The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

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  1. This is cute an all but she needs to understand that the government can't do anything about what's happening. Like the factories that are destroying the ozone layer where'd we get stuff like flour or cement or sugar without factories?. Or without deforestation how'd we get paper? No matter what the government do they can't keep us happy without destroying our planet so there's no use in complaining about it!!

  2. The governments be like
    "Kids are kids why do we need to care?"

    I know you guys live more 30 years than little kids but we see what people did around us. Do you think what TELEVISION is for? There are several shit news about politics i watch them because i could knew that politicans nowadays are SHIT af.

  3. I've been saying these things to my family, teachers and other adults I meet. They dismiss me with 'You are a child, you don't know' I'm judged by my age because when adults were are age they didn't need to know these things, they could be children. We have to, we grow up so much faster because of them. Yet they don't listen. This stopped them for five minutes, but after them nothing changed. Because of age, because of 'I'm big, you're small. I'm right, you're wrong'. I'm sick of it. What's the point of hate, we're all ending up in the same dirt that covers a big, melted rock.

  4. You can see in the expressions of the adults that sadly… None of them gave a fuck about what she, a child, had to say. That is why even until today… The world is still rotting.

  5. I can only speak for myself but when I hear the plain truth, I can't just continue walking down a path I know is wrong. This girl said this 25 years ago and nothing has changed. The system is broken and I'm not going to break with it. I'm going to fight for nature and sustainability because it's just the right thing to do. And from listening to this, I know I won't be the only one.

  6. No one stood up ..disrespectful toward this amazing child. At least they should have stood up. And yet nothing is going in their heads they just listen but it just enters their head and exits from the another.

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