This Anniversary: ​​Handcuffed And Blindfolded

"Suzie, I need your help!" I asked my friend on the phone. "I have to prepare a special treat for Jimmy when he comes home tomorrow and I can not be alone."

"Of course, Cyndy, what can I do? What did you do?" Suzie wanted to know.

"Now that we married Jimmy is sex related with me attached, so I wanted to surprise him," I replied. "It is our anniversary of the first time that we have, and I thought I would do for him. I can make headlines ankle, but I can not even handcuffed."

"Wow, Cyndy! Really?" Suzie replied surprised. "OK sure, I’d love to help you. When?"

"Jimmy usually gets home at six, so if you could get in about 26 years, I want to be ready for it, and it would give you enough time to put the handcuffs on me and before it go this" I said.

Suzie was agreed and at five o’clock the next day, I began to prepare myself. I have to get a full wax so that my pussy so soft and smooth as possible. The day before I went to the adult toy store and took a few goodies, with the help of staff there: a set of cuffs, blindfolded, paddle and Martinet. Nothing base too hard, just a few things that I thought would be fun.

I lined up at the side of the bed with my favorite dildo and vibrator glass, plus a little lubricant, just in case. In this way Jimmy could use everything he wanted.

I showered, got my dress on and was finished with my makeup, when the doorbell rang. Suzie leave, she giggled when she saw the toy strung on the bed

"OK, I need your help me the bed frame to tie," I said to Suzie. "Help me with this, please!"

Take off my dress, I put it on the chair nearby. I lit a few candles and turn the overhead lights off. Attaching one end of each sleeve on the board walk and the head of my bed, I lay on my back and put my hands up to where the sleeves of each side hanging.

"Can you my feet too?" I asked. As Suzie cuffs clicked shut around my ankles, I began to be excited about what awaited him. "Oh, wait! I have the tape!" I laughed when I realized I was in it.

"Let me help you with that Cyndy!" Suzie offered. "It looks like so much fun! I’m jealous of Jimmy!" She confessed when she reached under me to catch him.

Put the blindfold on me, the blackened area. I felt my take her left wrist, and then click the cuff. They did the same to my right wrist.

"How do you feel?" She asked.

"Well," I replied, "I feel very vulnerable. Everyone could do what they want me to, and there is not much that I do about it!"

"You mean I could this …" Suzie said with a playful touch to his voice. "Whack" went on my thigh paddle.

"Suzie" I screamed. That makes me jump. And it stung!

"Whack" went on my other thigh paddle. "You mean, it hurts … how did that?" Suzie said with a laugh.

"Stop!" I ordered. "You should go before Jimmy comes."

"Well, what is it?" She said the whip gently pulled his suede several strands on my breasts.

This anniversary: ​​Handcuffed and blindfolded

"It’s much better!" I laughed.

"SNAP" went the whip as Suzie flick on my left breast.

"Suzie, stop!" I ordered again.

"SNAP" This time it was my right breast, which took the punishment.

"What will you do to stop me?" Suzie said playfully. "You can not do anything!" "SNAP" went the whip on my stomach.

"Suzie, stop and go," I begged. "Jimmy is under a minute to go home!"

"Well, what do you think would say Jimmy when he came and saw me do this …" she whispered in my ear. The next thing I felt his mouth on my nipples, gently suck.

"Suzie, please stop!" I groaned.

So she gave a quick pinch my nipples. "I am now in charge," Suzie said strongly. She moved to my other nipple and began rolling his tongue around in circles. "If you complain again, I’ll bite harder this time!" Said she.

I felt his fingers on my left nipple, pull and turn as they continued to suck and lick my right. I began to express my consternation, she bit my nipple soon as she had promised.

"Suzie" I screamed. I felt his back away from me and out of bed, but it was only for a moment. I could hum coming from my vibrator hear. Soon I felt Suzie escalation between my legs.

I could feel the vibrator against my inner thigh. I’m fighting to get my free hand, but could not. Trying my lap to also does not work together because Suzie had moved it.

"You might as well do without and be quiet, Cyndy. You’re my to do with what I want!" Suzie said with a serious tone. Thus they slowly until all moves the vibrator against my pussy. They held firmly until I gasped.

Not being able to see something, to where the intensity of sensations.

I understood that my complainant was absolutely not good, and in fact led to the pain inflicted. Suzie wanted to do what she did, and I had to present! There was no choice but to obey and support. Soon enough Jimmy would be home.

I felt a mixture of frustration, anxiety, occasional pain mixed with my body respond positively to the stimulation of Suzie.

I currently have subjected be decided, I felt something warm on my clit. It was the language of Suzie! While the vibrator on my clit, she dipped into my pussy with his tongue.

Things changed quickly. There are ten minutes I had, happily prepared for the arrival of Jimmy to have Suzie help. This turned to rage when she began to play with me.

While my body began to respond to his touch, was I turned on extreme!

Then she put the attack on my pussy, I felt the whip swung back on my chest. The mixture of pain and pleasure was very surprising for me. I moaned as she whipped my other breast.

Suzie stopped the vibrator and tongue use. I did not know what next to expect. I only know that I wanted more.

I felt a sudden intense cold on my pussy, as if someone had given an ice cube. I shudder at the sensation, but soon the cold was pushed into me. I realized that it was my dildo ribbed glass!

Suzie began to fuck me with him and I felt again the vibrator on my clit.

"Oh, God, Suzie," I moaned, "Jimmy …"

So Suzie rammed the dildo as far and as hard as she could. "Quiet, now!" He ordered.

My whole body with his forcefulness shrugged. She began to go faster and more with the dildo, stopping only briefly turn at full speed vibrator.

"Fuck, Suzie, I enjoy!" I shouted. My legs were shaking, and I wanted to keep something, but the cuffs held me back. Nothing grab hold one and not able to move in any other position, the only thing I could do was cry.

Cloudy Even with my eyes, I could my head swim as wave after wave of feel intense orgasm hit me.

Instead support, held Suzie dildo plunging in and out of me. With the vibrator on my clit again, I could not stop my orgasm to continue. I had no sense of time, but eventually, they removed the toy from me.

I’m burned out.

When I collected my thoughts, I began to think Jimmy. "Oh no, this is Jimmy to say? I have for him!" I wanted to cry.

"It’s okay, baby, I’m here!" It was the voice of Jimmy.

"How long were you at home?" I asked, feeling very confused and still blindfolded.

"Actually, I came a little earlier, just in time to see Suzie the palette to use," he confessed.

Suzie jumped. "I heard then and there, but saw Jimmy and he meant to me to continue.

"It was amazing to watch, baby," Jimmy said. Now I have something for you! "

Amateur Bondage Face Fucking

I felt Suzie lips on mine. "Bye Cyndy. I went Jake meet for dinner. Bye," she cried, as his voice disappeared in the distance.

"Jimmy," I started to explain how I wanted the evening to go. "WHACK!" We went on my thigh paddle.

"Be quiet," ordered Jimmy. "Now I am in charge." He mounted and stuck his cock deep into my pussy. "I’m going to fuck you so hard as I want, and as long as I want. And when I’m done with your pussy, I’ll break your wrist, go back and kiss his ass."

This anniversary: ​​Handcuffed and blindfolded

"And," he continued: "If you complain, I’ll tie you up again."

I managed a weak, "Okay."

"WHACK!" We went to my other thigh paddle.

"Okay, what?" Barked Jimmy.

I understood. "Okay, Master!" I replied.

"Well, for now I will break the wrist and turning," he said. "Where are the keys to the handcuffs?"

"I do not know. Suzie had," I said.

"Well, I do not see everywhere. It has them still!" Said Jimmy, while looking around.

"My pussy is pretty bad on dildo and sex, baby," I whispered.

"Well, I can not go until I … Suzie back button, so" His voice was quiet.

"So bring your cock here!" I suggested.

"SNAP" went the whip on my chest.

"I give the orders here, remember!" So much Jimmy. He rode my chest and felt his cock rub against my lips. Obediently, I opened my mouth and rolled my tongue around his cock. With my hands still holding, I pulled my head back on his tail.

I felt me ​​draw him his hands around the back of my head. Soon it was Jimmy did most of the movement, as he kissed my mouth.

"Your ass is just out today evening," he said. I could not get a receipt with his cock pummeling grumble my mouth. "But now you are going to get all my sperm!" He left his load hard. I swallowed, as soon as possible, because I was afraid I would choke it was.

I’m so glad that I like the way his taste cum!

For his last thrusts, he pulled my head to him that I almost suffocated. When he was finished, I continued to suck his dick, and even licked his tongue retiring.

Flopper next to me, he took off my blindfold and snuggled. Unfortunately I could not reciprocate wrists me to withstand.

"Baby, you have to get the keys to Suzie," I said to him softly. He sat up on one elbow and looked into her eyes.

"Why?" He smiled. "I love you so!" He lowered his lips to me and kissed me. "Anyway, I told’m done with you?" Thus, it is reduced between my legs and began to tease my pussy with his tongue.

Looking Up, he spoke strongly again. "Now I’m off to make you cum!" His face was on my bare pussy and tongue easily find their way to my clit.

As my body stirred again and headed for another orgasm, I am glad that I could see what was going on … and it happened at least this time!

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