Should You Game On a Server CPU?

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  1. Server grade CPUs isn't as bad as you may think.
    Sure, normal PC gaming is the same as if you got a dirt cheap i5 processor, but get this: Emulation.

    The recent PS3 emulator right be the only gaming application that uses more than 8 cores (Cell architecture is a mess), and the more cores you have, the better the performance. (And no, The Last of Us isn't playable yet)

  2. Xeon E3 is great because soldered and no tim. Add in ecc for certain database workloads and just getting the experience working it from the commandline.

    And it games just fine.

  3. Remember the video on Windows 10 vs. Server 2016 for gaming? Doesn't Server 2016 take advantage of Xeon's extra mathematical functions? Shouldn't you run that same test on a Xeon or EPYC? Windows 10 is for consumer CPU's. Windows 2016 is meant for server class CPU's. Wasn't that test a year ago a bit skewed then? It's like running games on a nvidia quadro vs. nvidia gtx. Same chip tech but different features. Same as servers. One uses ECC one doesn't. So if we're being honest here. They deserve a fair test. Don't you think?

  4. It doesn't make sense to use a "many" core Xeon. What DOES make sense is using a dual/quad socket motherboard, then using the highest clocked Xeon's you can find. So its like an i7/i9 in terms of thread count (actually higher) but also keeps high clocks.

  5. I have an x5680 Overclocked and it performs BETTER in games than my ryzen 5 1600 OC….

    I asked all the goddamm youtubers for a comparison (should I upgrade?)
    – tech yes city
    – paul
    – kyle
    – jayz
    – gn

    but its like you guys are so obsessed with the i7 2600 that for you nothing else exists.

    its really upsetting.

    I had to spend $500 on the ryzen system to realize my old xeon setup was actually BETTER for games.

    soooo,, yeah.

    Thanks for nothing

  6. Hello ı need help ı have a hp dl g5 server but ı do not know how to setup windows 7 or + of windows 7 because different bios than normal computer ı tried to setup win 7 with usb bu it does not work it is about usb should ı try with a cd ? and if it is not posbile please help 🙂

  7. Haven't watched yet, but I'm assuming no. Most games don't utilise multiple cores and are most optimised by the clock speed so unless server CPUs have 4GHz+ or whatever, I doubt it'd be anything better than just a regular CPU.

  8. after puting server cpu into client motherboard you have to make bios mode becouse the stock one doesnt have operation protocols for server cpu's flags, so most OS wont boot. btw OC xeon on lga 775 is gaming 4ever

  9. Pretty sure I did this years ago and swapped a pentium 4 with a higher clocked Xeon I ‘found’ at work (was junk anyway).

    Damn it worked well back then..

  10. The Second Hand market is real! Data centres migrating to new platforms dump all the CPUs and RAM in bulk dirt cheap on eBay. I picked up a cheap Mac Pro 2010 model, gave it 24GB of RAM and a pair of X5690's for less than £300! Add a 980 Ti, it games at 1440p144 and edits video like a champ – especially considering it's basically an 8 year old system now!

  11. This for those who want a reasonable upgrade with low cost can get some juice from these models e5-1620 / 1620 v2 / E5-1650 and 1660 hexas yummy and can surpass some builds like 6600k 7400 and some 7500 :))

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