Sorrento – Part 3

&# 39; I do not know what you call it,&# 39; Anna says. Her voice, soft and sweet, washed over me like a warm breeze. &# 39; Mme. De Carlo now seems a little formal …&# 39;

&# 39; Now that you came on my face?&# 39; I suggest.

Anna laughed. &# 39; I mean now that we are in love, but right now I have come to your beautiful face.&# 39;

I blushed. &# 39; it&Katherine, # 39;&# 39; I said, &# 39; but my good friends call me Kat.&# 39;

&# 39; And do you consider yourself a good friend to me?&# 39;

&# 39; I start from you more than just a good friend to think.&# 39;

There was a long pause while Anna studied me deeply to reach his beautiful black eyes somehow in my soul. It was an almost insane smile on her face, cried happiness.

&# 39; Okay, my sister Kat, but now I have to go back to work.&# 39; She kissed me, deeply and passionately on the lips, lingering sensations, she stood up.

I lay on the bed for a while to hear the sound of the shower, she then entered the bathroom. I apologized that I had to pee. Uro was something that I had privately done since I was a kid, but this woman for less than two hours with known, it seemed only natural to stay there, watching.

Anna was not intimidated in the least.

I sat there and watched as she came out of the shower and dried off. You really had the most beautiful body. I could not do it&# 39; t help but look pert breasts, fascinated by how these big brown nipples reacted be rubbed with the towel.

When she bent down, I had perfectly formed a wonderful view Rounded bum cheeks, and the sweet pleated hole.

&# 39; Have you had anal sex before?&# 39; I asked.

Anna looked at me. &# 39 ;. Yes and no, "she hesitated. &# 39; Apart from a few experiences when I was a teenager, I have not had sex with men, but I get from time to time some want to feel in me, so I invested in some toys.&# 39;

I felt a certain nervousness in the way she spoke, as if this was something she had never discussed. The fact that she was now free to tell me, she gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. &# 39; Does it hurt as much as they say?&# 39;

She squatted in front of me, resting his hands on my shoulders for balance. There was tenderness in his eyes. &# 39; Have you ever tried?&# 39;

&# 39; I have never done anything. Sex with my husband is the only thing that I knew, and I think now it was very ordinary.&# 39;

&# 39; Sex should never be ordinary, sweet cat. What you want to experience?

"That is the problem, I do not know.&# 39; I hesitated, trying to make sense of the thoughts that ran through my head. "They made it clear to me that there are ways that I&# 39; t even imagine. I want to learn more, but I do not know enough to tell you what that means.

She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. I suddenly felt so vulnerable and exposed than I thought I could cry; Another thing that I, except in private, since I was not a little kid.

"I’ll help you if I can, and I’m sorry I have to work back to rush.&# 39; She stood up and handed me a bag shelf. "These are my toys. Please play as much as you want.

I unzipped the bag and pulled out a rubber penis replica of ten inches out, realistically drawn back to the foreskin and veins.

&# 39; I would not start,&# 39; Anna laughed. They disappeared into the bedroom.

I emptied the bag, align next to me, the contents on the floor. When Anna came back, fully clothed, she with a black rubber piece six inches something like a miniature Christmas tree studied me form. I think I was, what it was for.

‘Anal may be painful at first. The muscles there is never stretched, so that the first time hurt, but once you get used stretched, it can be very pleasant. If you are able to let you in that it helps.&# 39;

I watched as they checked their clothes and hair in the mirror, then stood up and kissed her. I wanted to thank you. I meant that I loved him, but somehow there is in the hand with a dildo was, nothing seemed appropriate.

I just hugged him and smiled.

"Ciao," she cried as she slipped the door.

I pour myself a bath and fell into his heat. The combination of alcohol, sex and hot water would have made me feel sleepy, but I excited that all happened. Another life seemed to open before me, and it both frightened and delighted me.

I arrived at the edge of the bath and took anal toy. The bar of soap, I gently massaged the entrance to my ass, then slowly put the dildo. The feeling reminded me of Anna me with his tongue probing.

This excited me even more.

I pushed slowly. At first it seemed easy. I pushed a little more, suddenly reached the point where the muscle screamed NO. It hurts. It was found that less than a quarter of the thing was in me.

I stood there, trying hard to relax, then pushed a little further. Again, it hurts, but I still held.

I continued through simple steps. The worst pain came when I arrived at the widest point, and I honestly thought that the muscle tear. I remembered the pain of childbirth, but there were people using drugs and all kinds of surgical equipment available.

It was all for me; I had to deal with him alone.

Finally he slipped, only to leave my cheeks in pushing out a black rubber ring. It is unclear whether the feeling was pleasant or not; I felt full. This in itself was good, but I quickly realized bad associations with the way he makes felt it would not look sexy.

I was in the bath until the water began to freeze. Bed seemed the most convenient place to reheat so that’s where I headed, to realize that the room was a twin, and I had the opportunity, a bed that was clean, quiet. I drifted off to sleep.

The telephone rang. He was Anna.’I’m in the back office, "she whispered. &# 39; I can not talk long. Someone may come. Her husband just called.

I told him that I could not find you. I hope it was okay.

"Naturally." I had one-fifth of the debt, but I knew that Tom had not expected me to stay at the hotel all day just waiting for him to call. I was irrational.

&# 39;&# 39; He left a message,&# 39; she continued, &# 39; He said he was on, and ask them at 8.00.&# 39;

I wanted to shout for joy. I was not only the day, but now I had all night. A whole night to explore, whatever I wanted. The only reason why I did not cry, I did not want to break the spell, seemed to me.

I could almost hear the smile on Anna&Face; #. 39

&# 39; Are you with me tonight Dinner&# 39; she asked.

Of course, I would like to have dinner with her. I could not be more perfect to me. The time it would take to speak with Tom give him a chance to change his uniform and meet us out there, away from prying eyes.

The only difficulty I had planned to wait three hours.

"Did you try what I suggest,&# 39; she asked.

"Oh yeah,&# 39; I laughed.

"Oh boy. Give me 10 minutes and call me at the front desk. I have to go. Ciao.&# 39;

Anna answered on the third ring. &# 39; Buon Giorno. Parlando Anna.&# 39;

&# 39; Anna, it&# 39; s me, Kat.&# 39;

&# 39; Hello ladies and gentlemen, and how can I help you?

I was initially confused, but soon realized that Anna was at the front desk and nothing to give away. "They wanted to call me.&# 39;

&# 39; Certainly Madam, we can help. Do you have recommendations with you?&# 39;

Recommendations. What recommendations. &# 39; Do you think the toy? "I asked them back in the bag in the bathroom.&# 39;

&# 39; No problem, ma’am, I can wait while you look for them.&# 39;

I jumped bed and ran. I did not know what was going on, but I could feel my pulse begins to accelerate. I was excited. &# 39; agreement&# 39; I said, &# 39; but I do not know what to do.&# 39;

&# 39; My personal preference is to take several short breaks throughout the year, instead of a long, but I’m sure we can help you anyway.&# 39;

I took the little vibrator. &# 39; Anna,&# 39; I asked, &# 39; we are on the phone to have sex with?&# 39;

&# 39; Certainly woman. We are always happy to help with reservations, either in person or by telephone.&# 39;

I sighed involuntarily, and felt the now familiar warmth flood my groin. &# 39; You want me to fuck me with a vibrator?&# 39;

&# 39; Of course, ma’am. A good choice if you will. If you want to give me all the details, I will ensure that we have all taken note.&# 39;

I turned on the vibrator and slipped between my legs. I was already wet and had no problem at all cold plastic sums between my lips. I began Anna to say exactly what I was doing and how I felt, but I’m sure my breathing was now working much more expressive than words.

&# 39; Please Sirs, take your time. There is no need to rush. We want to ensure that everything is perfect for you.&# 39;

I could hear a slight hesitation in Anna&# 39; Voice and felt that she was awake. It hurts to know the heart, they would in public was, and not being able to find some sort of relief, but it has me even more excited. You did this for me.

I pushed the vibrator in my vagina now drips upwards so that it stuck in my bladder. The vibrations through my body seemed an echo. It took a few minutes, but suddenly I could feel closer.

&# 39; Anna, I … I could not&# 39; t to finish the sentence. pressed hard with the base of my hand against my clitoris, and the tip of the dildo rubbing against my neck, I have come. Every muscle in my body tense. I pressed more and more. I screamed obscenities.

I felt hot liquid and result in the crease of my buttocks to escape. I felt wonderful.

&# 39; Anna …&# 39; The words that were in my head, Anna, I love you, but I did not know how to say it.

&# 39; Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have it all. Is there something we can help&# 39;

&# 39; Yes,&# 39; I stuttered between wheezing, &# 39; but you’d have to be for it here in person.&# 39;

&# 39; We look forward to seeing you very soon.&# 39;

&# 39; Yes, and thank you Anna.&# 39;

&# 39; You are welcome, ladies and gentlemen, Ciao.&# 39;

Anna told me later that she had been so wet that she thought it if his pants were visible. She had to ask another girl to cover her while she ran to the bathroom. She confessed that she had to play with herself and cum, and had soaked to leave now panties in the trash.

We met at the agreed time and walked through the city, arm in arm, talking about things without if we knew our lives. I do not think I could have felt happier. In due Bar seemed to be owned and operated by uncles, aunts and cousins.

Everyone seemed to be connected to Anna and the others who meant a lot of introductions, hugs and kisses to carry when we arrived.

Unlike many Italian families, they were happy to accept that I was Kat, a friend, and nothing more to ask. It made me feel very comfortable, as if I I ate with people all my life knew. I immediately relaxed and began to enjoy.

Perhaps because the atmosphere was making so popular pasta to be the best I had ever eaten, and had married in a large Italian family, I had a lot to compare. While we enjoyed our food, and consuming too much red wine, beat Anna a game. Choose an ideal lover.

The only limitation, it must be someone that we could see in the bar. The contenders were many.

Two old men sitting in the corner playing chess and drinking brandy. I argued that their spouse count on years of experience each exceeded. Anna collected the pot belly&# 39; s could be an obstacle to the full and satisfactory penetration.

Our next, Aunt Violet; we were at least able to confirm in that it would lose a pleasure and never between her huge boobs, or better yet, to find their legs. Roberto, the manager, should be top of the list because of the sensual way he wiped his face when he opened the ovens. We also looked at seniors with average business, what appeared to be a young woman, secretary, because he had the suave and sophisticated look in his costume, and hungry for much more than pasta.

But my favorite was to be the boy, who looked after our table; he had a delicious tight ass that was just as hard in his pants.

Sorrento - Part 3

&# 39; A perfect choice&# 39; Anna noticed &# 39; He is my cousin, and he says he never had any luck with women. You could be the first.&# 39;

I did not know whether she was serious or playful, so I asked him his choice.

&# 39; It’s very easy. I choose, even in a room full of a million people.&# 39;

My mother is an Italian PornStar! Part 2 – j sister …

I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. The sound of applause and cheers rose Mock boards and around. I blushed. It had been in the last eight several times that melted my heart, but it had to be the worst.

Or better.

I do not have the right words to really say what I felt at that moment. What came out of my mouth was a little slurred &# 39; thank you.&# 39; I was more than a little drunk. We were both.

We sat in silence and quietly hands under the table held. I felt like a teenager going through the troubles of my first crush

Anna finally ordered coffee for us. &# 39; I am very happy that you like games.&# 39;

&# 39; I do, especially the ones that I can share with you.&# 39;

&# 39; these&# 39; s good because I organized a little game back to the hotel for you,&# 39; she confided softly, &# 39; well, more of a real party.&# 39;

intreccio incst Part 2

My mind on the word go; Past. It was not hard to know what was going on in his head. Mine reflects perfectly. I thought of the afternoon spent with the Standard. &# 39; When you say party, you mean that I had to be fucked?&# 39;

Anna laughed and smiled. &# 39; Yes.&# 39;

I sat and thought for a moment. &# 39; If I shoot a shot, you have to promise me two things. And I mean, absolutely, on his heart, hope to die promise.&# 39; I was really drunk.

She looked at me intently. &# 39; I’ll give you an honest answer to what you ask, but before I can not promise anything, I need to know what the question is.&# 39;

&# 39; agreement&# 39; I said, trying to deal with the long sentence. &# 39; If I fucked somebody, someone other than you, I need to know that you are okay with it. Because if you are not, then I do not either.&# 39;

She sat and thought about what I said. &# 39; I want to show you, and make you the true pleasures of sex experience. I want to do it while I can watch and be with you. I want you to know what it feels like to have of men, because that’s what you craved. If you do not do it now, you will continue to crave, and then you will do it without me because you’re watching and help you.&# 39;

&# 39; I want you there. I know I’ll feel safe and secure with you, but more than that I want to share with you this joy. When it became too difficult to share this joy, then I will not do it. I can not do it.&# 39;

Anna swallowed. I felt she was fighting back a few thrills. I know that I was there. &# 39; I promise you that I agree.

This is my love for you, sweet cat.

&# 39; then you must make me a second promise. one does&# 39; t work without the other.&# 39;

&# 39; Pleas e ask your question.&# 39;

&# 39; You must promise that you stay up all night with me. They are not by my side.&# 39;

&# 39; when I get up and pee? I’m not sure that I can go all night without peeing.&# 39; She smiled.

&# 39; Especially when you get up to pee,&# 39; I said, laughing, &# 39; that&# 39; s most significant bits.&# 39;

&# 39; then you have my solemn promise and absolutely.&# 39;

I stopped on the finger to seal the deal. I never knew that meant something understood in the Italian culture, but Anna’s gesture and wrapped his little finger in my. Then she pulled me close and kissed me.

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