They’re Building a REAL Nuclear Fusion Reactor! – Holy S#!T

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  1. As an electrical/electronic engineer, this both fascinates me and scares me at the same time. What Gaben and Laidlaw predicted back in 1999 is becoming reality really soon. Prepare for unforeseen…… gasp …consequences.

  2. You need deuterium and tritium which is radioactive, there is a ton of radiation that is released, you need 4 hydrogen per helium, and a ton more of problems including radioactive waste, parasitic power drain and tritium, which is necessary, is extremely rare, and tritium breeding(using lithium to make tritium) is extremely inefficient.

  3. Just one thing though.. normal nuclear power is clean too. Nothing is expelled into the air or "seeping into the enviroment". It just leaves nuclear waste that is totaly sealed in special containers for safe keeping.

    But how long can you keep stockpiling nuclear waste you ask? We must run out of space pretty quickly? Well no.. I think all total nuclear waste in Usa's history can fit in the size of a football field or something like that, without stacking it height wise. The containers doesn't give off high unsafe radioactive levels either. I dont remember exactly but it's surprisingly little. It's extremely efficient. Again i don't remember exactly or even close to exact but i remember them showing a tiny cube of radioactive material beside a mountain of coal that gives the same amount of energy.

    They are also well into development of power plants that can re-use that waste until theres almost nothing left.

    But radioactive material are a resource with a limit to how much there is on this planet so it isn't endless energy like they hope to fullfill with stuff like this.

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