Sparks ‘Amateur Hour’

Mature Amateur

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  1. Moving out of LA to London was the right move for these guys in 72/73.  Check out Martin Gordon's band JET for some more Sparks influence. Fantastic album!

  2. Funny that Queen used to open shows for Sparks..!!!! Then Queen just took off to another level of fame and popularity..!!! This album is just amazing, also recomend the No. 1 in Heaven is a gem..!!!

  3. With just the right combination of substances listening to Sparks is like watching Edith Piaf sing after inhaling helium while Hitler accompanies on electric piano. What more do you want? What more COULD you want?

  4. This was the year when I lost my cherry – for want of a better term. Fantastic memories. Still 16 in my head, but abused body is knackered…

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