Susan And Her Son Friend Part 3

Jeff was a little sad back about college. He had enjoyed a great summer after-he had his first Seduced friend&# 39; s Mom, Susan Jenkins, Who aussi HAD beens his high school teacher. He had just got to the point where they would not _him_ refuses, let even they _him_ fuck in the ass when it was time to go back to class.

Before leaving, he showed her how to set up a separate e-mail account where they could share their secret affair and Exchange erotic messages. He moved gradually from Susan so you would dirty talk online _him_, more so than she had in person.

College was about 300 miles from Jeff&# 39; s and Susan&# 39; s hometown, so it was not practical to commute back and forward every weekend. Nevertheless DID Jeff manage home ounces to get the middle of October. During the visit, he talked to Susan about coming out to visit at the end of the month _him_.

"Mrs Jenkins," (He liked to call them track that has it so much more taboo, because he was his form teacher damn) "My fraternity is having a Halloween party, and I would love you as my friend to come."

"I would like, Jeff," Replied Susan hesitantly, "End you will see that I’m so much older than you – and them. What would you tell ’em?"

"I&# 39; ve been thinking about. They will go as a witch, and we&# 39; ll put green makeup all over your face. They will think it&# 39; s all shares of the costume."

"Well … I thought Jeff. I&# 39; ll have to find an outfit to wear."

"Don&# 39; t have to worry," Jeff assured her. "I&# 39; ve already took out for you and if you I agree to come&# 39; ll bring it to you and to your hotel. Please say&# 39; ll come."

Susan couldn&# 39; t say no to Jeff, and the thought of a weekend in a hotel room with _him_ was so tempting.

"Okay, Jeff. I&# 39; ll come! leave&# 39; s to see, Halloween is on a Friday this year. I&# 39; ll take off Friday and stay through to Sunday.

Saturday night we can go on a date. That would be nice because I Daren&# 39; t show my face here with you."

"it&# 39; s a date!" Jeff responded enthusiastically.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

On Friday, 31, Susan left her home early so that they would come to the hotel in the mid afternoon. After a long, boring ride they arrived at the hotel, qui was downtown to location with a number of stores and office buildings. After checking in, they went to her room on the third floor and Jeff texted her room number, then grabbed her suitcase and got into the shower to wash her hair and clean the dirt from her day.

You aussi took time and shaved all the hair out of her pussy and Jeff thought like would.

get out of the shower and drying off, she looked at her naked body in the mirror. Despite what Jeff had told her, she still thought her 34B breasts were too small. But Susan thought it was perhaps why they were still without sag company age also with her. Moving her body you looked down at her naked pussy.

You still couldn&# 39; t believe that she had done that – they never had during their marriage years shaved everything.

After drying and styling her hair, she went to the train. Instead dressing, though, she pulled out a filmy black negligee she had ordered online from Fredericks of Hollywood. Approximately at 5:15 am there was a knock at the door.

Susan looked at the door through the peephole to it was safe before opening make Jeff.

"Wow, Mrs. Jenkins. They look fantastic!

They are hard been to me!" Jeff called as she _him_ out into the room. "Let me see," Asked Jeff, when he threw the package he was carrying on the bed.

As Susan opposite _him_ Stood, Outlined the light from the window her naked body under the black top, her breasts and nipples clearly visible. A movement caught Jeff&# 39; s eye and looked behind Susan through the window, he saw a man in an office on the other streets staring your way. Jeff smiled.

"Turn around, Mrs. Jenkins. Let me see from behind, you know, I think a beautiful ass you have."

Susan and Jeff turned behind her Moved in their buttocks by cupping negligee and kissed her neck. His hand nec mover around the forehead and felt one of her breasts.

"Mmm Jeff, That feels good. Do you like my outfit? I bought it for you," Susan murmured. "I thought it would make you … turn Arrgghh Jeffrey!

There is a man on the street to me. Let me close the curtains!"

As Susan tried to move to the window, Jeff could both arms around her, to stop them in their tracks. "He looks at you because you are beautiful. leave&# 39; s your beautiful body does not hide. Enter _him_ a thrill. Besides, no one in this town knows you," Jeff told her.

With this, Jeff pulled one of her breasts from the neglect to put it on display.

Susan struggled a little, their goal Jeff welded firmly held opinions of other chest and pull them both cupping, it provides almost as a trophy to the stranger.

"I bet he likes your breasts, Mrs. Jenkins. leave&# 39; s _him_ give a little better view." Both Jeff Moved em all the way to the window and pulled the straps of the chemise made Susan&# 39; s shoulders, lowering the tip on her waist.

She tried to cover em, want Jeff pulled her hands on her sides.

"Jeff, no! he&# 39; s his cell phone Got, I think he takes pictures!"

"I think you need to show your _him_ entire body, Mrs. Jenkins, so he can go home and jerk off to your beauty search. Pull your panties so he can see your pussy," Jeff spoke sternly as he pulled the bottom of her negligee to her waist, revealing the very scanty thong She had under.

Susan was in a dilemma. What should she do? She was so embarrassed, THE Reviews another man to see her naked breasts, but Jeff wanted to show them all, and she wanted to like Jeff. Slowly she bent over and lowered the panties to it in a pool around her feet fell. Getting up, she gave a quick look across the street.

She gasped when she saw the stranger, had taken out his hard cock and stroked it as he looked directly into her was.

"Apparently he likes you a lot, Mrs. Jenkins. leave&# 39; s spread those pussy lips so he can see some pink." Jeff atteint to Susan&# 39; s body and could both hands on her pussy. "Wow, you’re a bad girl! You have open to you to see your shaved pussy for these people. Naughty Girls shoulds be beaten!"

Jeff whipped her negligee call completely and pulled a chair to the window, with a view to the side. "Put on my lap, you naughty girl!"

Susan clenched his teeth and her lover obeys about _him_ laying her bare ass facing the window. You could imagine the man opposite, that her cheeks and seen naked under pussy,

"Owww!" she yelped as Jeff&# 39; s Hand Cam hard to send on her cheek, a burning sensation through her body. "Ow! Ow! Ow!" she continued, as Jeff lost her three more times. When she cried, Susan felt a warm feeling her lower limbs and permeates Realized que la beatings causing her pussy wet. stopped the beatings and she felt Jeff&# 39; s hand caressing her cheeks, entre em slide over her puckered hole and down to her pussy.

Two fingers penetrated her.

"Well, I see my sassy girl is excited by this. Get up and move the chair, your horny strangers." Almost blind Susan complied, leaning over the naked flesh, brushing with his head down in shame, her nipples, the seat of the chair. She heard Jeff unbuckle his belt and dropped his pants and underwear on the floor. The head de son hard cock parted the lips of her pussy.

Susan was so hot they had to be fucked and she pushed back her hips.

"Not so fast my naughty teacher. Look at the clock as I fuck you." Jeff grabbed Susan&# 39; s hair and pulled her head up. Susan was looking down the street, as she gasped as Jeff&# 39; s cock plunged deep into her with a thrust de son hips.

The stranger was Openly jerk when he watched as she gets fucked from behind, swinging her tits with each beat of her lover&# 39; s tail. He was aussi pictures or video with his cell phone. She watched in fascination as his body stiff est devenu and a beam of white cum splashed across his desk.

Soon followed Jeff follows and she felt the warmth flood de son orgasm her body, break their own bodies. She screamed as her cunt to Jeff pulled together and waves of pleasure through her. When Jeff on it broke on the stranger considered.

He smiled and waved at her, holding his cell phone.

&# 39; Well, at least there is no way he knows me,&# 39; Susan thought. &# 39; And, even if it is someone else, nobody in this city does not know me.&# 39;

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

After she had recovered both her composure, Jeff took the bag he had thrown on the bed. "here&# 39; s your witch&# 39; s outfit and makeup, Ms. Jenkins. Put on it and we&# 39; ll see how it fits."

Linda took the bag and dumped the contents on the bed. Phrasal adverb in a dress, a tiny thong, a pair of black vinyl boots, a witch&# 39; s hat and a box of make-up in him. She pulled the thong first – It was a small triangle of black material with two strands Each page in a string returns that entre her ass cheeks equipped.

The triangle barely covered her pussy and because they shaved Sketched her lips.

Next she Slipped black dress over her head. The hem fell just below her bottom and the top of two spaghetti straps stopped. The back of the dress was virtually non-existent and the end plunged low.

Linda realized that she would not be ble, a bra with it, and the thin material allowed to carry their tiny nipples poke through. By pulling on the high boots and donning the hat she completed the outfit,

"Jeff! I can&# 39; t like this go! I&# 39; m practically naked!" Susan wailed.

"Nonsense Mrs. Jenkins. All the girls are-have sexy outfits like this. They fit right in," Jeff assured her, grinning. "Put the makeup on, and no one will know you anyway."

Linda took his hat and went into the bathroom to put on makeup from. Everything was green and black, and they applied liberally, for the few little wrinkles on her face she had. finished look in the mirror in the project, she saw that, wouldn even their friends&# 39; t they realize that.

It made them feel anonymous and made them a little less nervous.

"Making a awesomely sexy witch, Mrs. Jenkins," Jeff admired. "The party starts at 7:00 O&# 39; PM and has plenty of food, so we don&# 39; t dinner must be so&# 39; s get going. we&# 39; ll take a taxi, so we won&# 39; t worry about-have too much to drink."

"Dressed like this, Jeff! I need something about it on set."

"Don&# 39; t be stupid, This is Halloween, will be a lot of people in costume. Come over." Susan barely had time her purse and witch grab&# 39; s hat when Jeff she whisked out of the room to the elevator. Susan was relieved that there was no one in the hallway or in the elevator.

Purpose as they leave in the lobby there were a few people milling around. Susan Walked to prevent prevention of her dress with short steps, rises to her ass cheeks uncover. She tried to hem preferring purpose that didn&# 39; t sccm to help. In fact, she has it that they are more of her breasts was moved revealed realized.

She put her head down and Jeff welcome them from the lobby to a waiting taxi qui to lead comfortably was outside.

When she came into the cabin, despite all their efforts the dress rode up almost to the hips, the small triangle covered her pussy revealed. Two men stopped and stared whistled their appreciation. "I didn&# 39; t know witches her shaved pussy," She heard a comment. Susan slammed the car door closed as soon as she could cut her head in shame and embarrassment.

Jeff grinned.


Upon arrival at the Frat House Susan is Looked around nervously. There were a lot of people already, and loud music there been Looked like there was a lot of beer and wine flows. She was relieved that Jeff was right, most of the girls were in scanty outfits, so they didn&# 39; t stand out too much.

Jeff them introduced as his girlfriend Susan, and she felt a little more comfortable in the situation.

Soon she was to have a good time, drink some wine and dance with Jeff. As the evening wore on the dance, was pretty much a free-for-all with all prancing around on the floor. There were more boys than girls want it didn&# 39; t matter too much in this size and Susan freely swung around and dance with anyone.

She realized that her dress was rising upwards and looks down want to give her ass cheeks the ground, so full there was no one would be correct to see that.

Against 22:00 the lights dimmed all the way down and a slow song on cam. She looked to find purpose to Jeff, he was nowhere to be seen. One of the boys, nec HOWEVER pulled her into his arms without asking and only Susan went along with it.

What was the harm, she thought. She put her arms around his waist and danced close. you didn&# 39; t mind-even staring, he was, her forehead Leering down and tried to get a good look at her braless breasts.

Then moved his hands down to her ass, pulling the dress up and her ass cheeks qui grabbed entirely suspended by the Tanga they were wearing. She tried his hands aimed He was too much pressure, back up.

"Come Susan," he said. "they&# 39; ve your buttocks on display had the whole evening and Jeff said, you’re a good sport and donate&# 39; t worry a bit Groping. You have a fine ass, you know."

Susan was ashamed. Jeff had said that they didn _him_&# 39; t mind be groped! How many guys ang he had said? Goal they needed to play the hand of Jeff&# 39; s girlfriend so she made to relax and allowed to be stroked her buttocks.

The young man pulled her closer and she felt a definite to hard bulge her lower abdomen contre.

"Please refer," he said. "See how excited you-have made me. You want to come into my bedroom and frolic?"

"No!" Susan growled. "I wont. I’m Jeff&# 39; s girlfriend." At this point ended the song and she freed herself from his grasp and went to find Jeff.

"Jeff, you said someone that I didn&# 39; t mind groped his?" she asked.

"Now," Jeff replied. "They were asked to ask you how you say sexy Sah. They wanted to know how you in bed and I said you were quite wild and would try anything. I said you dressed sexy, because you like all the attention."

"He Purpose asked me to go a son bedrooms. He wanted to fuck me!"

Nothing better that shoot your cum on mother # 039; s …

"Oh, he&# 39; s just a hot-blooded young man. Don&# 39; t worry about it. Everyone here is quite easy, including the girl.

Try suit. Dance with someone who asks, we all dance together."

"I think I’ll try to act like one of those college girls" they reluctantly. Looking around, she saw a lot of couples dancing on the floor and many of them were openly superimposed Groping. were rubbing Some of the girls, even the boys&# 39; Bulges.

Another man on cam soon ask Susan to dance. She glanced at Jeff and he nodded, so she accepted. He time immediately put his hands on her ass and told her that he had heard what a good sport she was. Susan crunched only her teeth and nodded.

When the song was indeed there, she felt his fingers to move on her forehead and they creep even inside the tiny thong. She looked again to Jeff, he smiled and nodded aim.

Since the guy&# 39; s finger atteint her wet pussy He looked at her and said: "My goodness, what kind of a good bitch you, nice and wet. You like this gift&# 39; t you. Jeff is one lucky guy." Susan swallowed. She was wet, she realized.

How could she at the hands of a man are rotated to hit them just had the most touching her intimate parts. Target Maintain had the facade that she was the girlfriend racy when Jeff Apparently her portrayed HAD. She took a deep breath as he pulled her contre in narrow and ground his hard cock.

"Oh, Susan. You are an evil bitch. Come out and finish me off?"

Susan demurred again and Jeff returned to after-song. Apparently word had gotten and practically danced with Susan, every man in the room, that they feel all of them their feminine charms to some degree to the point feel like a bitch. To her dismay she-and her juices flow down her thighs to feel.

She received many lewd invitations goal turned them all down.

As the evening came late was the alcohol flows freely and Susan felt no pain. It was much more than they drank normally and she felt a little woozy. The music stopped and she heard an announcement of a slightly drunk student. "Okay, ladies, it’s time for our annual &# 39; Best pair of tits&# 39; Competition.

All you go to the you go outside the room, and to the rear. Come ladies."

Susan Looked at carefully and saw all the women on the other side of the room on foot, some of them the breast and their cleavage proudly sticking. Susan turned ’em along, try try not stand out. The announcer had them all standing in a line, the guys over.

She looked down the line, quite a few of the girls were pretty big breasts and she thought a would gain from them.

The contest was decided by the level to the guys cheering Each female joined have made forward. Many of the injured girl leaned forward deliberately for the guys to stare her chest down. Others stood only.

When it comes to Susan cam&# 39; s turn, she joined with her chin forward and upward, Jeff wanted to show that they could be like the college girl exactly. She was very surprised when she got a loud cheer and many comments to &# 39; Susan nice tits!&# 39; They thought it might be because so many of them it felt HAD.

Apparently the drunken judge set them in the past five, and the others drifted away. The speaker said. "Good. We-the five best pair of tits here.

They have done this Who-ladies before knowing that the final winner decided everything we need to see naked ’em. Now take off and release Tops Those those babies!"

Susan was horrified. you couldn&# 39; t her breasts before any thesis uncover Leering students! You nervous l’autre oven girl and saw em to see the release of her breasts for all. The girl beside her was tall with long blond hair and was very well equipped. "What&# 39; s the matter Susan? Ashamed you haven&# 39; t got tits like mine?" she gloated.

Susan Jeff Sought out in the crowd and put his eyes. He smiled and nodded slowly and enjoy immensely Susan embarrassment.

Hesitantly, she slowly pulled the strap of her witch&# 39; slipped s suit down and their arms from ’em. Then to close their eyes in embarrassment, she pulled the front of the dress down. She felt the cool air hit her nipples and make ’em hard as a huge roar of the crowd rose.

La même method of jubilation was used loudest to narrow the field to two. Susan Stood stoic, naked for all to see her breasts, her nipples hard. When it comes to their cam she stepped forward and thrust her breasts out.

They were smaller than’any the other girls, she still got back a loud cheer and made it to the final. The girl with long blond hair was reviews of the other finalist.

"Okay, ladies. For the final decision, the boys have a little more input. Everyone will get to feel your breasts for strength. Forming a line guys,"

Father # 039; s Friend # Ruined My Life by Saamba

"What!" Susan Whispered to blond next to her. "I can&# 39; t go with this. I’m so embarrassed, and now go all these guys to feel my breasts?"

The blonde looked down at her and sneered. "Then just stop. I’m going to win definitely, I mean look at me. All guys love big tits."

Susan didn&# 39; t move. They stood on the site is frozen, staring straight ahead as the line of guys is formed. They were behind the two and Susan was addressed first. She felt two hands reaching around her and cup her small breasts, Kneading em like cookies. Then a little tweak her nipples as the guy (they didn&# 39; t know who) Moved to the blonde.

Reviews This was repeated over and over and over again. Since they only college days and her ex-husband Jeff had touched her breasts and now more than twenty young men groping, cupping and squeezing her breasts, and many of them pinched her nipples hard.

Along with the pathetic It aussi Were the comments of her Whispered to have atteint to every man to grope:

&# 39; Nice tits Susan&# 39;

&# 39; Your tits feel as good as your buttocks&# 39;

&# 39; You make me so hard, Susan&# 39;

&# 39; I want you to fuck so much!&# 39;

&# 39; How wet is your cunt, Susan?&# 39;

&# 39; Stooping Susan and I&# 39; ll take here&# 39;

&# 39; She’s a good college girl bitch Susan. I’ll make it up later&# 39;

The last voice she how familiar his hands stroked as Jeff Reconnu her breasts. She relaxed a little when he was the last in the line, and then looked jealous when her boyfriend the blonde felt&# 39; s big tits.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen. You have the finalists in front of you. Two pairs of tits fine I must say!" Announced the Announcer. "Now for the final votes. Step forward," He waved Susan up next _him_.

She took a step forward and nearly fainted when he put his hands under her breasts and held them for all to see above.

"Those who vote for These perky little tits?" There was a thunderous applause and cat-calling. Next, he called Expired forward and stopped the blonde her tits on display. "And who chooses big knockers for thesis?" Again, there was loud applause just want a little less than for Susan.

"I declare the winner Susan!" the speaker to the audience aired another big applause reviews. He turned to a table behind, and took on a paper bag. "Here is your price for the best tits in the Brotherhood." To her shock and shame, he pulled out a 10 inch black dildo and handed it to her.

There was a lot of hooting and comments, especially &# 39; Show us how it fits, Susan!" She was finally reliable slipping target out of the spotlight, and drag it to cover her breasts dress modestly. The search for Jeff she pushed the dildo into her purse and wide Told _him_, "I am embarrassed to here after staying that. leave&# 39; s go back to my hotel."

Jeff Agreed. The sight of Mrs. Jenkins Being of every guy in the room felt energized had _him_ and he was cool.

In the taxi back to the hotel he was all over her, kissing, fondling and tell her how much he had-by turned on all that had happened.

Susan was a big sigh of relief. What a day of firsts she had experienced. Spied on by a stranger in her hotel room while Jeff was her damn, I have her ass cheeks and breasts of twenty to thirty men groped! Thank God it was over.

Or so she thought.

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