Sexy video of wife in pantyhose and heels! Amateur vid!

Mature Amateur

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  1. Okay everyone!!! I am so sorry… I forgot my password on here because my computer automatically remembered it and it crashed…. I have tried for a month to remember and just succeeded!! I will let you know where the m/b vid will be when I find a good spot… anyone got any good suggestions of a free site for it?

  2. I have to say Ooooh to the Weeee on this mundane Monday evening… Which is now a lot better after viewing that sensuous video. Such alluring pantyhosed feet and legs… My, my my! BIGGEST THANKS!

  3. Here is a new twist on this video…. tell us the best part of the video to you, and what time slot of the video you came… lol. I know it has been a while since our last video, and I promise we will do some more. We are real people with real lives and we dont have alot of free time, but we are working on this as we speak! Dont give up on us yet!!!! Thanks for all the comments and suggestions! Tell us whats on your mind!

  4. Awesome videos so far! Please post more "stocking feet" videos! Take the heels and shoes off, then leave them off! I would love to see those sexy stocking feet outside or out in public! Would you consider posting a video of those sexy stocking feet walking around with dirty soles? (Would love to see that!)

  5. A little late to the party, but I love the video. I was a little disappointed that you put the shoes back on, as your feet looked so good without them. Also, I don't like to see shoes being worn on a bed, as it just doesn't seem like they should normally be there. And I love being able to see the freckles on your legs.

  6. WOW! you talk about amazing, i give u props for being able to film her like this, cause no way i could do it! i would have to be all over those hose feet of hers wow totally hot. Any chance of seeing her in some white ones. I would go nuts seeing those hot sexy feet in white ones. She is so hot and knows how to show those sexy feet. You are one hell of a lucky guy

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