Saudi Siege Against Own Citizens continues | August 5th 2017 | Al-Awamiya SA

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  1. The Saudi army has sucked ass for more than 2 years in Yemen now, they got frustrated and wanted some sense of achievement. And this is the best they can do: attack and slaughter an unarmed religious minority in their own country. What a bunch of heroes.

  2. There has to be more. Jets, RPGs and tanks against unarmed civilians? That seems like the same lie it was against assad in the beginning. This stuff is expensive. You could easily kill civilians with one cheap bullet each. For what do you need airsupport and tanks? Wether there are armed groups or maybe they create a false flag where they pretend to fight (nonexisting) terrorists, just to force all of the shias to leave. They shoot randomly and it seems they dont use expensive tank rockets and jet bombs as they just want to be loud. But why they are hiding this much in buildings? Maybe they dont give the soldiers any information about an "enemy".

  3. I must have tuned into an alternate reality. This can't be the same Saudis who hold a seat on the UN Council Of Human Rights? I'll tune in again later when I've returned to that other reality, a much nicer place….Seriously, whoever wishes to support terrorists, just support whichever side the US is backing. This country's govt is a pathetic disgrace to live under anymore and nowhere will you see a single protest about this. If it doesnt directly affect the American people, the majority don't give a rat's ass. Karma is long overdue and when it comes, I hope I'm sill alive to see it. Btw, I'm American and fed up trying to excavate buried heads from the sand pit and being largely ignored and called an unpatriotic traitor, by selfish, self-centered imbeciles. Beyond disgusting and time to move on to a saner place, if it's even possible anymore.

  4. I thought you didn't like rebels and thought bombing cities to the ground with all their civilians was okay? What changed?

    And as for shooting unarmed civilians, that's a pretty heavy firefight we're hearing.They aren't facing friendly unarmed gunmen, they're facing terrorists fighting for the interests of Iran. By all means, may they crush them.

  5. The same regime who supports the Syrian Opposition did this,but according Sharia SJW and leftars can exist in an authentic way a democratic and libertarian opposition sustained by the money and political influence from a monarchical dictatorship who can killing innocent people because only they have a different religion.

  6. nOTHING ABOUT THIS TYRANNICAL DICTATORSHIP KILLING IT'S OWN PEOPLE COMING OUT OF Washington or western media. C'mon Trump, where's the call for "regime change" and an invasion? Trump and the west, pathetic weak spineless grubs

  7. i wouldnt even know this was happening if i didnt see this video, how can we still support these scum when they treat there own people like this ?

  8. These animals are literally firing rockets into residential areas in their own country… against unarmed civilians. They really are fucking sub humans these wahabi peasents.

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