Taking Back Sunday – MakeDamnSure

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  1. Fred was a pretentious piece of garbage just watch cute without the e and you will see and you will understand what Taking Back Sunday was Adam and John Are Taking Back Sunday there is no Taking Back Sunday without Eddie John and Nolan John Nolan

  2. When the songs you absolutely hated when they came out back in high school come back around 10 years after graduating and you think….that's actually not that bad. Lol.

  3. Y’all ever have those songs you hear. You’re obsessed with the song. You listen to it like 100+ times. Then you get bored of it. Lmao. This isn’t one of those for me. Like this BOP is my #1 for the past 6 months , like I cannot geT oVER THIS BIPPITY BOP YO LIKE THIS SHIT GETS ME PUMPED AS FUCKK AND I BE HITTING THE QUAN TO THIS SHIT AND NAE NAE LLIKE I CANNOT GET OVER THIS FUCKIN BOPPP

  4. Love this song. I'm glad they are out there touring. They still sound good live however I'd like to see them with Fred. He is responsible for in my opinion their couple best records. He was a huge contributor on songs like this and as co vocalist it fits perfect.

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