TOTAL Ripoff from Intel?

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  1. Kinda missed a good opportunity to poo poo the Xeon W-Series (again), AND assuming you're a SME that needs to save some moolas on server/workstations, than to compensate for lack of ECC, simply run incremental backups on the fly (i.e. a more frequent schedule), and you can at least have a better safety net against random server shutdowns during peak usage times.

    Added bonus is you can give Intel the bird in the process.

  2. This isn't the first time that intel has ran a simular consumer versus business cpu setup whilst also both cpus being virtually the same…
    Hell, I was a running a X5492 on a modded consumer mobo socket 775 way back in the day.

  3. Hi Linus Tech Tips Please tell me what is best stable setting for overclock gtx 970 g1 gaming with max overclock and stable with all games till now with or without touch voltage i want to overclock like 100 to 150 under clock and 200 to 300 under memory clock and what should i set power limit and voltage please help me thanks in advance

  4. Sometimes I wish Linus would get someone to comment on workstation computing. It's pretty obvious the show is almost exclusively for recreation/gaming/pro-sumer. The product line-up is obvious to anyone who understands the market for workstation computers.

  5. Good stuff, but raises more questions. Would like to see a "soup to nuts" review of how Ryzen and Threadripper deal with ECC memory. Was under the impression they didn't offer all the error correction features that Xeon (or Epyc) did.

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