The Truth About Elliot Rodger

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  1. that Retribution video he made was minutes before he carried out his attack on Istla Vista, also interest to note, he also made that Same video after he stabbed the 3 men in the hotel.

  2. Just want to point out that while he was the one who started the fight, that doesn't justify a lynch mob. Furthermore the whole 'no one cared' appears to be a two way street, just as no one cared for his safety, no one appearntly cared about his attack on the girls either as no police showed up after to question him or the people who attacked him about the incident.

  3. Stephan, you have provided the best analysis of this guy so far.
    No one mentions the lack of parental attachment in any of the youtube videos I've watched analyzing his manifesto,
    It is also important to note that Rodger's father appears to be a narcissist himself. As you said, he is trying to embody his father.

  4. Brilliant point Stefan about the way we talk and describe ourselves. We can easily fall into abusing ourselves which makes our childhood trauma even worse. Self talk is extremely important I have learned on my own through my own recovery process coming from an incestual sick abusive family.

  5. yes, of course it has to be the parents. It could never be that the dating scene is cruel to men: a complete sausage party and a slaughter, and he felt humiliated and rejected as he wrote thousands of times… Women simply have way too much power and entitlement.

    but hey, whatever makes us sound like smart good citizens on Youtube.

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