P!nk – Whatever You Want (Official Video)

Mature Amateur

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  1. Music is okay, but what I don't get is how people see her as a "Goddess"..? Turn the song around and "lady looks like a dude". Nose, jaw, forehead and her entire build is that of a dude! Give her a buzz cut, toss her in some levis, 86 the tits throw on a t-shirt and "voila" , "Frank". where ya been?

  2. PublicServiceAnnouncement———> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY LADIESSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —=========>>>> If you’re broken hearted or you just wanna understand guys better… read this underground book called The Power of the Pussy. Its onAmazon… I swear to you, its the best book ever 4 women! 18+ 😉

  3. What a fabulous montage of their lives over the years, paying tribute to Carey, his career, his first backflip, her career highlights like  her"Glitter in the air" performance and their journey as a couple, and now a complete family with their adorable kids. Pink's face at 1:35 still cracks me up!!!!

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