The White Stripes-Fell In Love With A Girl

Mature Amateur

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  1. People keep talking about how this song would be better if it was longer but I disagree. I think this song really works well as a short, fast garage rock tune and it's the perfect length.

  2. im mad at our "not so" swift pop star because she used a kill command hack. it was too early in the match, there was a friendly orion behind me, i thought it was him got out of his way and put my back against a wall. this was crimson straight, we had the side under the overhang. with my entire team being there and my back against a wall i got killed by a clan ac 20 from behind. none of my team could see her, she was not on the minimap either. (this is before stealth armor, and as i said way too early in the match. she shot me twice impossibly.)

  3. If it were truly a dislike it wouldn't have even been acknowledged. There are people who incapable of enjoyment. I enjoy the shit outve great music like this. Poor disclickers. Muah ha ha

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