The Fantasy Club Part 1

Jessie gets ready

&# 39; Fuck it,&# 39; she thought to herself.

Jessie saw on the wall at the clock. 4:45, reviews only fifteen minutes in the office, we on this day HAD dragged through. She looked to pour out the window at the torrential rain of a black cloudy sky.

It was warm and sunny Beens If you left home in the morning and the forecast rain had not mentioned.

Jessie had left on the hanger her coat at home and silently cursed himself again. She knew she would not be ble to get a taxi. She lived nowhere near a direct train or bus route and the thought of walking home in the pouring rain, which would take at least 10 minutes, played on her head.

What made it even worse was that Frank, her husband to tell her had called expired earlier, they would and That Evening dignity target not say here where they would love it because all their dreams would come true tonight. She brooded about what it might be ALTHOUGH and excited, she was anxious drenched at home and get to obtain THE back in a short time. If for a quickie with Frank they have time before they went out? "Fuck it, I’m pissed we do&# 39; ve got time, ‘she thought.

"Well," she thought, I’ll only get wet. When she stepped out into the street, splashed rain caressed her body and in a very short time, the hair Jessie was plastered to her head, her fur was covered to her skin and her stocking legs, when they had the puddle loaded Went down evermore stuck road. Their four-inch stiletto heels could not cope with the amount of the surface of the water and her feet were soaked.

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After five minutes, Jessie had to be accepted that there was nothing that she could do about the soaking they began was and always the rain drips to enjoy over her body. Her nipples erect est devenu Pushed and proud contre her white silk blouse. As they neared home, Jessie Becoming was hornier with every step she took.

Arrival at her home, Jessie ran her fingers through her hair rinse the excess rainwater. Water drops ran down her back and sent chills through her body.

As they made their way into the bathroom, she began to unbutton her soaked up. She threw the shirt into the hamper and quickly began to unzip her skirt. When she dropped to the ground, she looked in the mirror at her reflection. She could her nipples sticking out through the sheer fabric of her bra to see.

Her hands moved to her small pert breasts. Jessie pressed her mound and rubbed his fingers over her nipples already sensitive. Her hands moved to the center clasp and with expert ease; she discarded her bra and it fell into the hamper along with her shirt.

Your matching panties, garter belt and sheer black stockings and soon followed when she naked before the full length mirror Stood completely Call, studying Jessie her body.

Not bad for a 39 year old woman, she thought. Jessie Stood 5 ‘6 "tall with shoulder length dark red hair that it is kept in a very loose perm. She loved her small pert breasts with nipples.

My only regret was that she could not bend over far enough to suck ’em yourself. Your eyes on her stomach Wandered down, although it was not as flat, it was still only had a slight curve. Then she saw her pubic mound in short covered, well trimmed black / red hair.

Finally she turned and looked at her curvy back that she had always thought of as her best feature, and they loved it when Frank, her husband of five years, their soft hills Explorer so that they compress and then pull apart to their delicate button qui he disclose loved to play with as much as they play with him loved _him_.

When she stepped into the shower, she reveled in the hot water cascading over their body so much better than the cold rain of the past. When she soaped her body, she felt tingles run through her body. Your overly sensitive nipples widened as she pulled and pushed em.

As a hand with her tits to play on, she made nec hand slowly making their way down ict body, over her stomach and on her hill. Gently stroking along the outer lips of her pussy with your finger downward. She closed her eyes when she est devenu lost in the moment. She pushed a finger into her pussy and reveled how wet she was. She ran out in and and then moved to find her swollen clit.

Jessie felt a sudden surge of electrical pulse through her body. When she quickened her pace, she felt the familiar tingling in her belly buildings. Wave after wave-glorious burst through her as she climaxed. Her pussy pulsed as her love juice splattered on her hand. Jessie leaned against the shower wall, while her breathing returned to normal.

She quickly closed to wash, stepped out of the shower, wrapped passed in a warm fluffy towel and for the bedroom.

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A short fingers it was fine, purpose Jessie left wanting more. She called up Frank. "Hi Baby, where are you?" She asked.

"On the way home honey, I shoulds to date in five or ten minutes to be at home. Have you watered?"

"Oh yes baby, right down to the skin. I just jumped in the shower and got wetter-even," she laughed.

"Do not forget, we will go out tonight," said Frank

I have not forgotten the gate, before we go, I need you to fuck me baby. I’m so horny as hell, "she said.

"Well, if you are spread out on the bed, naked, when I get home, we have enough time for a quickie got."

"Babe I have a finger in my pussy, and I’m soaking wet thinking of your cock in my pussy."

"Honey, I’ll see you in five. Do not listen to what you’re doing," he said, and she heard the click that the call ended.

Jessie lay on the bed rubbing her hand over her pubic mound and allowed to sink back her fingers well into her hot. She pulled and squeezed her nipple with her ang hand and felt the familiar tingle running through her body. As she lay there she thought pushing Frank in her wet pussy his cock.

She lifted her ass of the bed and her lower hand moves, as she began to stir up her anus. Your well-lubricated fingers had no trouble into her puckered hole sliding when she down to her throbbing pussy Moved her hand elsewhere. You put a finger in her pussy and a finger in the ass and one in her pussy; she began a sensual rhythm that soon had to buck her moaning in pleasure.

She arched her back as they build gorgeous in her legs felt a wave and travel to them. Instead of ecstasy She gave an involuntary cry as her orgasm shook her body and her juices flowed over her fingers.

Jessie lay on the bed next to masturbate her swollen clit and was designed by Frank unaware when he stood in the doorway quickly de son towels stripping. Frank stood there naked Taking in the sight of Jessie finger fucks herself. He knelt at the end of the bed watching her fingers moved in and out and on her clitoris. Frank leaned forward and moved his head entre Jessie legs, breathing in her musky scent.

Jessie moved her hands to the sides of her pussy and pulled her lips apart Giving Frank looking at their rose petal folds up close. As Franks lips cupped over her hill, grabbed Jessie the de son back head and pulled it to his Tighter body. Frank moved his lips along Jessies pussy as his tongue darted in and out of its hole to drink nectar.

When his tongue now found her on sensitive clitoris, she said to moan loudly.

"Oh Frank, lick my pussy baby, oh just because yes. Oh fuck baby not stop. Yes, oh yeah, yeah, yeah oh fuck, I’m Cumming. Oooooh, fuck, aaaaaaaaaaaaah, yes."

Jessie body balked when she atteint the peak of her orgasm. Juice flowed from her cunt as Frank put his tongue in and out to work, her love juice to drink while. When her trembling body stilled, moving Frank, the bed to Jessie Tits on. He began to rub and squeeze globes as he sucked on her nipples. Jessie’s hand found Franks swollen cock and stroked it up and down while _him_ pull and guide his cock to wait for her pussy.

Frank rubbed the outer lips with the son tail de And then pushed hard to wait well into her. Jessie ‘wider spread her legs as Franks disappeared cock all the way into her hot wet pussy pulsing.

They quickly found their rhythm and as Jessie Frank, Jessie began fingering fucked harder and faster her pussy.

"Am Oh yes baby, fuck me hard I Aaaaahhhh Babe come ……. fuck me babe oh yeah fuck. Cum for me baby, fill my pussy with your hot juice."

It was all the encouragement that Frank needed. He buried his head in Jessie’s neck to kiss her. Jessie felt his body tense and knew he about to explode.

"Yes Babe, Babe fill me oh so well, baby feels ….. I’ll be back, come with me babe fuck aaaahhhh yeeeees" she screamed as another orgasm ripped through her body reviews.

"Oh Fuck yeeeesssss" he moaned as he, Jessie to fill his white hot cream shot at the time Sami bursting her cunt.

Frank kissed Jessie hard as eased his orgasm. His tongue to dance with her as His cock Softened. "Let us go and shower. We have to be out of here in an hour, or we miss the party."

Frank himself raised and how he did it, his cock slipped from Jessie Followed by a stream de son cum juice. Jessie lowered her head to Frank Hahn and greedily devoured it, suck the remaining juices.

"That was a nice welcome home honey," said Frank

"Every time, baby. Shall we take a shower together?" Asked Jessie

"NO Jess, if we do that, we will never get, and I have a feeling it is going to be a good night."

Target where are we going?

"It’s a surprise, a goal that I know you’ll enjoy."

"In Frank Come, please tell me or give me at least a little idea."

"Let’s just say that it is somewhere where you can all your dreams come true and you will love it."

Jessie is preparing for a big night

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