Someone Has To, Part 2

"Hi guys. What&# 39; s up?"

"We were on the sports boat inspection and we were in the area, so we thought that we were in for. Obviously, we were late for the party. Looks like you’re immersed the wick, look worse for wear."

"Yes, I just fuck&# 39; my best fuck buddy and it was damn&# 39; fantastic."

"Who? Who?"

"My lips are sealed. it&# 39; s very discreet, you know. She has a husband."

"Go tell me" Casey pressed. "I know you?"

"mama&# 39; s the word case. I ain&# 39; t sayin&# 39;."

"Oh cool. Can you tell us what&# 39; is it in bed?"

"Very uninhibited. Sex hungry. Can suck the rings of Saturn.

A good fighter, too. How do you, Casey."

That brought a laugh. "it can&# 39; t a candle for me."

"… Especially if the candle is in the ass!" Terry intervened.

More laughter. "So let me ask you, you can get up there!"

"can&# 39; t hurt to try … however, my jaw still works! it&# 39; s a little sore, but I can manage."

"these&# 39; s the spirit I like."

We sat in the living room shoot the shit around. Casey went into the latest gossip. Sipping a bottle of wine uncorked Terry rolled smoking a doober Casey and eating chips, which I bought. And laughing. Sitting was naked nothing unusual for us.

us&# 39; Summer friends and fuck buddies for years. When I divorced and was in a deep funk, it was Terry and Casey showed me around. They are both very nice and while Casey had two children, her body is as fit as twenty.

Terry is in very good shape, well, since all of its exercise.

"When will you come with me to the gym, Ray?"

"If it snowballing in Key West, my friend. What should I go to the gym when coaches come to me? You think I could reproduce the performance that I have? Are you crazy?"

"Yes, Terry, what he needs to work? He gets his work from the constant flow of booty calls that pass through this house."

"ain it&# 39; t like that. Come on, Casey, enter a pause type."

"Look at your dick! it&the flange, cracked and painful and runway markings; # 39!"

"Yes, ain&# 39; t it great!"

"It needs to be renovated, I think." Terry got up and went into the bathroom, where she received washcloths and baby oil. "I&# 39; Resolve." He wrapped the warm washcloth and wet around my cock and let it lay there. "as&# 39; s that feel?"

Someone has to, Part 2

"You know, it feels good."

"Let stand for a few minutes."

"So let me tell you about a big meeting that we had last weekend." Casey began (and roll simultaneously connect to tell. She rolls &# 39; em too). "So after our small cruise buoy we have a way to Max&# 39; s farm for eggs and we pushed Phil and Sherry Walters, you know that squeamish uppity couple walking the benefits for all?"

"You have this great Viking in the marina?"

"Yes indeed." Casey spent doob Terry. Terry passed to me.

"Well, they were moored Darby Beach, and we passed on our way. They were on the back deck and fuck like crazy. We were close enough to hear their cries."

"I took my binoculars and let me tell you, they are out of shape! Anyway, he has something or seen me because they were scared and ran inside."

"We laughed pretty hard, so it was interesting when we met them. It looked like a storm had hit, but it was demanding. So you can know me, Miss Big Mouth, I asked her how she liked her little cruise. She looked at me as if I dropped the bomb.

I told him that we saw the kiss, and they should not be afraid to get, but had finished the job. I told him he looked and sounded like they had fun. Now she turned bright red and ran Phil. Both took after starting."

"I swear, Casey has no internal assembly machine," Terry laughed. "You may remove the pompous people."

"Harumph … as if it&# 39; is better than me. Fat luck."

"But she had a beautiful body?"

"Nope. I&# 39; m on his age and my body is a million times better. How about we stop talking and you guys from me to speak care? Waddya say?"

"I must admit that I&# 39; not know if I can stand up. My last visit and I really training." I took my wash cloth covered cock and gave it a little shake. He was dead.

"My luck! I&# 39; two men and one is out of commission! What’s this?"

"I have an idea. Why&# 39; t sit on my face and suck your husband?"

"it&# 39; becomes. it&# 39; not what I had in mind, but," she laughed, "I&# 39; m flexible!"

I lay on the floor on a shag carpet. Casey was interviewed on me and the field. I looked up and saw that the sweet little ass and long slit.

I always liked her pussy with her long, sensuous lips covering another pair of swollen lips and a lower bead. Her clit was like a big pencil stub, almost like a small throbbing penis. She took her time about me crouched, so I look into his hole. I began to move and make vocalizations my jaw Theater. "Just take it!"

She sat on my face. "these&# 39; Flight close!"

One thing that I like about this woman is that she knows how to maximize his pleasure. His step initiated the game, move, rotate, slide, correction and clings to my lips, my nose, my tongue and my chin. I was in a total vagina, a kind of overstimulation and needless to say, I loved it.

"Yes, Ray. Eat Me. All of me. Come on, Terry."

I could hear noises and strong suction grunt. I could not do it&# 39; t see because the pussy juice was covering my eyes. After several minutes of this, I started on my laxity feel to suck.

I felt a little bad, also. I don&# 39; do not know who he was, but it did the job that made me even harder. Casey was now hard to rock on my face.

I grabbed her ass and started to control its vitality. I had all her clit between my lips and licked the tip of my tongue. Whenever I flick, she would bounce. She changed her position, covers my face, wide legs and face on my stomach. Now there were two languages ​​on my dick.

Is this couple as a cock!

I began to put on fatigue me to experience how I hadn&# 39; t recovered from my last kiss long enough. I need my second wind, and I had now. I really wanted the snatch dripping on my face and the Multi-mouth pleasure on my sore to enjoy sore tail.

Suddenly, I felt like it was a job. "No," I thought, "Delete these thoughts! Be in the moment! Be here now!" I began to like to repeat a mantra in my head.

My body relaxed and I suddenly felt sluggish, lazy and very sensual. I started, attention to pay a little more, what to me and done. I was "be here" and it worked.

I started my hips swinging as she deep throat took me over.

She pressed her clitoris down my nose causing her love channel press. I could not do it&# 39; Do you smell perfume when she soaked me and juice ran down my face. I pressed her cause cramps my tongue.

They began to come, as they surfed my face pressed too firmly. I took a finger and began rubbing her asshole. Just this simple caress thrown into an orgasm.

She lifted her pussy and squirted his orgasm for me. Her orgasm is always a show-stopper if he cums. Powerful explosions of clear vaginal shoot his channel.

I drank what I could, but I’m pussy flooded. It was delicious. She put slowly over my face.

There had been no action on my cock for a few minutes (just as good die) when I heard Casey, "Come to me. Come on my face, honey." I heard Terry stroking hard and moans. I could feel his cum fall on my thighs. Another wave hits Casey. Another blow landed on my lap.

I could hear him panting and jerky. He was a good grunt and another rope is pulled. Casey squealed, "Nice shot, honey!" full with a mouth. And then he collapsed.

We lay there in a motionless heap.

Finally, they got up and hit the bathroom, dressed and made her way back into the living room. "We hate to kiss and run, Ray, but we&# 39; bring ve things in town … and he&# 39; really late. Goodbye." Just because. Disappeared.

They had to find on a hit-and-go mood. Good thing I was home.

I moved from the couch, I never said a word, not even goodbye, I was just a little soft. My get-up-and-go-got-up-and-off. "No," I thought, "I have first to do something." I shook myself from my complaints and rose. I have some routes, but I felt twinges of pain all over the body. It was night, and I felt a good night before the tube well for me would. I had a couple of rolled joints.

I’ll take one and go towards the bridge where my hot tub yet was. I flipped on through the bubbler and slowly slid in. That’s what I had to do.

Immediately I felt better.

I loved the bubbles and jets. I toked and turned my body so that a jet of water shoot my ass up and down my balls. Oh, man, it feels good.

I did it for a few minutes and turned around so that the thrust of the jet stroking my cock. Oh, man, it feels good. Finally I settled back on the seat and renewed my limpness. Why was I so tired? Well, let me see … it was Cynthia hidden from her husband during the day and a late night visit to Judy and Ben … it&# 39; s insatiable.

Then I got up early and wrote two hours … which can be very stressful. Then I spent the afternoon with my hot nurse and it was worth it. I thought I kissed it, and I was when Terry and Casey stopped.

After quick thinking, it was easy to see why I was so physically limp.

I&# 39; d was in the bathroom for too long or maybe it just seemed, because I stoned. I stood up and felt the cool air on my body. I felt rejuvenated. Still a little sore, but narrows. I séchai and sat down on the feeling enjoy.

I lit the joint and took a long train … ah … and then the phone rang.

"Hey Ray, whatcha&# 39; doin&# 39;? it&Rudy and I # 39;&# 39; m at an impasse. My keyboard player was in a car accident.

Do you want to play today evening to Driftwood? Two sets, each about 45 minutes. Fifty dollars a set. Waddya say?"

"Of course, Rudy. What time?

"First set is at nine. they&# 39; have a live B-3, you know that you need to stand up straight. I lead sheets when you need &# 39; em."

"I&# 39; You will see then."

Cool. I could use a few hours of music playback. A little rock, some blues, little r&b, a few oldies … I had two hours to kill so I sat at my piano and played some scales pitted.

Yes, I felt great.

I must have slept for a while. Lazy and slow, I washed my face in my dressed and went stagewear a great rest stop on the highway to the Driftwood. I was drafted as Rudy and the other guys.

I knew them all, and we are very warmly welcomed. Apparently the keyboard is played pretty screwed up in the accident and temporarily Rudy needed a keyboard player. I was not binding. I did not want to hang it … and he had to get a ride.

Do not sit in cool for me and&# 39; is everything.

The concert was fun. The crowd was really good for a Friday night. They were dancing in, and packed a good time. In addition, the beer flowed much to enhance the club owner. Rudy is a very good conductor.

Sometimes it plays tricks on musicians just to keep us strong. At one point, he turned to me and said: "Vagabond. In flat." He began and we started playing.

I quickly realized that I had the solo middle so I started the key notes Search.

When the solo came, Rudy turned to me and smiled. "they&# 39; again." My hands ran the keyboard and I nailed this iconic solo. I even played twice! Rudy was brilliant and the song exploded.

The amount of tension in the vaulted dining to a new level. Beer bottles began the stage lip as a public homage undress. When the song broke over and the amount I left the keyboard and began beer bottles in my bandmates and the audience to distribute applause. I went to a beer on a very hot girl who danced onstage.

I&# 39; d noticed it when I played. Rather, I&# 39; d unbridled noticed that her breasts shake a storm. When she took the bottle, put my sheet of paper, which I carefully Palmed.

Back at the keyboard, he was "96 tears", A song that I could play with my eyes closed. I opened the paper and read "Elaine" and phone number. I smiled and nodded to her.

She gave me a big smile and shook his chest to me.

The set ended with "Tumbling Dice" and it was time for a break of 20 minutes. I was soaked. I have to lose five pounds when I play.

I went out again by the sea in the fresh air at night to feel and smoke. The other guys were already there and about a common past. I walked slowly and drank my tea with honey, the only thing I drink when I play.

Elaine made her way through the crowd, and I was stuck.

"therefore you&# 39; Dr. Ray. Gabby used to talk all the time about you."

"You know, Gabby? How is she doing? I did not = I have not&# 39; t not seen in years."

"Oh, she flew to L.A. and he will live for a while. She landed a role in a TV series for HBO."

"Nice! Good luck to you! they&# 39; s been a long wait for a break."

"She told me all about you."

"Uh-oh. My reputation precedes me."

"Don&# 39; Concern. it&# 39; all is well."

"Phew! So what did she say?"

"You said you were a great lover. They took his place …"

"But she and I parted bad …" I intervened.

"Well, that&# 39; s Gabby, you know. Everything is so dramatic. I mean, she’s an actress. Don&# 39; t take it to heart."

I was thinking about it. "I have good memories of it, but they did not know how to emote, for sure.

Suddenly cried Rudy, "pause&# 39; s up. leave&# 39; s rock and roll!" I said goodbye to Elaine that began to say something, but instead.

The second set was even better. The beer had its effect and the crowd was relaxed. We were playing on stage fun train together.

Elaine was at the stage edge. She smiled happily and bounced these beautiful breasts. I always had the feeling that she looked at me, it’s a strange thing was, but if you&# 39; re on stage, you can feel every eye in the room.

Finally Rudy put the final with his favorite number closer "Whipping post", Sure air quantity for the last time to draw.

As we played, we were letter perfect for the Allman Brothers. We hung out at the end, "Sometimes I feel … I feel … sometimes I sometimes&# 39; feel like I m&# 39; m attached to the pillory, tied to the post of flogging …" The amount went nuts and we leave the scene. It was a good time, and I felt the deep inner satisfaction that I play music. The rest of us felt the same way. There is a camaraderie between the musicians especially when the musicians are firmly in the pocket.

And we were.

Rudy tried to engage me in his group, but he was not&# 39; t either. I told him that I&# 39; locally – – at any time, but it was not for me to go on the way, to sit with him. He finally let me out.

He handed me a hundred and fifty dollars and said that the owner had a night record beer sales. Since I had no gear, I turned to my car and cash to go rinse happy.

I hadn&# 39; Elaine t after the show to see. I thought she went home and, given my perseverance, which was good. But as I walked to my car, I heard my name called.

She came up to me. "So what do you do now? You want to come with me into the dining room and a few friends?"

"No, Elaine. I&# 39; Will visit times at home and decompress. it&# 39; s part of my ritual. Thank you for the invitation and your number, I&# 39; call."

"Oh. I don&# 39; t want the night to end. Need someone to decompress? I&# 39; ll go home with you."

Damn it. How can I tell these young babacious maximum beauty with spectacular breasts I&# 39; m fucked and crapped out. I can&# 39; t.

I can&# 39; t do. I never won and I&# 39; t start now. It goes against my code.


"if you want, of course. I have my ritual although describe for you if you want to change your mind."

"In no way. Gabby has given you a better grade. You can tell me in the car." Oy!

Well let me tell you why I could not&# 39; t refuse. At first I thought she was in her early thirties. I was probably almost twice as old. Too tempting.

Obviously this was a ripe fruit I had to try it. doesn opportunity&# 39; t beat often. Then she had an amazing body with amazing breasts, so lush and you know bosomy. projecting your nipples against his shirt, sealed almost business with the impressions of areolas silver dollar.

I kept consciously drooling. He could spoil the mood. But when I noticed his little tongue key, and I knew that I have on my dick.

How could I not say? As John Hiatt said, "I&# 39; m so easy to lead when doing the small head of thinkin&# 39;."


Make 15 minutes from my house, I said, "I hope that I&# 39; t disappoint, but I’m really physically beaten. I get that way after a show. I feel drained.

I want to go home, a thick roll and slide into my hot tub. Then I’ll come over."

"This is not ca&# 39; t sound too exciting, but I&# 39; am happy to be with you. I&# 39; I wanted after all the discussions I meet with Gabby I had&# 39; I am very excited."

"So what did she say?"

"She said you’re a good guy was and basically the best thing that ever happened to your divorce. You said that you are a very creative person and bring the creativity in others."

"well played&# 39; t believe everything you hear. I liked Gabby, but I could not&# 39; t handle the drama. I don&# 39; t we think very well leave. It seemed like a scene from a play."

"She was sad. She understood his passion for the theater, and instead they never against you. But it can be very nervous."

"this applies&# 39; t work for me."

We moved to my long driveway to the house and climbed inside. I&# 39; m not in the habit of not my home gear wear. these&# 39; s such a blessing on my back. I led him into the kitchen and offered him wine, but she opted for iced tea.

I pour wine for me when she went to my house and looked at my stuff. I have busy by a thick rolls. I went out then and turned on the hot tub.

Elaine stepped on the deck to me. We sat cloudless and toked on under a starry sky.

"it&# 39; s beautiful here. You have a beautiful home."

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"Thank you."

"And all the interesting art and music throughout the room. it&# 39; is very "they" and it says a lot."

"This is my oasis. A civilized place in a civilized world. The bath should be warm, now I unstiffen my muscles."

"Here, let me help you."

Elaine leaned over and kissed me gently. When she smooching, she unbuttoned my shirt and took off. I let him steal my stage clothes sweaty when she visited me not unlike a Geisha. She opened my shoes. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans.

I lifted my ass to slide my pants. She pulled me into a standing position, put his finger on my drawers and pulls them down.

I heard him sigh. She handed me the joint and brought me to my bathroom where hot whirlpool jets did their thing. I immediately sparked.

Standing on the deck in front of me, Elaine began to undress. First she took off her blouse exposing her daughters in the night air. I was right about these nipples. Her breasts were large, but they were the stars.

Then she went out of her sandals and waved from his tight pants. She stood before me in a thong black lace glistened with transparent wet spot. She turned and leaned his ass, exposing hidden chain between her cheeks. I felt a restlessness.

She pulled the strap down and put the chain on the cheeks and on her legs. His squint and her hills were so tempting. Finally, she turned her bare and swollen pussy.

She had an hourglass body with a heart-shaped ass. Slowly slid it to me in the tub next.

"Good show." I said.

"Shhh. Let me take care of you." She rolled gently into my side. "Shhh. Close your eyes … relax." She ran a light hand over my body. Bubble jets were me to put in a really good place.

My mind began to empty all random thoughts (even music!). I was not&# 39; T sleep, but it is clear that I had driven to another location.

After (I think) a few minutes, my awareness increased again in life. Elaine rubbed his body against mine. I felt her breasts crush in me and then move her nipples just to my step down where my stiffie has become important. they didn&# 39; t know I am aware, but the next time were her breasts on my chest, I got under it and lifted it on my dick.

She realized what I was doing in and slid gracefully.

"Ohhh … that feels so good." I like to hear a woman coo. "I thought you might be asleep, but even if you were asleep, I wanted to fuck you. This is much better." I felt my balls smacking her ass and I still held. "Yes. This is much better." We went on the rocks for a few minutes.

"Come. Let’s go inside. It was just a lagniappe." An owl in the distance, clear howled in the silence of the night.

We went in, wiped and ran into the bedroom. I threw him on the bed and threw myself between her legs. His whole plethora of stimuli was open for me. "I want you to fuck me, Ray. I&# 39; m so excited for you."

"Over time, Elaine." My head bursting its beautiful hills, and I took a long sip from her asshole to her clit. She arched. I did it again. She arched and moaned.

I did it again, and vagina open to me. The channel stared me, so I stuck my tongue as far as I could. She pushed her pussy and I was shivering.

I began to suck her clitoris with small strokes of butterfly until I felt tremble again and have a little orgasm, more like a hiccup. I got up on my hands and knees and ran my cock against his hole, then head sliding to rub her clit. I did this several times, until I slipped into the hot shell soft charm.

She shook back and forth, slipping and pumps, but our movements were almost frantic. It was a slow dance, to enjoy every movement. She put her hands on my ass and pulled me deeper.

As she swallowed my full length, she stepped back a little and withdrew. I could feel a little pain in my raw skin on my penis, but he didn&# 39; t feel too bad. It was an extra boost. I felt his movements and synchronized with it.

It was insistent and I withdrew more and more shopped. It was Cumming. Right on the edge.

I tried to keep it as long as possible there, but in fact, I could not stop it.

"Cum with me, Ray. Cum in me."

She shrugged, screamed and began to pinch her muscles. It was Cumming and drawing my sperm as well. I could not remember the exquisite feeling, and I spray my sperm along the walls. She screamed again and cried: "Oh yes … yes … oh my god … Ohhhhhhhhhhhh." We offset from one another in vibration and tried to get our breath.

Someone has to, Part 2

We finally decided. I was surprised by the amount of sweat that we produce. I pulled the blanket.

"Sensational. these&# 39; is the first time that I got together with a partner. Normally I can&# 39; t in this way cum.

I have my clitoris have stimulated and licked. This was the first time for me and it was great. Gol-lee, Gabby was right about you."

"Hmmm," was all I could say. I was asleep in his arms. Sometimes in the morning when the sun rose, I have, on to pee. I noticed that the bed was empty.

After my piss, I came to seek in the house after her. I found a note from the kitchen coffee.

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I omit me. I had a wonderful time, but next time I would like to have full capacity. Not that there’s anything wrong, he&# 39; is just this idea is staggering.

I have a lot of time Gabby. I’ll call you later. Elaine.

I like it. A girl gets up and leaves. I fell my way and slept the morning away in bed.

smartphone&# 39; incessant ringing woke me up. I was waiting to go to their post, comment on. Even then, I n&# 39; t move.

I felt a little bad everywhere, but waited last night&Concert # 39 ;. You Adreneline really spend you pay more expensive to compute much energy as you get older. I stood there and thought to touch sensitive about Elaine and my dick.

Yes, I lay there thinking.

I pushed and grunted. I picked up the phone and checking messages. It was a Rudy, probably at the concert.

It was my agent, probably in search of some product, both conventional and other options. It was Elaine and Gabby, this big mouth.

Hey Baby. I hear you made my right gf. I knew you would.

Do me a favor they are doing again. And save room for me.

Love Ya, G

Then I heard Elaine&Post # 39 ;. His voice was not as dramatic as Gabby&# 39; s … no, I could hear his youthful enthusiasm over the phone.

I hope you&# 39; awake and feel good. I was afraid that I kill you. Please call me to let me know you&# 39; again in order? Anyway, I thought last night was memorable and I&# 39; m more than willing to every time you want to play to play with you.

I can be a little strange, but we can talk about later. You might want to go to dinner tonight? My pleasure.

Anyway, call me.

I looked at the clock. 10:40. I decided to take a shower, have my coffee and then calling my.

I had to think about it.

The pounding water felt great and shook almost all external traces of sex and sleep. My head, on the other side ran a mile a minute. Do I now need another girlfriend? Perhaps she was too possessive. She was young, too.

Could I handle it? What is the legal limit and rest I?

Weighty thoughts were in my coffee, too. I heard my agent told me that he would send me specifications on a new job, and call it like yesterday and it was really a great body and the torn tight and I&# 39; D better me pour a cup. Do I have things that I had to do today?

No, it was the weekend. I took a deep breath and called Elaine.

"Well, sleepyhead salvation."

"I now feel refreshed. I could go another round now … I mean, play another game …"

"I know very well what you mean … and I love it. I can&# 39; t talk now, I have a future customer, but you can meet me at seven in Favorita?"

"I&# 39; you will see there."

"Bye … later … I can&# 39; I t wait …&# 39; m already wet …"

"Bye, Elaine."

Must I? Can I handle it? What&# 39; s the saying, "When it rains, it pours?" Well, I had eight hours until dinner.

I wouldn&# 39; t mind if this lifestyle eased just a little. I don&# 39; t have insurance against floods.

The story goes on …

Thank you for reading part 1 and your nice comments.

This story of the international copyright law protected by the author, all rights reserved. If this attached memo written outside found it was published without my permission.

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