer and a quick after-awkward hug, I went.

These reviews had aussi good because I avoid the embarrassment was now to work alongside my colleagues, I just came across.

Fortunately, the days were after at all embarrassed, and we actually had at work and fun, a great professional relationship. Life was good. I was not sure if there would ever be a second time, so I did not push it.

Then, one afternoon we chat again and an e-mail from Liz appear on in my inbox. Strange, I thought, because it is from me, as if some 10 meters away. Anyway, I open the e-mail:

"My throat is sore!"

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