The Lesson

He let them into a corner and in a kneeling position. They met completely, placing themselves in this position, to _him_ a symbol of their compliance and subservience. He was also not in a hurry when he to be progressively realized the need for this.

He wanted them to be there in the right headspace, the right level of submission of the punishment on the physical act. He wanted them to experience Anticipate both the excitement and the fear of coming discipline and. they show in this position and knowledge to the intensity of the feelings she was experiencing, made validated His sense of dominance, thesis intense action and _him_ meaningful.

Was His focus on meeting the needs, both her and his own.

He ordered _him_ them and had them in place kneel before _him_. He spoke to her in a very calm and confident men. It articulates the reasons for the punishment in a very clear and precise. He explained exactly his expectations for her what and were que la dignity punishment not only when he decided que le had been achieved-target.

Mom teaching the babysitter a lesson

Any resistance is met would be her hand increased intensity after year. That this reaction would not be out of anger aimed but out of necessity. You will accept this punishment without any doubts or qualifications and so full its submission do accept à son Authority.

He took her hand and slowly put his knees in the time honored position. Many planes that we had a mature, confident and capable woman. HAD One who earned the respect of colleagues and friends alike through their achievements and grace. Nevertheless, an integral part of her was a little girl, a wanted and needed in both the structure and the care of someone who she Issued and respecte familiar.

She needed this to be full, be fulfilled as a person. For if you were in this position, she was the little girl who abdicated someone who would lead them all responsibilities and decisions, care for and give her the discipline needed them so badly that and longed. He felt from being honored, the person. His respect and care for their sum was. He reveled in their achievements and successes for the made their submission to the _him_ much more powerful and exciting.

So keep this wonderful lady who treat above her knees and she like a naughty child, a high _him_ That was not a drug or activity ever had Approached.

He gently stroked her bare cheeks as he spoke in a calm and relaxed manner with her. He taught them on their behavior and let them know what they can expect at any time in the future shoulds as they did not or rules correspond à son, his authority in clear terms. She lay in position on his knees have compliantly His words escalated in their mentality An almost hypnotic, euphoric state.

Of all the positions he used in their punishments, this position to have draped over his knees, was His His favorite.

He loved the feel of her body in sensory contact with his lap. He enjoyed the access granted _him_ that this position étroitement on her bare bottom to see it, to caress it, as he taught and finally spanking to a deep red color. After you put the head, like a naughty child an intense sensation of the championship gave _him_ and control with very little effort it in the small of her back, and lock her arm could contact her legs with his right leg, while they to keep his left knee upended.

In this position, she was completely under his control and to spank as long as he deems so intense keeps. The fact that these adult woman he respecte and maintained Significantly, in this position was very youthful and His Brought to tears by his hand, gave _him_ much satisfaction and gratification.

They felt powerless, despite their embarrassment stop _him_ and fear of bread that she would soon be feeling. She realized that in many ways she was the naughty little girl who is looking for the care and discipline that he offered her. They called for the renunciation of the control of his mastery that allowed her to feel and deep inside she knew that’s what she needed, that’s what she craved.

She felt his hand stroking held their ground and her breath left, and then felt the first spank de son hand on her trembling cheeks. The spanking began to fall, at first slowly and progress slightly purpose as their punishment, the speed and the intensity they rose to the heat felt and sting that produces his hand on the bare flesh. She began to struggle and writhe as the spanking continued to fall, increasing the heat and pain she in her the feeling that down.

He enjoyed their movement, knowledge, que la influenced spanks her. He reveled in their discomfort and their Struggles inspired _him_ is at a faster rate in order to bring his hand and a harder intensity. He was determined to teach her a lesson, a lesson in obedience, in accordance with and in submission à son Authority. She began to involuntary sounds of ows and ouches as corporal intensity increased making the sweet bread and stinging warmth she felt in her buttocks deep now flushed. He loved these reactions of her to put on even in question, if this is the line in sadism intersection not follow Concerned with labels and now totally accept this as the fulfillment of a mutual need.

He held the stick and once again began to stroke and rub them behind punished. He teased her, as her red soil had redder and how much it has been out-learned before her lesson. He tells that this it is where they solve the force de son hand feeling de son dominance belonged, on his knees with her bottom. They lay quietly on his knees with his words of knowledge, to know that yes, he was right. His hand now traveled to the fold entre les buttocks and easily probed the her tight little anal opening.

She responded by producing more intensively squirm over his knees have this sense of humiliation and subjugation Elevated her and the realization that he, as he would do something with her what he deemed necessary, take them where he wanted.

His hand left spank her butt and then began her cheeks again. As previously landed the verhaut INITIALLY slowly and gently at first and got the beating Progressed Both the speed and the intensity increased. She began to wiggle and move onto his lap and her right arm involuntarily returned, to protect them punished behind. Partly he took her right arm and held his in the small of her back and went back into position over her His left knee, Freed His right leg lock her legs to kick.

Since the intensity of their protests verhaut So did continue. She began to sob as the bread and the level then increased as escalated to a full strength of tears, sobbing Both the physical and psychological aspects of their sentence penetrated her. Tears not _him_ deterred, he was determined to effectively punish her into submission and remorseful, punish.

The louder tears est devenu up almost as if a switch were turned, she turned in a steady sobs. He felt her body soften His knee is detected and a decrease of their sentence, their role, their submission. At this time, he held back and softly stroked her behind when she quietly sobbing lay quietly in position.

He pulled her onto his lap and held her, she stopped and stroked her, comforted her. She responded with _him_ squeeze tightly, the warmth and comfort de son enjoyed arms. She felt a sense of security, security.

A closeness they had never been exposed in a vanilla relationship experienced, objective rather a feeling Beens, be fully accepted and fulfilled. By accept her submission, she had career liberation found.

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