Report from Eastern Ghouta | March 18th 2017 | Evacuation of civilians continues

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  1. Russia is a godsend to the Syrian people. If not for their intervention and help, Syria would have been overrun by jihad headchopping fanatics by now. I'm sure that the majority of true Syrians will be grateful forever to Russia, for saving their dignity and the sovereignty of their country. The US tyrannical invaders, need to be sent back to their own borders to stay, with their tails between their legs. I know that's a dream, but one I hope to live to see come true. Amputate the tentacles of the US/Israel/Saudi axis of evil and a chance for reasonable peace in the ME might then exist. At least, they can be left to fight their own battles and make their decisions themselves. Yeah, I'm in a dreaming mode today, hahaha! 😉 As always, the lust for more profit, power and control, by those countries already endowed by these evils, is always the bottom line. As long as it continues to be unchecked by their largely apathetic populations, who keep turning a blind eye, when they don't feel it affecting them directly. Sadly, responsibility towards the common good of all, is in dire shortage.

  2. The lion of Syria drove a Honda through parts of Ghouta hitting VTEC YO !!!. I would imagine all those people only speak the truth hopefully all will are safe now

  3. And, once again, where are the vaunted White Helmets? When people actually need them, they're nowhere to be seen. No matter. There are real emergency workers and volunteers on hand to give people the help they need.

  4. So tired of Russia constantly bringing up Raqqa and Mosul. Russia is doing the same thing in Ghouta by bombing buildings where civilians are holed up in. Yet Russia acts like they've never harmed a fly.

  5. i wish that they were all burnt alive"including children and women",all the pepole in this video were agianst goverment and they were living a daydream that the army would never be able to win on them but when the tides changed they shaved there scum beards and played the victim role ,if u watch closely all the r&u latest videos u will see them all freshly shaved beards.

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