The Best Way to Cook a Steak. Period.

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  1. I can kind of understand the bit of using an immersion circulator to make cooking the internal temp a little more idiot proof, but at the same time people arn't going to have that sort of thing just laying around. Along with I've never heard of trying to make a crust on it by constantly moving the steak. You put it down and don't touch it.

  2. Usually, it's all about personal taste… but here, it's all, I mean entirely WRONG… Cooking beef in a plastic bag in hot water before searing it, then turning it around in the pan? I have NEVER seen such a nonsense and what can only taste like discarded garbage crap. Sear your steak in a hot pan with butter, keep coating it with melted butter you recuperate with a spoon at the bottom of your inclined pan, do not touch the steak so the outside "caramelizes" and gets that "crust" you want, turn it, repeat, and stop when done to your liking (rare to well done). No further equipment required, no cell phone nor app needed to pre-cook a beef steak. haha seriously, they gotta give up. Also, salt and pepper at the end, please. Salt gets the moisture out of the meat, so salting it before cooking it ends up in "boiling" the bottom of the steak in contact with your pan. Pepper burns and you lose this nice pepper flavoring you're looking for, and only keep a tiny bit of flavorless bitter taste. Pepper and salt when the meat is cooked, and this low heat from the cooked meat, is all you need to raise the pepper's flavor to life. That's, if you like it of course. I serve mine with salt only, cuz all I want is that beef taste, and nothing else. Sea salt on both sides, then crystals of fleur-de-sel on the top for the crunch. I'm surprised this guy didn't propose to serve this with a glass of cold diet coke or some wonderful vintage "millésime" root beer…

  3. Sous Vide folks are snobs and it's a complete rip off. The best way to cook a steak is reverse sear. One more thing….. Do not use a fork while cooking a steak.

  4. Ok sure it looks and probably tastes great, but you could have had that steak look and taste just as good by using cast iron or grilling. This 40+ minute, bay leaf, swirl your steak on a teflon non stick garbage, is just sad.

  5. Yes, I need an I-phone to tell me about the "doneness" of it. I need one, but, no more than one, bay leaf in a bag to boil. I need a fork so that I can also consistently poke the steak as I try to flip it and play around with it. Simplicity doesn't work in this case, only pretentiousness can cook a steak in this fashion.

  6. The worst cooking tutorial I've seen on YouTube so far. Stabbing your steak with a fork simply allows the juices to run out prematurely. Also the whole pull out your phone and program cook your steak with an app is ridiculous. Very unprofessional and a very unhelpful tutorial with a very misinformative title.

  7. I just don't understand. The best way to cook a steak is pan sear both sides on high heat and finish it in oven @400. Or just grill it both of which take 15-20mins. And if you've been cooked steak more than twice you don't really have to pay close attn

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