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  1. Note: Do not attempt to copy at home anything you see in our videos. Firearms can be extremely dangerous if not used safely. This video is not intended to provide any advice on tactical use, safety, or specific knowledge about firearms or the gun used in the segment. Always abide by state and federal laws when operating firearms. This channel is devoted solely to H. A. Goodman's appreciation of the Second Amendment.

  2. Practice trigger control. When you think it is going to fire, that is when you notice the flinch. Most right handers miss to the left because that is how the gun twists with poor control. We shoot the 18 inch bong at 200 yards at the Albany Oregon range with the hand guns. The Ruger 44 is a great revolver, not too big and not too small. Good to see you joining all us deplorables.

  3. HA, you harry and dirty little boy.
    ..ya might want to use 44 special ammo for plinking, until you gain confidence. It will help with the flinching. It also makes it more enjoyable to shoot for longer periods, increasing accuracy. Just my humble advice.

  4. Have to get rid of the pic of the Bern. He's too painful to watch.
    He was a traitor to you supporters!
    Just sayin. Happy you are on the Trump Train HA. Keep rockin the 2A. It's all we have to staying free!

  5. Were those 44 or 44 mag rounds you were shooting? If they were mag rounds I'm impressed!!! That's a big ass gun lol !!! Not one of my faves ,just because of how hard it kicks, anyhow good job!!

  6. Don't worry about the tactcool, you are shooting responsibly. Shoot what you wish to, it is all a learning experience, and you are doing well!

  7. Hey H.A.!
    You want to have fun with a .44 Magnum?
    Get a box of Remington UMC cartridges. In the yellow box. The Wal-Marts here carry them. Anyway, get the range operator to dim the lights…..Six Foot Tornadoes of fire! It looks like the end of the world 😁

  8. When shooting Revolvers I like to take my left thumb and put it overtop my right one (right dominant hand firm solid grip and pulling trigger – left support hand pulling back hammer)… Left thumb pulling that hammer back seems more comfy and gets me back on target quicker. Give it a try and see if you like it… it tends to feel more stable and comfortable to me, but maybe not for everyone. Also try the "tea cup" grip – rest the bottom of the handle in the palm of your left support hand, like a tea cup saucer… that will give you more stability and also help to keep your fingers from sneaking up near the cylinder where gas pressure escapes enough to severely damage your fingers, possibly enough to blow the skin off the bone.
    I would very much enjoy going to the range with you!! Nice work.

  9. Thats it! I gotta get out to the practice place in the sage brush and lavas and shoot stuff. It's too fun. I can't just watch someone else grow some skills when mine need some miracle grow too! 💥🔫👍😀💓

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