Tom Brady Dadshamed! Spice Girls Reunion! AND…

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  1. Spice Girls may be happy their most infamous fan has died. Charlie Manson was a big Spice Girls fan according to a prison interview or a communication he once made. He raved about how much he loved Spice Girls. Charlie had an association with The Beach Boys in the 1960s, especially with his pal Dennis Wilson, The Beach Boys' drummer. The Beach Boys even recorded and released one of Charlie's songs (uncredited) on one of their albums…I'm picturing Charlie watching the Spice Girls on prison TV while he was recalling (slightly altered) words from an old Beach Boys hit: "I WISH they all could be Charlie Manson Girls!"

  2. Regarding Tom Brady: I thought it was beautiful to see someone who is perceived as "manly" showing affection to his son. Some families are just "huggers" and others hold hands and kiss each other on the lips. That's not the part I found disturbing. It was that he demanded (yes, playfully) another kiss from his kid. Only because, most child psychiatrists agree that is never a good idea to make a child feel obligated to show affection to adults in this way or bribe them in exchange for affection. For example when someone says "Go hug your aunt before she leaves": child hesitates because he's shy: "Go hug her!" This is very dangerous because it can teach your child that in order to get what they want or need-they will need to do something they are not comfortable with. They can also associate affection with negative feelings as a result.

  3. As interesting as it is listening to celeb news. I looove just watching you! Everyday I get excited to watch the videos you post. I automatically become happier, just from how great of a person you are. Also, I look up to you because you are so positive and I wish I could be more like you ❤️

  4. Wow…. i can’t stand Tom Brady…. and I hate kissing any family/friends on the lips…. I have to stick up for Tom on this one! People are always trying to say what’s inappropriate and weird, and making something into something it’s totally not. Leave the man and his kid alone! While I LOATHE kissing family on the lips, I damn sure don’t (even attempt to) try to tell others how to kiss their family. People need to stop with this type of crap. Stay in your lane. It’s not inappropriate, just because you don’t (personally) like it.

  5. I dont know why people sexualize things like public breast feeding, kissing your child or bathing with your child. It's normal but ppl just have dirty minds.

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