Supermarket Encounter

It was another boring trip to the grocery store, my wife had sent for me, as it was a few things "occupied", They say it is a good place to meet the opposite sex, especially at night, but it was never looked like happening to me.

As I walked the aisle of frozen food down, I saw this lady not mature before me, even though I say mature, but it was only because I’m still relatively young, it was considered freezers and I noticed that when she made her top was raised at the waist, to give me a look at bare belly.

My eyes were drawn to this woman, and when she got up I could see that it was well equipped and didn&# 39; t seem to wear a bra, at least it was what her nipples stiffened told me that they were very important because of the cold freezers.

The store was very quiet as it was quite late at night, and I felt comfortable to watch. Nobody could see the erection that my pants at the sight in front of me began tent. I had to adjust my pants, as it was getting uncomfortable.

She arrived at something that has caught his imagination, but the freezer must have been on the back, and this time I saw the bottom of her soft breasts as she bent. I said she was ready, but her breasts seemed close enough that I could see, and they were not covered with the security of a bra. She leaned to the right and lifted his leg challenging to balance, her skirt short climb, as it did. not that it was necessary to fix – – I bent down to tie my shoelaces and I’m surprised that I did not even see a hint of panties.

I went quickly from my head and walked toward her. "Can I help you?" I asked, trying to see if it was something she tried I had to reach my eyes on her nipples and they do not slide like spades upwards. "Yes" She said: "I’m trying to get the turkey in the back, but it’s too hard for me", Well, I tried, but it was blocked, so we both tried, and I could feel the warmth of her bare arm against my, despite the cold of the freezer, her hip pressed against mine and I could my hand imagine under her dress she runs cheeks cupping, stroking her soft warm buttocks. Suddenly, he was released and my arms turned in it again after confirming that it soft. I apologized, and she said it was okay, and it was not&# 39; t bad. To my surprise, she said that she can rub more if you wish.

I have a look around and no one did, I put my hand gently slid under her loose and high on the chest, it was so soft and smooth that it almost took my breath away and then I touched her nipple, which itself seemed to get more difficult ,

You turn leaning over the freezer, but this time not to reach inside, as she did, she put her hand behind her, rubbing my erection now pressed against her buttocks in the thin skirt included. She grabbed my zipper and relieved about my erection for more space. then let my throbbing cock from the confines of my pants, which I had asked the rock at the back to allow my penis access to their nether regions.

And lowlands, which were two globes of soft, flexible manner with a valley between the my penis was exploring.

She was already wet and I pushed it, the excitement so great, now I do not want her to change her mind. I pulled in and by the smoothness of her pussy and at the same time continued to fondle her breasts. "I Cumming" she exclaimed, and a gush of semen had surprised me because it was so fast. I shot my load and I could feel them sink in.

"It was great," I say what she said, "You’re not my first victory and I am sure&# 39; t the last", Then quickly lowered her skirt again, pulled her top up, quickly turned away and left me feeling a large turkey, which I take as home as a souvenir, I n&# 39; t know even his name.

I have, though I saw it, but I really enjoyed Turkey. My wife could not&# 39; I understand why a turkey or why I loved it so good.
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A bisexual girl meets a horny MILF in the …

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A meeting in the supermarket makes me breathless.

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