Tyson Fury floors David Price in their amateur boxing fight

Mature Amateur

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  1. he also got up and knocked cunningham out, pricey wobbled around AGAIN and just wanted to get the fuck outta there. btw the video you are watching tyson fury just turned 17, and he dropped a 23 yr old david, imagine what he'd do now.

    Price has a big dig, yes. but NO heart, NO chin & NO stamina.

  2. Who said I supported him? I'm merely saying he's a lot better than Price. Tony Thompson would say that Price would beat Fury because Thompson wants to make what he's done even better. Price can't even fight for 4 rounds without getting gassed.

  3. I didn't say anything that evidence doesn't suggest. Just look at how easily Sam Sexton (who is nothing but a journeyman) managed to get Price onto the ropes and how Price was unable to do anything.
    As for my comments on Fury, they were solid facts that you can't argue with.

  4. He's beaten far better competition than Price. Cunningham and Johnson have both fought for world titles. David Price would get knocked out against Fury. Price is too stiff and robotic for someone like Fury. Fury could easily get onto Price's chest and bang away since Price has no inside game whatsoever. Easy fight for Fury.

  5. My God, someone get this one here a Blue Peter badge! Well done! Bloody hell, I don't see the author of the video claiming anywhere that the 17 year old Fury won that fight; merely that he knocked down an adult, five years his senior. Were the two to fight today, Fury would win because he has better skills.

  6. You call a 6ft 3in man, with an 82" reach SMALL?! Seriously? And please don't refer to Cunningham as a cruiserweight. He was 210lbs vs Fury. What height and weight was Muhammad Ali most of his career? Almost exactly the same! Haye was 217 v Valuev! Funny how one's a piffless (2x world champion) "cruiserweight", while the other is regarded as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. Mike Tyson, at 5ft 10in, proved size doesn't always matter. But hey, whatever suits your agenda…

  7. Hes said alot of things, and they dont happen! Do you really think his promoter will let him jump in the ring with a UFC fighter it doesnt make any sense, and clearly wont happen. Also if you read it you'd find cain doesnt even want the fight lol

  8. You know from the replies i got so far, I'm starting to think it doesn't matter what country you're from. An asshole's an asshole and people don't like assholes. Adrien Broner for example. I'm not taking pride because he's American and I'm American. I want to see him get his ass whooped. Same with Tyson Fury.

  9. Not much at all. Far from exciting, not really interesting to hear him trash talk too. He won't be half as popular as Lennox even that is a bit of a stretch.

  10. Boo hoo price has beaten fraudley Harrison everyone thinks he's big just like haye beat valuev and fraudley and everyone thought he was the next Tyson hahaha fucking boxing gimps if you ask me! Price still needs to prove himself Tyson maybe dodged the fight before cos of his shape but now he's fit he would step up for sure! Don't fight if ya not 100%!! Whatever win or loose fury will have the best career he has time on his side so why should he rush! Plenty of u Tyson haters will soon be lovers!

  11. price got up and won the fight….flash knock downs 9 times out of 10 are nothing significant. I like the fact we have two british heavy weights o the scene, but i think price is our best hope of winning the belts off the klit bros. although prices chin really needs to be tested, maybe a few flush haymakers would let everyone see what his chin is like.

  12. Up yours you silly little bellend your the one that doesn`t take in the facts.You don`t understand the sport.Its you that is clueless by not making an intelligent answer to my comment.Alright bollockhead Pajikic isn`t Mike Tyson but Price would think Pajikic would be a big puncher because he`d lay him out.He looked pretty lively with that right hand you twat.

  13. 5 kos in 17 fights aint a big puncher! 27% ko rate. im a fan of both price and fury.. im not going to argue with a silly fool like you, im just stating thet your facts are incorrect. and if you think i know shit about boxing guess that makes you a totall retard in the sport.. its in black and white on this page you have made yourself look stupid!

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