The Bachelorette Party – Part 4

The party

Amy Sounded excited and sexy, both at the time Sami. Perhaps she would be tonight the attacker, and I let shoulds think they seduced me. Amy was a nice sexy girl and now I know I&# 39; m bisexual and how pussy eating, I want to fuck.

The front door doorbell rank and I opened the door and let Amy in. "Come up to my room, let&# 39; s see what this movie is about," I said.

Amy I led up the stairs. I looked back once and saw her avert her eyes. She was-was my ass checking out.

I smiled, I knew the evening would turn out okay today.

Amy gave me a USB stick and Said, "The films are on here."

I took the floor and mounted it in my TV and turned it on. Two Film Title surfaced. The first title was "Swinger International Amateur" and the second film just said, "Viv Thomas",

"What do you want to see first?" I asked Amy.

"leave&# 39; s Swinger Watch a the first, then the Viv Thomas."

How do I choose and pressed Swingers Amateur &# 39; s Play&# 39; on my remote control. I sat down on my love seat down and Amy sat on my couch down. Just before the film began, I expressed &# 39; pause&# 39; Asked if she and Amy would have a drink."

"Yes, you where&# 39; re a," She answered.

"Long Iceland Iced Tea okay?"

"Sounds delicious," She answered.

I walk a little more in my swing as I went to the bar. I wanted to tease Amy since I caught her looking at my ass.

I mixed the drinks in tall glasses up that is a little larger than normal. Amy&# 39; s had more to drink alcohol than mine. I wanted them to get a buzz from just one drink.

"Here you go, honey," I said as I handed her drink.

She took a few sips and Said, "Good, really good."

I pressed &# 39; curriculum vitae&# 39; and the film began. The film has beens have made a few years ago, the goal was excellent quality and the actors were built very handsome and good. The film DID have years &# 39; International&# 39; Theme to it, there were maybe twenty-five or thirty pairs, some Asian, some African, were European MOST goal. You aussi like amateurs looked. You could the couple were told Say what to do at first, then you have all in and had to fuck and eat pussy like fields.

A guy with a big cock, got his cock in one of Asian women, and she had-been quite firmly because his tail had pink stripes on it. You fucked well and didn _him_&# 39; t ever complain, she just smiled until she orgasmed _him_ And then she went on his tail nuts. When he pulled out you could see she had Beens bleeding, not much but some. She jumped up on _him_, hugging and kissing _him_ _him_.

Then they moved the people to –Other.

Of course there were some bisexual activity goes. There was a daisy chain FMM That looked interesting. If the man his mother Reviews the other guy just blew Swallowed and further _him_ blows.

The woman had her orgasm and the guy blows a charge has been dropped into the mouth. Then they parted and took ang partner. One of the African boys his cock was sticking it Any white woman that didn found&# 39; t already have a dick in her. He fucked for maybe 30 seconds and then white Reviews another gal Moved on.

He has for some personal recording how many go White Chicks fuck Could he in one night. Some of the white guys lined up this fucking a very pretty black lady. You need at its center has-been to target the late thirties had the figure of 20 years old, year.

It was well fucked, and I saw her an orgasm many times.

"Need Reviews another drink?" I asked Amy.

"Yes," She said huskily.

I could tell she was turned on by the film ever. I mixed her a tea reviews and sat down again. I watched Amy the movie.

She rubbed her hand on her thigh and winds her ass back and forth on the chair cushion. She was turned on.

"Can you break it, I have to pee," she said.

I hit the pause and to back They waited and then I hit the Summary button. Amy picked up her drink and sat down with me on the love seat down. You must be prepared to contemplate their moves on me.

I looked at her, and she smiled and smiled back. We saw stopped to film. I struck again pause. I needed now to pee.

When I came out of the bathroom again, Amy was on the love seat topless.

"I was warm, so I took my top off," she said. "I hope you don&# 39; t mind."

"Go naked anytime you want," I answered. "I&# 39; ve you naked dozen times seen, so if you want to strip."

Amy time immediately removed the rest of her clothes, including her shoes. I got up to go get another drink Reviews. "Amy, Reviews another need?" I asked.

"Sure, why not," she said. "I like the way you make ’em."

I made two more drinks, both were the same, no need to get them drunk. I gave her her drink and sat down on the love seat. I chose the Viv Thomas movie and met &# 39; s Play&# 39 ;.

I had a Viv Thomas movie never so surprised seen that I was when the first scene lesbian stage. The women were beautiful and seemed to enjoy sex. I watched étroitement when they eat each other&# 39; s pussy.

I took a few notes from the first level up.

The second scene was very erotic. The women were beautiful and very clever to eat in the art of pussy. One of the women on: had an orgasm, which looked very real to me; Was pulsating pussy.

She was very quiet up aussi She went over the edge. When she Pushed reviews the other woman&# 39; s head away from her clit, I believed that it was a real orgasm. One could almost see their sensitivity to l’autre woman&# 39; s tongue.

Scene three was more of the same, I thought. Hotter, only with different women. Most of this scene was shot near and I could see the woman&# 39; Licking s tongue and suck the woman l’autre&# 39; s pussy.

When she used her fingers to open l’autre woman&# 39; s labia, you could see how wet she was with her own juices. Then she began the woman licking&# 39; s vagina up and over her clit. When she her tongue from her clit Lifted, you could see strands of juice and saliva hanging her tongue and the woman entre&# 39; s pussy. This lick hard lasted several minutes. When she started cumming, she pulled the woman&# 39; s face close contre her pussy, moaning and then flowed cum juice in her mouth.

I was very wet and now I was hopping dignity Amy soon to make their move on me. I didn&# 39; t-have to wait long.

Amy was very hot now, her breath coming in short gasps. She moved closer to me and put her hand on my thigh. I loosed the pains on my T-shirt, top and let my breasts themselves exposed. When Amy saw my exposed breasts, rubbing her pussy hard to pull with two fingers on her clitoris.

I knew she was ready for sex purpose I extend to wanted their intellectual foreplay. I took her hand and let it elsewhere on my tit resting. Her face close to mine and she was moved to kiss me. When she kissed me, she began to knead my chest, then ang she placed her hand on my other breast and it kneaded.

I ran it with him, I wanted them to think they seduced me.

I groaned, "Kiss me, you make me so hot! I like your kisses and the way you touch my breasts."

I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her tightly to my lips. Between Amy and the women in the film, was always I turned very me. My pussy was very wet and I wanted Amy its way my legs and entre work down to my pussy to start stroking. I slid down and spread my legs, Amy now have full access to my pussy HAD. She took on my action and her fingers sliding Were my panties step aside, exposing my labia.

Had their fingers inside me and pulled it out of my wet vagina up to and over my clit then.

"God, you’re so wet and slippery," she gasped."I want to fuck you finger, okay?"

I answered her with a finger to his mouth and suck my juices undress. Then I put her hand back down in my crotch. She slipped her middle finger in my vagina and squeezed it as deep as she could.

She had the upper hand of my tunnel rub, looking for my G-spot. When she felt the ribbed section in my pussy she plunged her index finger in aussi and began to rub me quickly. I felt my orgasm coming on, I have the edge atteint I took her hand and popped two of my fingers in my cunt with fingers Closer contre press my G-spot.

That took me over the edge and I had a mind blowing orgasm. I grabbed Amy&# 39; Pull s hair her lips to mine and forced my tongue into her mouth. We frenched until I came down from my orgasm.

"God, Amy, that was a good orgasm you have given me. Of these, I want more, let first goal&# 39; it is the finished film, and then&# 39; s my turn to get away."

Amy and I were watching a scene where a girl&# 39; s mouth was full on l’autre girl&# 39; s pussy. She sucked hard and licking her clit. The girl her cunt twist against women&# 39; s mouth and you could see her building cum.

I knelt on the floor entre Amy&# 39; s legs and pulled her ass on me up to her pussy with my mouth was lined up. I latched on to her pussy and began to suck and lick her clit. Amy had the best tasting pussy I’ve ever had, and I did not waste a taste while I ate out.

I can&# 39; t remember much as I ate them, their destination and their highly orgasmic climax sprayed me in the mouth are burned into my memory. When I my mouth from her cunt Lifted, she rolled on the floor with her. She threw her arms around me and hugged me tight like that.

"I love you my friend," she said. "They gave me the best orgasm I’ve ever had, and I want more, if you will."

"Amy, I love you too. Her pussy is so cute, and I would agree that orgasm and hundreds more. Her pussy is delicious. How do you keep it this way I don&# 39; t know what goal you do, keep on doing it."

We sat back on the love seat, sipping our drinks had gone to them. When the film was finished, so I shut off the TV and returned the USB stick to Amy. "The last movie was really hot. So have more?" I asked.

"I have a number, and the girls are all hot and beautiful. They are just about eating pussy and why I wanted to seduce you, to see how it is. Becky, we can do this again? I will learn how to eat well, how to eat me."

"do to me what I did to you, and you will be fine. Tomorrow, at the party, I will have sex with you. I want all women to have a good time. I think you and I can lead off and the rest will follow. I have a few friends come, and they have tails from aussi.

I want every woman to fuck or at least try each of these big dicks to fuck. Will you help me?"

"Yes, what is the biggest cock?" She asked.

"Very large, I took everything as Robert and I went to Mexico. I was fucked by a thick black cock and a very thick white tail. I want to see you fuck both men.

I want stretched with John to see your pussy icts limits&# 39; s big cock. Will you do that for me?"

"You know I will. Will you fuck me again? Maybe we can go 69 and bring each other about?"

I led Amy to my bedroom. She was lying on my bed while I peeled off my babydoll. I lay down next to her with his mouth by her pussy qui put my naked pussy through the mouth. I lifted my leg to give her access to my pussy while I Lifted her leg. My mouth was sucking her clit Then I began my tongue all over her step.

Her lips were pulled by my lips, her clitoris was dragged by my lips. I founded my fingers into a cone shape and slid it into her slippery, sloppy wet pussy. I didn&# 39; t even their own, that I would leave for another time. I just wanted some night Anticipating tomorrow to straighten her out.

Amy was contagious on really quickly how to eat a woman, she had me close more than once to orgasm, and when she held it before me I would cum away could bring. I wanted us to work tonight to cum together and we started for simultaneous orgasms. My tongue engaged in her cunt When Easily my clit bite. I was quickly build now so I have the Sami light bite on her clitoris.

Amy&# 39; s legs began to tremble for I knew that it was closed. Then she bit my clit and sucked it hard, pulled her head back, my clitoris stretched. I hugged her on her button firmly ass chewing, Amy screamed, "Oh God, I&# 39; m cumming!

Eat suck me, Becky, my clit, oh honey, it feels so good.

Then I went over the edge. While I Cumming, I licked her pussy hard. Lick it made me tougher cum.

Suddenly her pussy began to throb my tongue and then my face splashed her cunt ouvert and their juices. She squeezed her legs together bury my head with the mouth and nose clamp in her cunt. I couldn&# 39; t breathe so I pulled my head back enough so my nose was clear now I could catch my breath, and I licked her reviews yet to orgasm.

My tongue was tired, so I licked her cunt only. Then she reached This is my pussy, take me to reviews Last earth shattering orgasm. Her tongue worked me fast and I had a lot of mini-orgasms.

"Amy, please, let&# 39; s stop and rest. You have made me so much cum and my lips and tongue are tired and you can not lick more for a while." I kissed her pussy and she queefed. I laughed and she said: "Oh God no, I&# 39; m so embarrassed that I did, She was there during your face down."

"Don&# 39; t worry sweetness," and I kissed her clit and stuck two fingers in it.

We put on us and I made to suck a large generation of her juices from her fingers. When he do me, me pushing them backwards, ouvert my pussy with fingers and sucked my juices from my pussy. I came back, That was so hot!

"Amy, enough, we need to save some sex for tomorrow night."

Amy Laughed, hugged me and then got out of bed. "leave&# 39; s exchange thesis messy leaves so you can now go to bed the evening."

"You can stay with me if you want. We could today only reviews want another round of orgasms," I said she would Hopping say yes.

"Maybe next time," She answered. "I want to just go home and sort my feelings regarding men and women. I like men fuck, Showed me goal tonight how much I want a woman. Becky, I loved the way you love me ate tonight. I hope that my oral on you than was good."

I Brought reviews from another set of leaves, we changed the bed and then you and I dressed both, me. In street clothes and in my babydoll

I went to the door, and we put our arms around each other and kissed. "Goodnight Sweetheart," I said. "I want you again, and soon, I love your pussy and how it tastes. I love your tongue in my cunt and I want that again."

"Good night love," She answered. "We will be together again soon, this time in my apartment. I have two old bitches nosy next door and live with the thin walls, we’ll give ’em an unpleasant hot sex."

I opened the door, pulled her her hand on my cheek, in a loving gesture. Halfway down the sidewalk, she turned and blew me a kiss. I kissed him back, her car, and she entered it at home was her way.

I went back to my room and sat on my love seat. I thought tonight&# 39; s events and was making very pleased with Amy and our love. I knew that I now women in my life as much as I needed men needed.

I love fucking and sucking cock, I strive Pussy Sucking love and lick pussy as much. I was a happy man, I only had the number of people, I Doubled sex with could have!

I was tired goal I until I started on the television and saw an old movie to doze. I crawled in bed and fell asleep almost immediately to time. Was my dream about sex. I was licked and fucked by a green monster like creature with a humongous dick and pussy long tongue cleaning.

I have my dream like, because I woke up with a wet pussy in the morning.

Saturday – The day of the Bachelorette Party

The better part of my day was spent all ready for the party. I met the caterer at 4:00 in the Tres Maries. They set the tables and chairs, decorated the room, the placement and set up the DJ market. I asked them to help me unload my car. I had gifts for each of the ladies including Allie and DeeDee.

The two men were given one hundred dollar gift cards to Home Depot. Jill is my best friend and I didn&# 39; t want to feel cheap, so I gave nice gifts. The caterer put a gift bag Each one flesh. There was no Assigned seats except for Jill, Amy, Sharon, Jackie and me.

We would be at the head table, all reviews that other tables seated facing.

The left and caterers dignity, come back at 5:30 am with the drinks and the food in 07:00. read Invitations: cocktails, and live at 6:00, dinner at 19.30 pm with entertainment and the rest of the night, what to do. I decided that I had better head home and prepare well to celebrate.

I took a quick shower goal extra time spent washing my crotch area. Amy had me pretty juicy there last night. I took a shower this morning, when I Arose goal I just wanted to ensure I was fresh tonight. After I dried my hair and makeup.

I have a wide range of cosmetics; my dressing room looks like something out of Hollywood. Did I tell you that my relatives have a lot of money and only a child, I? Not even spoiled, they made use of this acidic. I want for nothing.

When my mother hears want to talk to me, something my next birthday or for Christmas, so I want it. I really appreciate everything they do for me, and I love them with all my heart. Goal I digress.

I have on my sexiest sheer panties, qui left nothing to the imagination, and a matching bra, I really did not qui&# 39; t need. Then I could have been very short, tight skirt and a transparent blouse. I looked in my mirror and liked the picture I saw.

Trampy somehow, someway slutty, but not real slutty, a good look for tonight.

I went downstairs and waited for the limo. Every lady knew that she would be picked up and returned home in a limousine. No DUI&# 39; s on my watch. We only needed three limos for us locals.

Alex and Allie together with John and DeeDee their own limo pick them who, because they have lived in another city.

I saw the sedan front stop from. I called farewell to my relatives and went into the street. The driver opened the door and inside I saw six ladies, all with a full shot glass of tequila. Amy gave me a shot, saw the other and said: "Bottoms up!"

We all downed our shots and the bottle made the round again. I skipped this time because I had to make sure went off as scheduled at night and planned. The women understand that goal didn&# 39; t let it stop ’em from drinking. At the rate they were drinking, they would be fucked before dinner.

I didn&# 39; although t-have nothing to fear, to end it, after the furnace shots aim We were pulling into the parking lot by lot then.

When I entered the room, I was pleasantly surprised. All restaurateurs were there, the food was put away in the kitchen to keep warm, the bar was open and the waiters were very busy to serve drinks to the ladies. I must admit the men were a perfect specimen of what a man looks like shoulds.

Were all cited dressed, all were very nice and their goods body to die. I noticed that their tails are about the length of Sami. That I could tell goal I had no idea of ​​the scope. Your taps half hard, meaning it was a fluffer somewhere.

The bartender was a very hot looking woman so maybe they made sour they are measured.

All were the ladies are sitting, talking and drinking. I signaled the waiter head to break the champagne and the tables ready for a toast. As they did in circulation I load the tables among the ladies to wish to give a toast if they wanted it and then we get to the serious Some drink it and fun.

The champagne ready and so I was Puts, clinking to get a water glass with a knife her attention. "Ladies, I will now propose the first toast evening my BFF Jill. We-have-been, since small children and friends and we Grew as sisters. I’ve never been a real sister, had other than Jill, and I love them very much.

Let it on her upcoming wedding to Rod Congratulate. Best wishes for a happy life and many children they employed to keep."

Glasses were clinking around and the waiters were quickly pour more champagne. Many ladies Stood and Jill roasted, which went for about fifteen minutes. Many of the ladies were now a buzzing feeling and that was fine with me, the evening was well prepared. I knew it was time for the games to begin, so I signed the bridesmaids to help.

Each took a game and asked to play women separate. Pin on the Dong was very popular and got a lot of laughs, especially when a woman pinned the man on the dong&# 39; s mouth.

Everyone was having a good time and the alcohol flowed nicely, the waiters were very busy. At 07.25 I have a stop sitting on the matches and all questions about the dinner. Dinner was served and the ladies were very impressed with the food.

I think filet mignon is a favorite of this group.

The dimmed lights and the stage lights on cam. The DJ started the music with Traci Lords&# 39; s control. Many of the women jumped up and talk about swinging ass and tits, I thought that we could be in a strip club. About halfway through the song there is a slight pause, and that’s when five men hit the course.

Talk shout about women, the place went nuts! The male dancers were they could move hot and man. I looked for the rookie goal couldn&# 39; t find _him_. Nearly Surrounded girls who naturally her arms, swinging and dancing waving while hooting for men.

The DJ was great, his segue into the next song, Jimi Hendrix – Catfish Blues was seamless. The women&# 39; s Dancing Slows Target est devenu more suggestive. he won&# 39; t be long and the sexual inhibitions as falling stones.

The next song was DJ Assault – Ass N Titties, now raged girls. Clothes were beat to the ground along with weapons, naked tits were in abundance. Now, women who did striptease, slowly their skirts and pants removal, some cases were their panties. The women who wore clothes, naked either were in her gold panties.

I noticed a few girls at the party command Cam, nice touch. The male stripper&# 39; s G-strings were loaded with dollar bills. A woman pulled his dick without a cover and a free-for-all began, soon every person&# 39; s tail swung free.

I saw Jill tractor on a stripper&# 39; s tail, then put it in his mouth as she sucked _him_. This floored me innocent Jill Public sucking cock. Jill was still dressed in her bra and panties, she rubbed her pussy as she sucked. Jackie cam behind her and unsnapped her strapless bra, qui fell to the floor, exposing a real nice set of tits.

Jackie tweaked her nipples until they were hard and pointed. HAD Beens broken the ice and soon the men get all blowjobs. I knew this could happen, and I along Encouraged.

I lures Amy straddles a guy, so he could fuck her standing up. His cock penetrated her cunt without a blow missing song. You fucked up to the next song, Katy Perry&# 39; s – I Kissed A Girl.

Many of the girls began along with the music to sing. The men were from now circulating through the group of girls pairing, who then began kissing each other. The strippers were contained, now Sharon Was it back in a chair, a stripper to eat out. He was forced away from a woman who was a very credible job to eat pussy to do.

Sharon was in a matter of 3 minutes Cumming! I&39 #; ll bet that was her first girl on girl experience. The party was progressing exactly as I wanted it too.

The Party We were there to get more continuous slick. I was to bring travel in my four new friends from Mexico. Alex Allie, John and DeeDee were in the kitchen, the Saami enjoy as we were at the party.

Horny Ebony bridesmaid fucks a stripper at the Bachelorette …

you weren&# 39; t something is missing, the whole action was transferred to them so they could we watch television.

When I opened the door to the kitchen they rose up and went to me. I had the DJ Told stopped to take a break next partner after the song and that was when I would bring my friends. When the song came to an end at the end, I opened the door and my friends Brought out and up to the stage.

Everyone stopped doing what they were, and looked at me.

"I want to introduce you to my friends Robert and I met at the resort in Mexico. This is Alex and his wife Allie he: has a fantastic wide tail and Sour knows how to use it. Allie, well they formed most pussy in the world, because I know that my friend know Robert, it told me."

"This, my friends, is John. John, please turn to the back of the room."

John DID Told You and I knelt before _him_ down. I unzipped his pants, pulled out his flaccid cock and proceeded to give a blowjob _him_. His cock immediately began to grow, I kept sucking until it was too large to fit my mouth, so I kissed his penis while _him_ jacking with two hands.

When His cock was atteint full size and hardness, I turned around and listening _him_ to women gasp.

"Women, thesis fantastic two couples are here for your enjoyment. I can tell you from personal experience that John&# 39; s tail and DeeDee&# 39; s tongue are fantastic. Please enjoy. Alex, stay with me on the stage please, so that we can show girls how thesis big black dick has seen in a tight white pussy."

John and Dee Dee left the course, John was again normal size and a son had left his pants zipper. They said to the women, and I could see Jill&# 39; make friends s moves on John. DeeDee was talking to Sharon and the last thing I saw of them, DeeDee was her leading off to the dressing room.

I was pissed Sharon would soon be a blubbering idiot when DeeDee tonguing her pussy War.

Alex cam to me and we kissed. He started my breasts exposed fondling, kissing my nipples hard and suck up to half of the breast in his mouth. Two of the women were now on stage watching us. I liked an audience and my pussy was getting wetter. Alex continued to finger me, he had to hold me so I could get my legs spread my pussy _him_ expose.

His dark fingers my white pussy probing was a sight to see. He lay down on his back down and removed all his clothes, so we were both naked. As he knelt my legs entre, Grew His long thick cock icts full size.

More girls now made safe on the track a good look at me to have fucked. Alex leaned my legs on his shoulders to the front lift, so a good _him_ full access to my pussy provision and girls around an unobstructed view of my cunt. His cockhead Alex rubbed up and down my slit a few times and then he fed shirked my vaginal opening and forward.

Alice sat this story with what she saw.

"His cock Alex Placed at Becky&# 39; s cunt opening. They were both very wet and well lubricated and when he began to push his cock slowly into her pussy, her lips and moved slowly to ouvert His cockhead. We were seen ble on her labia stretch a broad tail Such cater. I was always me very wet.

There were two erotic visions that had an effect on me was one of contrast de son black cock and her white pussy and l’autre War _him_ to fuck my pussy stretching.

I blurted out, "I&# 39; m next," Smiled and Becky me. Alex put his dick in to pressure. Becky moved now try try her ass, his cock in their goal to rush it wasn&# 39; t alter his speed at all. As his cockhead in Slipped and was buried in it, evaluate it: had an orgasm.

Only two inches thick black man meat in her, and she squirts. Now Alex Elevated Its speed, easier in his tail when he was fucked and soon he was as deeply as he. now Becky&# 39; s pussy was very wet and he took advantage of the rapidly fuck her hard and she began to orgasm to orgasm. Becky cried about how good he was fucking her and how good his cock felt deep inside her.

Finally, she froze, shaking her legs, her toes tightly as her last orgasm she had rolled on his tail.

You could say fuck by the look on her face to say that nothing doing dignity. Alex slowly pulled back to just his cockhead still inside her pussy. He is a pause, let the girls to get a better view and then pulled into a Flash-er from her.

There was a very audible sucking sound as air into her open hole Rushed. Her pussy and wide opening was I could inside her pussy lips closed slowly, her vagina now looked to see normally."

Becky continued.

Alex gave me just another good fuck. I liked sex with _him_ and I wanted to continue elsewhere reviews some of the women there with _him_. Alex was on his knees still with an angry biting and Alice was _him_ show her juices were running from her cunt and down her thighs.

Alex licked her legs and helped her on the back. Alice was very anxious for his tail, and let them know _him_ that very clearly. Alex moved his hard cock her labia and pushed forward. Alice had a very tight cunt and did it&# 39; t want to open for ou ordinary tap.

Alex Pushed harder and her labia stretched over his cock. Then he pushed very hard and at least six inches de son cock plunged into her. She screamed bloody murder and she orgasmed then very hard.

Alex went hard and I noticed that her cream to fuck on his tail, had a slight pink color. Either you had her period or HAVING His cock ripped her pussy. It didn&# 39; t stop their actions, although condemned, moving her ass like a rowboat on a rough ocean. Alice had two more orgasms And then Alex to stop Asked that they fucked and wanted to rest.

Alex began to move their destination they stopped _him_ and slid sideways under _him_. When I was a different woman under _him_ Slipped surprised Reviews. He slicked his cock in her slit and the last thing I saw was _him_ in their deep and she was cumming.

I searched John. I was ready to envelop its amazing extent with my cunt. I saw _him_ talking with DeeDee and one of the women. I walked over to em, me naked as a jaybird.

DeeDee smiled at me and complimented my outfit. "John and I have been talking-Priscilla and here we-have arranged a threesome for later. they&# 39; re invited aussi, if you want to join in."

I noticed Priscilla&# 39; s blush as DeeDee blabbed your evening plans.

"I don&# 39; t know target if I can I will join you. I want to bring our friend Priscilla here at a fantastic orgasm." I just said to her make squirm more. Your blush went to a deeper red and I kept Knew I succeeded.

"John, I think it’s time for you and me that internship to shine. I want to show women how to take thesis real thick cock was."

"Go John," DeeDee said. I want to spend some time with Priscilla and then we will join your guys later. Have fun, you two."

I took John&# 39; s hand and led _him_ on the course. I looked back and saw Priscilla DeeDee lift on a table. She pulled her legs entre grabbed Priscilla&# 39; s hair and you could see her kiss French. I bet John

She would have Priscilla&# 39; s panties and eat out, John stripped before.

"You have a safe bet there" he answered.

John was more than happy, I have to strip _him_. Word by women filtered HAD That was when John on stage to derive interesting, namely to collect a big cock for a bit. unbuttoned his shirt and took them; His muscles and six pack abdominal Brought consent of circling women. I wanted ’em so to tease John and I are made for a few minutes.

Pressed to contre I _him_ his dick starts could feel rising. I kissed slowly down his chest and belly up in my eyes at the belt level. His belt was easy to solve, and I pulled these jeans along with his boxers down a little, stopping only at the root of de son tail.

The girls were now looking intently trying to try to catch a glimpse of de son tail. I pulled down a little more and two inches Appeared de son tail. His cock try War of the limits to free tries couldn de son Jeans target&# 39; t. I teased the girl goal I was aussi John tease. I pulled his jeans all the way down and swung his tail at an angle of ninety degrees.

He joined de son of clothes and joined ’em aside. I fell to my knees and lifted his tail. He was not at full erection and the women were already oohing and aahing.

I couldn&# 39; t my mouth open enough to take his cock, so I jacked _him_ when I kissed his shaft. Now he was at full erection and scope.

I lay back, my legs spread, waiting for John to get in position. I had taken John&# 39; s cock before, and that’s all I thought about it, to get his cock back into my pussy. I know there were women around us, Alex was deep in pussy, Allie was doing 69 was with some chick DeeDee and deep face in Sharon&# 39; s pussy.

Other women paired and enjoyed come true with their lesbian fantasies. The strippers were damn busy, and the waiters were running drinks from the bar back to ladies&# 39; Tables.

John was on his knees my legs now entre and pulling his foreskin back was enough to reveal the tip de son tail. He slipped and slid his cockhead up and down my slit, coating us. Our lubricants He put his cock and pushed into my pussy. His cockhead Slipped hand way in goal that we needed more lubrication. John squeezed the lube bottle and lubed my cunt and his cock.

We were very slippery and I now he was safe with me in a different ratings push would. He squeezed and my labia slipped over completely His cockhead Call. He was now welded firmly in me and the outward pressure on my cunt walls was like heaven. The sensations sent me to a fulfilling orgasm. John began to fuck me, moving slowly Was he Steady fills me with his tail.

This review was the feeling that I fantasized while I masturbated. My nightly dreams were fucking me of John or fuck me John. I was a woman possessed with his tail.

John&# 39; s Fuck HAD _him_ deep in me. I had to-Orgasm Were my legs numb, hell, my whole body numb from was so well fucked. John really began to accelerate damn being, his cock in my pussy then plunges almost drawing and then driven back in. The sensations of being fucked me so hard moan HAD, "Fuck me, oh God, fuck me harder, fuck me John, John fuck me hard."

John leaned over weight gain on its target especially me, his elbows. He was his dry skin contre my skin. my tits were flat my chest contre through his chest pureed. I sucked in a big breath of air my arms wrapped around _him_ and pushed my cunt as hard as I could. My clit was from the impact contre His pubis tingling.

I hit my cunt again and again. I was always light headed and John stepped up the pace to take his cock in the depth of my love tunnel. I felt like I couldn&# 39; t move, I couldn&# 39; t save me, I slid a slippery slope down and then everything went dark. I had to dream of this fantastic screeching orgasm.

I Dreamed I was a humongous green tail with a big green monster writhing That made me full of cum pumped green. My stomach spread, green cum was in my cunt shooting around the edges of the monster&# 39; s green rooster. I screamed as I wanted to be fucked harder and harder.

I felt fucked harder and harder.

Bad times at the Bachelorette Party

I always came back, my pussy cum pink spouting laced with green monster cum. Then all was quiet, the dream was fading. The monster&# 39; s green tail was pushed out of my cunt.

It was huge with a bulging green acorn The didn&# 39; t want to come up to the monster pulled hard and fast. I looked up the monster and walk for reviews other woman like Jill saw its tail swaying to and fro, laying down on her and pushing in his green cock while pussy She screamed, "Fuck me, fuck me."

Then everything was dark and quiet again.

I heard Amy calling me, "Becky wake, wake Becky."

She sounded worried. I felt a cold wet washcloth to wipe my face, it felt good. I slowly ouvert my eyes and saw Amy&# 39; s face above me.

"Are you okay? Do you feel sick? Becky, you tell me how you feel, what you feel?"

Jill stopped me, shook his head at her naked bosom. "Becky, I think you passed when John She was damn And he moved from after-They came to. She smiled when John got ready to fuck me and I think you fell asleep. Amy said that they were normal breathing and that you were okay, so we’ll let you sleep."

"I feel good," I said. "As has long I sleep?"

"About twenty minutes, just long enough to fuck John me well," Jill said. "I finally found a dick that fills my pussy, John had no problem Reviews enters me and he fucked me good and hard. I think I’ve found what I wanted, since I lost my cherry. I didn&# 39; t know a cock It was there that could speak tonight and absolutely reliable.

I cam so many times I lost count, I was not that counting, goal I had after-Orgasm. John can fuck me whenever he wants, his tail has-been the only cock to make me cum while fuck me."

I sat now, the orgy was still in progress. All men and women were condemned women fucking women, what each horny young man dreams was. I looked at my watch, it was now 22:30.

The party was still full of energy and I bet I would take some time for a while.

Jill looked at me and I pulled up and atteint her lips to mine, "Thank you for looking for me while I was out. You’re my best friend and I love you."

I kissed her again give her my tongue. We french kissed with a passion between us never felt before. She responded to my kiss squeeze through my tits and sliding her hand down and cupping my pussy.

"leave&# 39; s blowing this ice lollies are and go to my house. I want some privacy with you and me only," I said.

"Sounds like a good idea. I have John and DeeDee&# 39; s phone number, so I&# 39; m ready."

I said that I left the caterers and whether there were any additional costs only an invoice via e-mail me. I also informed the stripper hand.

Porn’s "the bachelorette" w/allysin chaynes

"we&# 39; ll see you later girl" I have said that we came to the door. "Party hardy!"

Jill and I climbed into the back of a limousine and we will take my house were. When we went to my house Jill Said, "Quiet, please&# 39; ll wake up your parents."

"Not here," I answered. "They are in the Bahamas for a long weekend and won&# 39; t until Tuesday again."

That was all needed to hear Jill. Her clothes were flying as she ran up the stairs to my room. Your shoes landed on the staircase landing and her dress hung on the newel post, she had everything we had now your underwear. Jill is noted very sexy Dita Von Teese has to wear collection underwear.

I mean, tonight was typical for them, even if they just HAD Beens fucked by John, her underwear Looked perfectly. Your black stockings had no runs her garter Red Was it straight and the suspenders were properly locked. Your red lacy panties, qui she wore her garterbelt over, showed some spots at step goal that we have-to remember, John had filled not long before her cunt with his sperm.

wasn your bra&# 39; t a ball BH aimed their pointed breasts naturally made it so little search.

Some music is that we sat around for a few minutes discussing the party after I was able. I must admit que le party more like an orgy was, fuck so much and sucking going on. Would the girls remember this for a long time.

Jill liked the fact that she had her first vaginal orgasm, and that John&# 39; s cock out of her pussy perfectly. I asked her if she would like a glass of wine?

A Moscato, please," she said.

I poured two glasses and then went back and sat down.

"Becky, I would like to tell you something," she said. "I&# 39; ve Beens on Rod thinking and my relationship very gravement because I would I marry _him_ Told _him_ that. Now I have&# 39; m not so sure I shoulds. I really thought I loved _him_ purpose now I think that love is not sincere. I&# 39; bound m doubts about being a person and a maze is not what I want.

I want the freedom to do what I want, when I want and marriage doesn&# 39; t allow for. I want different men every now and then. Rod would not set up with an open marriage for a second and I&# 39; fear a divorce the only result is I that would by marrying _him_ doing.

I&# 39; m going to have to figure out-this, even if I got injured and all other _him_ That is involved, also you again. After the toast, you gave, I wanted to stand up and say what I&# 39; m telling you now. Was I wrong to do that?"

I sat for a while just to absorb what I’ve heard. "Jill, I really didn&# 39; t have any idea-you have felt this way, that about Rod and wedding. I knew early on that you are on _him_ a few times deceived with ang men around, goal I thought that was just to get out of the wild oats. If you think you-doubt, I did not marry shoulds or you will be miserable and divorce is inevitable.

Don&# 39; t to Rod Do That, I don&# 39; t think that he: has a clue how you feel and tell shoulds _him_ soon. Don&# 39; t no longer is lengthened."

"I’ll talk _him_, and I will you and everyone else again for the money you pay&# 39; ve spent. My parents saw that I had doubts, and we talked about it. They said: "Call it out before it’s too late," That was last week.

I shoulds you-have let them know before the party. I&# 39; m so sorry, please forgive me."

Jill was crying now. I put my arms around her and held her. "Don&# 39; t They fear that, no forgiveness necessary. You and I are so close, our friendship will never harmed another by Ehrlich.

Now stop crying, all is not lost, you are still surrounded by very good friends, and we will understand how you feel. As far as tonight&# 39; s party was worried lit.&# 39; s chalk only that to a good fuck party and let it go there! I really had a good time and I&# 39; m the other was too acidic."

"Yes, we have a good "fuck party" didn&# 39; we t? John and DeeDee want me to join ’em in a threesome. We talked about that right after I came for the last time. I told them yes."

Jill was crying and no episode had a big smile, she has to think about Threesome and more sex with John.

"Stay here with me tonight, I don&# 39; t think it is a good idea is now to cabbing home. they&# 39; ve worn my pj&# 39; s before in the past."

"Okay, I’ll stay," she said. "Can I tell you something else? You must promise not to tell anyone, promise?"

"I promise I’ll never tell anyone, and I&# 39; m glad you stay tonight."

Jill atteint and moved my lips to her and kissed me very passionate. "I&# 39; m bi, Becky, I need women la même, I need men. I&# 39; ve wanted to say this, since I was sixteen purpose, the location never presented itself as tonight, I mean I&# 39; m, they get all out, so you will understand what I say. I love you Becky, not only as a friend, deeper meaning.

I want to sleep with you and love you, tonight, if possible. I hope this doesn confession&# 39; t our relationship hurt, at least I try&# 39; m is honest with you."

I drove my tongue deep into her mouth to dance it, over her tongue and teeth. I was so passionate as she was with me with her. We broke our kiss and I took her hand and led her to my bedroom.

I pulled the blanket down and away from the bottom of the bed. We went my arms around Jill and I held her, I kissed her again and again. She returned my aggressiveness with aggressiveness like.

We were two hot women willing to have sex with each other and nothing went to stand in the way! Jill tore my cloak away from me, the keys flying everywhere. My skirt went down to my ankles in a flash. She wanted me naked and quickly.

She unhooked my bra, sliding it my arms down and threw him into a corner. My panties went next, after I made ’em went it picked up and saw how wet the gusset was it licked and smiled. My God, Jill is a lesbian and I trample&# 39; m naked, I wonder what will happen next, not!

I was hotter than hot now. I wanted to fuck my best friend with a passion. I unhooked her bra and removed it, put them on a chair. Next, her panties were, they were about to remove her garter, they were so easy. When she stepped out of ’em, I took it bring in my nose.

Her pussy: has a very different smell, kind of like cotton candy and semen; Man cum. To show you that I’m a slutty tramp aussi was, I licked her panties step. Jill shuddered.

We lay together on the bed and spent the next half hour kissing and feeling each other on. We were both dripping wet, I slipped my fingers in her pussy, it was hot and slippery. I touched her clit and she moaned, "Becky, eat me clean from my cunt, get rid of John&# 39; s cum, I want you to make me cum with your tongue."

I turned and so we were in a position 69. I lay on my side and she toppled from the side. I am a big fan of sideways-nine. We tore into each other&# 39; s cunts, clean them my juices and me her.

I put my lips on her vagina and sucked hard, broke her pussy tunnel and then compressed from the vacuum, from the drive to the left What was John&# 39; s cum in my mouth. I swallowed and went for more. Jill gasped now, I could feel her hot breath on my lips as she sucked my clit into his mouth.

Her tongue danced around my button, licking and twisting. I wouldn&# 39; t much take together now. I was building up to orgasm, but have not so far when Jill&# 39; s fingers were very rudely rammed into my pussy. I exploded, I was my juices splashed across the bed, cupping her hand Jill To wouldn&# 39; t hit the ground.

I swear I’ve never seen such heavy splashed. mouth and my pussy juices Jill clamped over swallowable remain leaked out of me.

"Jill, you, my friend, to know how a girl to eat! I really like what you had to my pussy. Now lay back, so I can dive into your muff!"

Jill lay on her back, spread her legs, so I had all I needed access her cunt. I remembered how the girl sucked into the film Viv Thomas is a woman&# 39; s pussy and I have the Sami. My suction Jill&# 39; s pussy and clit soon had dancing with tongue her moans. I-shaped my fingers into a cone and worked em into her cunt.

Soon I was at the point when they would be pushing it hard and my whole hand in. That’s exactly what I did. Jill&# 39; s pussy is wide, now I believed that John&# 39; would sink s extreme extent only into it.

I clenched my hand into a fist and pulled her back, my ankle bounce her cunt walls. Jill moaned now so loudly purpose Who, nobody cared –Other when she and I were there now. Still maintain my fist I tried to pull out of my hand from her, Cam it, so I rammed back in. Jill shouted, "I&# 39; m Cumming, fuck me Becky, fist fuck me hard."

I shoved my fist deep inside her, her ass making it hard work to fuck her. I stretched hard pulling my lips to her clit and sucked upwards, stretching her clitoris. Jill shouted, her ass was still yet to pump my fist her pussy.

My whole body was shaking and trembling. Her face was distorted everything, as it was in distress. I relaxed my hand and pulled it from her.

I watched as her orgasm ended and her body relaxed los voltage can Each orgasm.

"Come here, I want to hold you and hold me back. I love you Becky, you are my dear friend forever."

We wrapped our arms around each other and went to sleep. I was dreaming of floating raft was big in the pool with Jill and Amy each side of me. We laughed and feel mess&# 39; s tits and pussies.

Soon I was Both girls pussies at the time Sami and they had very juicy fingering pussy. Jill had on her garter and stockings, I hang their stockings and nylons pulled down with the teeth. Then I pushed her garter on her buttocks and then slowly down her legs. Was Amy kissing her and knead her breasts.

After I slipped her garter, I kissed me her legs again, to brush my lips on her labia. They were very wet, I licked her cunt, my tongue between his lips slipping in and up over her clit. Memories of cotton candy flooded my mind, they tasted like cotton candy!

I licked harder, she bucked and hit my pubic bone with teeth you and I woke up with a start-up!

"What the hell?" I saw Jill, she smiled at me back.

"Have a nice dream Becky? You eat pussy as good in his sleep, as do you awake."

I licked my lips and I tasted her juices on me. "Amy, what are you doing here, better yet, when did you come in?"

"I came here from the party. Jackie and the others fell out of me after I Said I’d stay here tonight. I didn&# 39; t know Jill was here and I wanted to keep you company, so that you wouldn&# 39; t be alone. You forgot your door, shame to lock up, so I didn&# 39; t-have to use my keys.

I looked around scattered clothes, so I picked it and then I got em reconnu to Jill Belonging. I saw you two asleep, so I undressed and climbed into bed with you. I woke up when you put your finger my cunt. The acid was a surprise!

Jill was awake and you were finger fucking her. Then you were stripping her stockings and garter. It was hot two watch, I so hot, the goal when you kissed your way up to her pussy and then she began to eat.

I&# 39; Now’m so horny, qui one of you will eat me? Better yet let&# 39; s to make a daisy chain and eat each other, okay?"

Jill pussy was directly in front of my face, I began to send them out of the food. Jill pulled Amy&# 39; s ass on her face and buried her tongue in Amy&# 39; s pussy. Amy turned my ass and my leg as she lifted her access to my pussy had. We now have a circle formed content, each lying on its right side, Lifted left leg, the access to the other&# 39; Pussy.

Could Amy really pussy aussi eat, I didn&# 39; t know where they met, I wanted the tongue just bring me that way.

Amy orgasmed first Followed immediately after-orgasmed from me and Jill almost time. My clit was hypersensitive, so Amy tongued only my cunt. We all relaxed. Asked Jill, "Are We Done Yet?"

"Me, for a while. What about you Amy?"

"Yes, I need some rest. I&# 39; ve Beens Most of the night. I just want a couple hours of sleep."

Jill and I get out of bed, I lifted the sheet over Amy to cover her and kissed her on the cheek. "Sweet dreams, honey," I said.

"Yes, sweet dreams," Jill repeated.

We left even the bedroom naked and headed for the kitchen. "Are you hungry?" I asked her.

"starved," she said.

"How about sausage and eggs for breakfast. I have some Jones Farm sausage, you know how good that is with toast and eggs over easy."

"Sounds good, for this purpose you have to cook the sausage, and I’ll do the eggs, because you always boil em," Jill teased.

She was right, eggs and gift me&# 39; t sccm on the même page to be, except that I can poach an egg using the microwave.

After breakfast, we cleaned the table, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Jill and I went back up and saw a dirty movie. As you can imagine, there were again more sex. Jill and I seemed to know exactly what each of us needed and when.

Our orgasms Took cam along and frequently. Jill Being bisexual was a big plus for me because I love Bi simple. I think Amy bi aussi is, we will wait until just allowing them on their own.

If it is, will-have this trio of friends a very good time together.


My mom and dad back from the Bahamas. They told me that you went there to take a very large company, the restaurants and the openness wanted to buy name. They paid a very large sum of money for the company’s shares, sold my personal shares for more than six million dollars. Mom and Dad are now very rich.

You would never have to work again, and they let me know that they travel the world.

Jill back Rod&# 39; s ring and called off the wedding Expired. Anyone who didn&# 39; t know it from the news shocked was, is everyone else happy for them. Rod Took it pretty well, saying: "He was glad Jill found out what they wanted before the wedding. The marriage-have-been would be a disaster if they later because he could never in an open marriage emerged agree that sex included with others."

I’m on a degree to work again in the school in financial planning. I have enough money to last the rest of my life, I want to grow it target. My system administrator has a good investment for me, I&# 39; m now worth half a mil more.

Jill and Amy spend weeks with me alternately. I’m never alone and I like that. The sex has never been better.

My friends Alex Allie, DeeDee and John visit us often. Amy had never had a black cock before, and she enjoys now. John had a hell of a hard time fucking Amy, her pussy was so tight, he succeeded goal Took it _him_ more than four hours. Once he was in deep, Amy turned into a raging nymphomaniac. She fucks _him_ every opportunity she can.

DeeDee said that I was John sterile His sperm gabs didn target&# 39; t avez la ability to swim far, never to worry about the cervix, so no worries about the pregnancy. I was kind of bummed, I wanted John to me really pregnant. Allie: has a PhD from CS, so us ladies are now professionals to eat in pussy. CS equal Cunt Sciences. Jill has-been at times to stay with John and DeeDee.

I wish I were a fly on her bedroom wall. None of them will talk about what goes in there. Jill notes even throws in a while, you make me blush!

Jill is glad she never married. You do not know outside our closed group stray for sex, she says too dangerous.

I finally got my relatives told my lifestyle. you weren&# 39; t too happy at first. I don&# 39; t think she has never liked his grandparents the idea. I told them that I would have a child, and I would be a single mother.

I didn&# 39; t want a man or a baby&# 39; s father in my life. I’m selfish fait que, only my parents, me and my child. Now take my plan about to say something, "This new generation …" whatever that means.

These wraps my story on a Bachelorette Party. It was intended to be a hand, I get kind of crazy when I start. Thanks for reading.

I looked back once and saw her avert her eyes. She was-was my ass checking out.

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