Samsung is NERFING phones! – WAN Show Mar. 2 2018

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  1. Timestamps:
    Preshow stuff – 0:00
    Floatplane stuff – 1:42
    Intro – 7:00
    Amds 2nd gen 2700x – 8:33
    Poll Core iX more or less confusing? – 16:22
    Results – 17:46
    Galaxy s9 – 21:30
    Linus' wii confession and sports stuff… – 24:25
    Sponsor spots – 34:47
    Synergy 2 – 34:49
    Honey – 38:07
    Madrinas Coffee – 38:55

    More S9 – 40:26
    AnandTech S9 Awkward First Results – 41:00
    Cellebrite Can Break iOS11 Security – 52:45
    James built something and Linus challenges Luke – 54:40
    Lotso people cheering – 57:42
    Excited peasant Linus(xbox one x and s getting 1440p) – 58:29
    You can use a ps4 controller with a switch… exciting… – 59:00
    Outro –1:00:14

    (Let me know if I missed anything I kinda skimmed it…)

  2. Samsung is complete shit when it comes to phones. I don't care about specs. If my graphical password doesn't work anymore because of some random bug/security issue and that android in particular is so terrible I'm not going to use it.

  3. As far as the wii sports goes, I don't have it, but have a xbox 360 and kinect sports, and my 4 yr son absolutely loves it. Best thing for a young kid when the weather is crappy and he can't go outside.

  4. Bitch please, i live in Estonia, nothing is supported here and and overall for most companies Estonia is just a part of Russia which its not. Even tho Estonia is technologically quite advanced.

  5. When your kid finally manages to kick your ass its time to pat yourself on the back for you've been an excellent teacher.
    Your next challenge is far more difficult and infinitely more rewarding- you cheer that kid on and see what they can teach you.
    Nicely done Linus!

  6. My new text alert – "and if we go down … bippity bippity bit bit bit"

    My new ringtone – "They'll use blah blah blah blah blah blah blah active blah blah blah memory"

    Linus Ringytones Copyright© 2018

  7. So fucking glad I went Mate 10 Pro a couple of months ago. Fuck Samsung. I've had enough of their shit. Will also recommend for my Mother to switch brands. She was pretty excited for the S9+, but as the techie of the family, I'll make sure to tell her all about Samsung's plans.

  8. birthday is around the corner and i wanted to build a gaming PC but i cannot get a gpu because the prices are very high and my dad cannot afford it . If you could give me a 1080 or 1080ti or even a 750ti it would be awesome.i participate d in all your giveaways but i cannot win anyone of those as my luck is very bad.and i want to build gaming PC from the way your channel is awesome and i am paring that gpu with i5 8600k even a 1070ti would be great.

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