The Observation?

My name is Ame. I&# 39; m twenty go to school a RN to be. I live with my father and stepmom Lewis, Kendra.

It has been for me a rough couple of years since my mother died. I&# 39; Forgot’ll never, but slowly the pain increases with each passing day. My father always tried to protect me from harm and felt like&# 39; D my mother betrayed dating again.

I hated unhappy to see him, so I encouraged him reluctant to go and find a nice lady to fill the void in his life.

Kendra is a red fire, ten years younger than my father. At thirty-four, she still has a fit, toned body, ensure that first drew my father to her. There is something about him, a strong sexual energy that attracts people.

Almost as if to withstand whether in love, they are not able to her charms.

It was a hot August morning, woke up when I seem to the sun through the blinds on my window. Nothing like a good night&# 39; Sleep for a new day feeling refreshed and ready to make. Too hot for my silk dress, I went up the stairs just my mint green bra and panties down.

Before I headed for the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, I decided to open the blinds in the living room to let in the bright light beams.

Looking out the side window on the left side of the house, I could not&# 39; but t help look at Anderson, who was on the expansive porch sunbathing, enjoying the last days of summer. Her husband, Philip, was a workaholic, so little time for his lonely woman. Poor Mrs. Anderson.

What a waste of a truly spectacular body. they&# 39; s a beautiful woman in her early thirties, with long black hair and an hourglass figure. Your 36D breasts were barely concealed by her thin, black bikini top as the sun beat on them downward, glistening beads of sweat on his skin taut.

Fascinated by her beauty, I n&# 39; t believe that my mother had come down and was right behind me, looking over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of what my interest instead. She moved closer, the smell of her body lotion in the air.

"Oh, now I see," Kendra laughed. " They think that Anderson is hot."

My cheeks were bright red. Embarrassment kept me watching from my mother’s eyes. Anyway.

She continued to speak, and she spoke more I was flushed.

"She has a killer body and breasts are amazing. but gift&# 39; t be fooled by its beautiful sound front, it has a dirty little secret that your mind will blow."

With my curiosity, I turned my head a little start to talk. His dark and haunting eyes kept me frozen in place. When I talk to my mouth, Kendra put his hands on my naked belly, softly whispered in my ear.

"Do you think it is sexier than I am?" Kendra asked a devilish smile mouth upwards. "I see how you look at me. And I must admit,&# 39; s flattering to be pulled by a beautiful young woman into account. it&# 39; s very sexy, if looks come from my own daughter admired.

Stepdaughter. You find me beautiful soul?"

I stood there, speechless, as stepmom to expect my answer. My heart was pounding in my chest, inhabited nervousness my body. Its smooth and silky fingers stroking my belly while his warm breath on my neck caused goose bumps all over my skin to form.

My inclination to my stepmother could not be ignored, and it would be only a matter of time, &# 39; until they discovered my true feelings. I honestly thought they already knew how I felt, she just wanted to hear the words from my own mouth. His piercing eyes bore into me.

They wanted not only my body young, I think they also aspired to own my soul. Overwhelmed by their views properly, I’m relieved of a great weight of him I say,&# 39; D it has to be very beautiful forever.

"Thank Ame. That’s so sweet, honey. They are absolutely beautiful, my beautiful angel."

She buried my neck. Her soft lips pressed against the soft flesh. My mind screamed, &# 39; No!&# 39; but my body has a different answer.

Kendra licked the way my neck, happy my earlobe nibbled before my head with her seductive words to fill.

"We could have so much fun together. My whole body aches for you. Tell me what you do&# 39; t want me, and I&# 39; ll stop."

My silence was as good as a categorical yes. His skin milky white, wearing a bra and pink panties purely seemed so inviting. An exciting tingle ran through me when my mother kissed me on the lips. She ran her hand over the front of my lacy bra cup side of my left breast to pull into his palm. A sigh escaped my lips as she pinched the hard nipples between thumb and forefinger.

Kendra played with my breasts, paying no attention, which could be through the partially open blinds looking.

"it&# 39; think is so exciting that people are watching us. Try to get a view of a wrongful act between two women. Maybe something she&# 39; have always dreamed of but never thought that they see. The need to touch because of a burning desire building in a voyeuristic obsession, so strong that they can,&# 39; t look away."

An evil smile appeared on my stepmom&# 39; Face, one filled with desire and arousal. Excitement permeated the room. A battle long repressed exhibitionist to get free.

Could I by the truly?

"So many potential voyeurs are activated by our bad display, just waiting to see what comes next. Maybe it is&# 39; s 18 who lives in the street, looking through binoculars. His pants around his ankles and stroking his cock slowly, trying desperately to delay gratification, he won&# 39; t miss a second of our erotic show. I wonder if he knows that his stepmother also observed?"

Kendra kissed me again, his tongue searches my. His gentle touch sent chills through my body. The thought of more for me spied happy than I expected.

I looked out the window, secretly hoping to meet someone,&appearance; #. 39

Interview with The Babysitter

Kendra stroked my breasts from behind, his eyes fixed in the distance. Although none of us saw someone watching me assured my mother that we had a captive audience.

"perhaps the &# 39; happily married&# 39; the next man. The pretty the girl of nineteen. It might look a perfect replacement for his young, voluptuous Holly. You can find all these fantasies dad / meet naughty girl can&# 39; t seem to come out of his head."

She turned to me and kissed me on the mouth sensual. My body stiffened; I wanted to give, but struggled to control myself. Once I went to my mother, I knew it would change our lives forever. Kendra teased my nipples disk with the tip of his tongue and his teeth raked over the projection projecting. A happy sigh from my mouth released open, as they in turn sucked both nipples.

With my body in flames, I could start to feel my pussy wet.

"And last, but not least, Mrs. Anderson apparently good woman. Oh, if you knew.

they&# 39; a bad girl, Ame’s been. A married woman who has broken his vow of decadent and slutty as possible."

Kendra could see in my eyes that she had my full attention. I so wanted to hear his story about our neighbor. All kinds of sexual acts crossed my mind. The more I saw Anderson in this compromising position, the hotter I got.

The juice from my overheated slot drips. My clit throbbed affection.

"I&# 39; will tell you his evil secret. I noticed that my words you are always very worked up. they have won&# 39; t believe me when I tell you about the night that sweet Anderson is a total slut become."

His teasing threatened me to push over the edge. I wanted to touch me. Relieve the tension building in me. I think it was about woman

Anderson just to me hot and bothered. Did the beautiful woman I&# 39; D experienced in recent years really cheating husband?

"Our neighbors aren cornea&# 39; T the only ones who like to see" Kendra said with a mischievous smile. "I&# 39; m at home by myself most of the day and need something exciting to help pass the time. I&# 39; I was keeping an eye on the comings and goings of people in our street."

"The three houses provided me with the greatest entertainment and naughtiest: first Tavellas. The beautiful, mature blonde and her 18 years stepson have a fascinating relationship. Since the divorce of his father, and with the help of his neighbor, Lisa, Julia Kevin spoiled for everything. And I mean everything."

I could not do it&# 39; t believe what she said. Had Julia and her Son that the mother and son? Is it really possible that they love, were as well?

And what Lisa has to do with their unusual family dynamic?

"Second, Dr. Winslow and his daughter Holly. He looks lasciviously. Its appearance is very sexual. Every time his wife left alone I&# 39; expecting something lewd to happen.

I&# 39; m still waiting. Perhaps the man wants his wife involved than getting well."

It seemed as wrong as it were straight. But for some reason, I found myself completely turned by evil images that my head is filled. Next wife

Anderson. Or so I hoped. What could be the dirty secret that Kendra would soon be revealing?

"Finally, Mrs. Anderson. I know you&# 39; I was listening to this sordid tale dying" Kendra said, my perfect, soft breasts massaged. "leaving&# 39; s sitting on the couch and relax, and I&# 39; ll tell you all about that night a sin."

She took my hand and led me to the long, plush sofa. I found myself looking back over his heart taking shape. Not denying she had incredibly fit a body.

Kendra kissed me lightly on the lips, caressing my breasts exciting that we enjoyed our sensuous lip-lock. Her lips were so soft and tender. Although I n&# 39; t want to, I was more and more turned on more kissed.

"I&# 39; You’ll Mrs. Anderson to say,&The history of the company; # 39. Relax feel to masturbate and dates when the mood takes you. There are two weeks I looked out the window to admire the stars.

Anderson moved into his driveway at 23 hours, followed closely by a black SUV. She got out of her car while three young men got out of the SUV.

They looked lasciviously at Anderson, who was dressed in a short skirt and pink backless blue. One of the boys ran beside her, to take her by the arm and accompanied him to the door."

My stepmother&# 39; leave next, I didn&# 39; t touch me while his words to swim in my head, but I could not&# 39; t sure how much I could hear before I can win my wishes. She felt certainly awakened by his memories. Kendra circled two fingers to his lips on her shaved pussy sparkled with his juice. I&# 39; d never play a woman with yourself to see.

His outrageous display was so sexy and erotic.

"I enjoy just Mom touch her pussy? Come get closer and get a better look. This story is even hotter and dirtier. I&# 39; It will continue as long as my sweet baby accept licking my hot pussy."

At this time, I realized it was all just a trick for me to have sex with her. There were no neighbors peeping. Anderson didn&# 39; t deceive her husband. Kendra took every word.

But the details were so alive. Could it be true? I was so confused.

One thing I knew for sure; I loved my mother plays with her wet pussy Watch. This could not be questioned.

"What&# 39; wrong, baby? Would you try not your stepmom&sweet honey; # 39? Put your tongue on my clit hard, so that I could complete his sordid history. these&# 39; s a good girl."

I am shocked at how brave I licked her beautiful clit hard. As I mentioned before, surrounded a violent sexual aura Kendra, around him, the hidden desires of those who bring out. Damn, it was delicious.

Sweet, and so fucking wet. I had to concentrate on the story, while careless about my stepmother&Pussy dripping; #. 39

The Casting Couch

"Ohhh, yeah! Um … where was I … aga … oh, right. They stepped woman

Anderson&home; # 39. She found the light switch and the room lit up, give me a clearer picture of the quartet. The beautiful brown, wrapped his arms around her and … Uh …

Fuck, gift&# 39; t stop! Keep sucking my clit! Don&# 39; dare t you fucking stop!"

Although this is to hear his desperate calls switching on, they do not have to ask me. No way I would pull my face away, until she came so hard and listening to loud neighbors. I had completely forgotten the neighbors.

I wondered if any of them on our dirty little show espionage. Kendra would kill me if I check stopped to watch out.

"Anderson and the young man … Mmmm … kissed … pa … passionate. Yes!

Exactly there. went before all four upwards. I bet they fucked on her marriage bed. What a bitch.

This feels so good, baby. Make Mother cum."

She writhed on the couch, his moans louder. Each strike my tongue, her clitoris was always, her wet pussy. Kendra refers to always, like our neighbor woman

Anderson never Ava. I think she wanted to keep reminding myself that Ms. Anderson was a married woman.

A cheating wife who desecrated his vows by sleeping with not one, but three young men.

"All three were students at her husband&English Lit. # 39; Class, but before I can not see, your father worked on me when I tried to catch a glimpse of them in our room. I was damn excited that I threw your father on the bed and fucked the shit out of it."

That was the last thing I wanted to hear. One way to prevent him from further; licking and fingering her pussy until it explodes, screaming his head with a strong orgasm.

"these&# 39; s it, Ame. Finger Fuck me. I want that badly to enjoy. Ooohhh, fuck …

I …&# 39; Become fucking times!"

His whole body was shaking, spasms of pure ecstasy pulsates through it. Hot, delicious liquid coated my tongue with sweetness. Kendra&# 39; his face twisted into a mask of joy and satisfaction.

Kissing my way her statuesque form, I kept his records to suck, hit pink nipples before our lips in a passionate kiss. She licked greedy than its own juice with my tongue as she could get.

"It was incredible, baby. Did not like the taste of Mama&Pussy; # 39? Now he is&# 39; I turn to eat.

Hope you’re ready for me. I&# 39; will you feel amazing."

My heart was pounding as she slowly kissed her way my body. Every kiss is an exciting feeling. Playful, Kendra bite my nipples before his wet tongue to throw on my stomach. Right now, my clitoris implored sensual licks.

She noticed the look of despair on my face.

"someone&# 39; s cornea. You’re so sexy lying there, you waited joy to me. Where do I begin? Maybe am&# 39; ll suck on your throbbing clitoris, while one or two fingers in the bottom slide.

I could my tongue along your labia naked before sliding in and run out of your hot slot. A third is, to put on his knees and tease your tight ass, surrounding the opening with my tongue until you ask me inside to insert one finger."

Your dirty talk sent a shiver down the spine. His tongue felt sinfully delicious on my neck and chest. I could hardly wait for the electric waves of pleasure that I&# 39; Experience when it drips licked my wet pussy and restarted hurt clitoris.

"You have so pulpy body, soul. So many delicious choices, I&# 39; t know where to start. Mmm, oh, yes.

Your pussy tastes so sweet. I love the way your walls grip my fingers to keep in your wet pussy. How wiggle through another finger to hot in your hole?"

With two of her long supple fingers sliding into my clammy, Kendra waved his tongue on my rock hard clit qualified. She looked deep into my eyes as his mouth I never I gave joy for possible knew; tensioned near Cumming, my whole body with anticipation. Kendra took a step back for a minute, so that my orgasm temporarily deteriorate.

They teased me a little more, then stopped enjoying my sexual torture again.

"Would you like to enjoy a product? Do you want your stepmom to kiss you until you explode? Be a good girl and tell Mama what you want. I only care about you happy to see.

these&# 39; s it, dear. Shit, you’re so wet. Cum for me, baby. Cum your stepmom."

A tingling feeling enveloped me, urging me closer to an orgasmic release. Kendra reveled in its handling. My stepmom smiled mischievously, touching her own pussy while she feverishly fingering my wet pussy soaking.

I could not contain myself. A tidal wave springs, my hips bucking wildly that I stronger than ever in my life. Kendra lapping the juice on my trembling field.

"It was great. I&# 39; have dreamed of this moment for the first time her father showed me a picture of you. You took my breath soul.

as I&# 39; trying to flirt with you, you get everything the hat and hug to let your wild side fall. Your bisexual page."

This disclosure was a surprise. Loved it, my father, or was it just infatuated with me? I felt guilt, the thought of my poor father and his love for Kendra.

How could I betray him like that?

s whore who cares about your Roomate, Let # 039

"I see the confusion in his eyes. Don&# 39; Worry, darling, I love your father. But I need, and one of the most important things that I need is you, Ame.

Did you enjoy the first time around? Of course I did."

I can do it, appreciate. In fact, it was conceivable meeting the most intense and erotic. Kendra brought this overwhelming joy in me. His forces were definitely full strength.

I just couldn&# 39; t resist his advances.

"wasn&# 39; t so exciting to know that someone can be observed? The thought of being watched is always much warmer to me. Who do you think has spied us, Ame?"

The possibility of a voyeur was tingling. Someone so excited about us, they could not solve it. Perhaps this person or persons are therefore turned on, which they play with themselves, had to relieve the tension building.

"Come with me … look across the street, toward the bedroom window. View the sun reflecting on something? Probably binoculars.

Perhaps the lens of a telescope. Who do you think it, Ms. Tavella or his stepson, Kevin is?"

"leaving&# 39; WHO see …&# 39; S OBSERVE?"

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