We’re Hiring! Full-time Graphic Designer & Part-time Video Editor

Mature Amateur

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  1. linus ive wanted to work for you for such a long time and i think i would be a valuable asset as a graphics designer, but unfortunately id probably never get a work permit or be able to immigrate so… yeah… wish you luck on the search, and this is me not wasting your time even though i realy really really want to apply

  2. I'd totally apply but have little to no experience in video editing, the only thing in my portfolio would be my long dead YouTube channel and relocating from Ontario would be a bitch so the moral is, open up shop in Ontario goddammit.

  3. Darn, I live in the States. Otherwise, I would have applied. I work as a wedding videographer back home and consistently work with canon camera systems and adobe premiere pro. Good luck with your endeavors in finding that next teammate!

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