Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Michael Avenatti with John Heilemann | BONUS Clip | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

Mature Amateur

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  1. Stormy is a great client and she has a most excellent attorney. Avenatti gives me hope and inspiration that I haven't felt since Mueller was appointed. After all, Trump can't get Mr. A. fired, can he.

  2. 'RAT FACE' and 'LAP TITS' ride again.  'LAP TITS'  DANIELS would make a great DEVINE  in a remake of John Water's PINK FLAMINGOS, especially the scene at the end where DEVINE scoops up and actually eats a pile of dog shit.  'RAT FACE' Avenatti could lick her fingers clean.

  3. He is so sexy. Having saucy thoughts about that man!! (50 shades of very bad!)

    Smart and eloquent. Knocks spots of Trump’s shower of crass mobster bully boys.

    Bit of a showman, needs not to have his head turned by the media attention and stay focussed!


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