Top amateur boxers sparring NO JOKE SKILLS – EsNews boxing

Mature Amateur

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  1. To all the streetfighters/MMA hobbyists out there saying they're not impressed: You'd be completely gassed after these 2 mins of full speed sparring. Stop kidding yourselves. Truth is, most of you probably wouldn't even make it the full 2 mins unless you just ran and played defense the whole time.

  2. Like this nigga getting in and out of range switching stances using no engery at all thats y is good too not only kno how too fight in more than one stance footwork at its finest

  3. Well they are skilled, but they only look more skilled because neither can do much to the other. Also, neither can really land their first punches or follow up missed punches for that matter. Blue trunks guy seems to lack strategy, is a bit hasty, has poor hooks, and is easy to read. Black trunks guy seems to be poor at countering and all he ends up doing is reacting. With their polished movements, it looks like a highly skilled exchange. But the fact that they are going back and forth with neither able to do anything tells me it's just an illusion. If the blue trunks guy was more patient, feinted more, and stalked and waited more, he could've looked better. If the black trunks guy picked his counters better, stopped throwing the weak and early counters, and committed more (and fixed his hooks), he might have looked better. As it is, this is more like a demonstration or a magic show which can be done by intermediate-advanced amateurs.

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