Running Form: Correct technique and tips to run faster

Mature Amateur

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  1. Humans weren't meant to run long distances… but don't listen to the medical experts. You marathon retards keep doing what you're doing and then get out of the game early at age 50 with blown out knees and other musculoskeletal issues. I keep my runs at no more than a 3 miles a day and run no more than 4 times a week.

  2. Running is for losers, it just fucks up your ligaments, I use to work in the athletic footwear industry and its just stupid. Get a bike or get a life, no one is impressed with you sweating running marathons and all that silly madness.

  3. 2 years ago I was 165 kg, right now I'm 125kg. I've been training the past 1.5 years to run a marathon, I'm shit scared right now. 23 April I'll be running the Hamburg marathon. I've done 5 28k practices so far. Today and next week I have 33k practices.. I'm getting more nervous each day….what did I get myself into. Trying to find some last minute motivation here by watching youtube videos 🙂

  4. I just realized that whenever we try to go light on our feet our speed automatically increases … usually feet hurts when we try to slow ourselves down or we are tired so in both taking a brisk walk is better … and when you feel like giving it another shot just go for it just dont try to control that natural stride …

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