We Meet Again … And Again

We had not seen each other in months. The end of my "relationship" with Michael had-was pretty ugly. We had Beens Reduced to every moment qui argument led to a lot of things will be left unsolved.

It was too much trouble, too many hurt feelings.

That night I went with some friends at a local pub. It’s one of those places off the beaten track are and if you are a local, you would not know that it was even available. For me it was the pace of the place, a place to go and be with friends.

No "meat market" atmosphere to contend with at all. It’s just so relaxed place where people go to sit back and catch up.

This night is no different. There are four of us in total. With our work we did not get to catch up as a group very often, so this is rarely a night.

We have had all a few drinks, and we thoroughly enjoy Ourselves, ignoring the activities around us. I do not know what to look me to the door made over, I knew objective, the exact moment when he entered.

Why was he here? Michael Can not live in this part of town, so it does not make sense that he would be here happened Thursday night. Sure, he had often starting on Friday, determined he remained generally close to home.

He was with two guys, both friends. One was a guy he worked with the name Taylor. We had met many times before, when Michael and I would meet and flirtatiously teased in his office-even for lunch, if Michael was not there to notice. I feel that Taylor never our Flirts MENTIONED and I. Neither DID Reviews The other type was Danny, a longtime friend of Michael.

They had all known of her life, growing up on the street Sami. Danny did not have much out over a woman with ridiculous issues of control, so I was really surprised to see here _him_, although even he lives just around the corner these days. But, this could explain Michael night in this special pub.

I looked away, not wanting _him_ me staring at ’em. My friend Christy noticed my momentary distraction. Christy is one of the few people know all the details of my relationship with Michael. You know exactly how I hurt myself for months, try try to cling something that no chance to survive HAD.

So she took care of my distraction and looked to see what might have caught my attention.

"Well … that’s interesting." She says to me quietly.

"That’s one way to put it."

We that had happened out of anything with the other girls. Goal that I never lost track of Michael, Taylor, and Danny, sitting at the bar in the local NFL team just another ratings vain attempt to win a game.

After about an hour I had to excuse myself from the table to use the toilet. I made my way to the back of the bar and was quickly relieved to find no line in the ladies room. When I came out of the toilet, I was not to look for and ran directly to Taylor.

"Hey Emma … long time no see!"

"Hey yourself! What are you doing here?"

"Oh, Danny woman let him tonight to see the game, but not long enough to get from anywhere to go far from home, so we here INSTEAD cam" explains Taylor.

"Gotcha. So it is still a controlling bitch then?"

Taylor laughed. "Yes, that’s an understatement."

Then came the awkward silence.

"How are you?" He asks softly.

"I’m OK. Life goes on, you know?"

"I’ve missed seeing you around the station," said Taylor.

"Yes, it is annoying that I can not come. I enjoy our little chats, you know," I say with just a hint of coquetry in my voice.

"Oh, really," he says, a little closer to contact me. "You really like our cats at the station? Too bad they had to stop then. I think we could for lost time, you know."

Building on its meaning, a lot of things flashing through my mind. First, this is the friend of Michael. In general, I am not to stoop to that level one. Secondly, I have always _him_ kissing Beens Attracted by Taylor and a little curious about what it would be like.

Thirdly, it occurs to me that this could be a great opportunity, both to clear my curiosity aussi goal to take a stab at Michael, who has never liked me see otherwise with anyone.

I shoulds make the mature decision in this situation. The goal that I have drunk Bourbon says otherwise.

"I think we could … just when you think you can handle it," I urge.

These mischievous glint in his eyes, he steps forward and pulls me to _him_ all in one motion. He’s much bigger than me. His lips are like fire on my. He puts his hand on the small of my back and pulls me to _him_, our bodies meshing together as my hands wrap my way up à son shoulders and around the neck.

I can the dark beer it tastes drunk. Generally I’m not a fan of beer, drank it _him_, it works well.

We were far from it, we are both incredibly turned aim at when we almost pull away from each other, panting.

"Well … now look what we missed on out," I said.

"Seriously. Sorry shoulds, I returned to the guys. I’m pissed Danny wants-to bail and go home soon. But if you are to later, maybe we can pick up where we left off."

"Hmmm … maybe," I said seductively as I slowly turn and back to my table walk. Christy looks at when I sit down and noticed Taylor back to the bar on foot.

"All I know shoulds?" She asks.

"Oh, it will be a good story, it does not yet benefit done."

It is not long before I apologized Danny look around and head for the night. I wonder how long they stay behind Michael and Taylor, even targeted left before I can finish the thought, I see _him_ up his tab and pay.

I decided before making a final trip to the ladies room when Taylor our previous encounter for the continuation was really up, this time want when I get out I run right into Michael. Literally.

Once we recover from the shock of our conflict and wrap our minds around the situation that we both tensed visibly.

"I’m surprised to see you here."

"Why? Do you have to see with your boy toy Taylor here? I thought you were working tonight anyway."

"I’m sorry to disappoint you, I’m away goal tonight," I replied bitterly, goal aussi I am surprised that he already knows about my kiss with Taylor. "And what do you care anyway? You have no right to say who I can and can not kiss. I’m a free agent."

"Well good for you," he said, without even trying, trying to hide the sarcasm in his voice.

"Whatever. I’m outta here." I go to our table and apologize to the girls for early goal cut I. For reviews another battle with Michael’m not ready, especially on Taylor We all say our goodbyes and I head out the door to.

Unbeknownst to me, Michael is to follow behind me. I parked the road near the dead end down and apparently he did. At this point it’s only my silver car and dark SUV Michael at the end of the road.

Without ang cars around, it seems a lot further away than when I arrived.

"Oh, so now you follow me, I guess."

"Why would I want that? I think if I any more, who needs that aim to gemeckert wanted", he complained.

"You know, I’m not-self’ll lose my breath on this fight. I know better now, and I’m not reviews wasting on you for a minute. Good night, Michael." With that I turned back to my car and began to walk.

"Then again, maybe you’re just disappointed that Taylor does not follow."

With this, from Michael atteint and grabbed my arm and pulled me back to _him_. to leave I bring in his chest to crash and look at _him_ prepared _him_ have it. Purpose ounce meet our eyes, the anger in pleasure on.

The only thing Michael and I never lacked was like. We had physical chemistry, so that you almost feel that you might be, if you stand too close.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me into a frenzied kiss. Once our lips touch, start the fireworks. When Michael and I kiss, the rest of the world disappear, no matter where we are. His lips and tongue mine waste, squeezing, biting and sucking. His kisses not me never left dizzy I aspire quickly realize that I. Still avez la même effect on _him_

We have just-for kissing a few minutes, target already I can feel his hard cock under his jeans. I grind His erection contre, contre Needing it to feel my own heat.

Michael pushes me contre back my car. I can through my skirt exudes the cool metal feel, as opposed to the heat of his body. His hands working over my body and moved closer to touch me, as much as he can. I feel his hand _him_ run up and down my skirt and then work its way slowly under him.

I can not believe that he do so, as in the open out! I break our kiss to say _him_ goal of stopping, he only moves his lips to my neck and starts nibbling. At the time, Sami, his fingers reach my pussy.

My head is spinning, and I forget why I would object. Actually, I forget everything.

First he just feels my wet through my panties, it aimed not long before ’em, he pushes aside for a closer inspection. His fingers and running up and down my slit, hit my clit every time. Something I moan and my head continuous attack as his mouth ict throw back on my neck, and it allows hardly a finger to join me.

He keeps his pace, entered me until now only reviews and then I _him_ begging for more.

Suddenly he stops. Without warning, he pushed me on the hood of the car, my ass hardly to clear the edge. I’m starting to sit goal he pushes me back down and pulls my legs à son shoulders.

I think I’m finally want to be fucked by his beautiful tail Then he kneels. He pushes my skirt farther up, and then the pages tear my panties, so they get rid of my body. Before I scold-even can my panties for destruction _him_ he dips his fingers deep into my pussy and my time immediately find G-spot. I gasped at the sudden joy, and then he puts his mouth on my clitoris downward suck like his life depends on it.

His fingers are combined and work quickly with his mouth on my clit, I know that orgasm comes. Here he focuses on my G-spot, while pulling on my clitoris and I feel the juices of my gender rushing out of me, splashing Michael’s face and the side of my car ran on the sidewalk away below as my back arched Pooling the hood, and I let out a long, drawn-out scream.

I see stars before my eyes when I come down from the pleasure of this sudden orgasm. Then I feel Michael’s cock at my entrance. I reach down and stroke _him_ a few times before his cock in my steaming tunnel pull.

The sex is fast and furious. Michael is slamming into me at a record pace and I can my second orgasm building feel as I rub my clitoris, matching his pace. I’m usually one of my time for taking and enjoying the process of getting it on with a guy.

But I must say, there are times when a real fast and relentless hell is exactly what I need.

My second orgasm hits and I will be back, not quite as hard as my first, to meet definitely target. Michael pulls his cock out and stroking it a few more times before my shirt lifting and spit thick, hot Jets de son Spunk on my stomach.

"Wow … I really did not, I was what out on missing."

I have no idea how long Taylor had-been there, or how long Michael knew it.

"Yes, it is good for a fuck, I would say that it is used on for tonight goal. Sorry mate."

I am angry. I knew he was jealous of my kiss with Taylor, I never thought he’d stoop to fuck purpose for his friend me so to see that he is at stake me His claim could. The problem is, I’m not his tor claim more.

"Oh, you think, really?" I finally said while standing. "You can only be ble to get it once a night, I do not conveniently have this problem. So, Taylor, you’re looking for something fun tonight, too?"

Taylor looks stunned purpose recovers quickly. He takes my hand and pulls me against Michaels SUV. He opens the back of the truck and a blanket sets.

He begins to push me onto a truck, I resist.

"Oh no. I need you, just to show what I am capable of."

He looks a little stunned, aims not argue when I _him_ turn on the truck and unbuckle his jeans. Once His tail is free from constraints icts, I push back and lie down _him_ _him_ say. He’s just at the edge of the truck, so that his legs hanging down on the bumper rests.

I climb his legacy for a better look entre.

Obviously watching Michael and I fuck Taylor in the mood got. His hard cock is much bigger than Michaels, qui is a nice bonus for me, of course. I suppose any de son balls in your mouth and suck ’em before gently his whole shaft Angle lick upwards.

I take the head in my mouth, my tongue rolling around her and try his pre-cum restarted.

"Mmmm … salty and sweet. My favorite," I say, licking my lips before diving in for more.

I work my way up and down his fat, hard cock, let take my hands, if its length is too much for me. Taylor moans "fuck yeah" From time to time goal Otherwise seems he. At a loss for words

I would like his succulent come to taste, I have in me to object have its tail. I climb into the truck, spreads its tail. Gate before I be me lower in the long, hard cock, I turn my head to Michael to see directly, which still seems to be a little shocked.

InSaNe Pancake – lesbians with strapons fucking …

"So, still think I am consumed for tonight?"

So I cut myself there pulsing member Taylor. His dick is bigger than all that I have taken before, I am objective Determined not to let me slow down. Its tail is reaching places in me that no one ever and it feels fucking amazing. Once my pussy has taken its entire length, I see Taylor in the eye and say: "Are you ready?"

He nods and grabs my hips when I pump up and start at the bottom. Taylor worked his hands to my ass and pulls me down on _him_. It fits me to feel for thrust thrust and I start, yet Reviews another orgasm building.

"Oh yeah fuck. Fuck that pussy! Fuck with huge cock! Me," I call, as the pressure inside keeps building me.

Suddenly I feel a hand on my back and Taylor holds.

"Care if I join, mate?" I hear Michael say. He does not wait for Taylor’s response to me pushes down on Taylor’s chest, my pussy still filled with his throbbing cock. Suddenly I feel Michaels cock contre my ass.

He expresses contre me, and I have to remind myself to relax. Again I shoulds my goal in sexual frenzy are objections, at once prove the idea of ​​taking on two cocks and that I can deal seems like a better idea.

Then cock the head of Michael pressed into my ass with a bang. Before I can set it pushes into me. I cry out in pain, aim not be long before His thrusts pleasure register instead of complaints.

Taylor begins rejoin, try try to keep up with Michael. The feeling, so entirely filled with beautiful tail is amazing.

Michael Taylor and a rhythm train having my head spin and my body shook constantly orgasm. I’ll be non-stop, screaming incoherently. I never have the feeling as create pleasure and every nerve and muscle in my body from the joy thesis fires two taps.

I think I am to pass to the orgasms and then hook I Feel Taylor and screaming that he comes. The pulsation of Taylor’s cock in my pussy Michael sits in my ass. I can shoot their hot cum deep into my holes feel both and this pushes me even further over the edge.

I think I’ve actually black out for a moment, because when I finally conscious thought Regained I’ve heard Michael zipping his jeans have Taylor stroked my hair. He rolled _him_ from me and wrapped myself in the blanket when he I Kept shaking stopped me.

I can not believe what I just did. Two guys at once, in the great outdoors. Anyone could have come along and caught us, even gold would hear me scream.

But, outweighed the joy of two tails by far the possible consequences.

Reckless? Yes. Would I do it again?

You better believe it.

I told Christy It would be a good story, and I doubt that they&# 39; ll disappointed.

Emma&# 39; s a chance encounter with her ex and friend turns out in one night, that they&# 39; ll never forget.

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