What A Massage

So I answered the ad in the "Body Rubs" section of an online trading forum. The price was about twice the standard rate for a therapeutic massage, so it sounded like it could be quite more enjoyable.

When I arrived at the appointed time at the nondescript suburban home, I went to the side door and the bell rank as desired. The lady who answered was handsome and at my age, qui surprised me (I had thought it to be younger for some reason). She was in a casual short-sleeved shirt and soft, wearing loose-fitting pants.

After Wendy Introduced me they led me into a comfortable room with battery-operated candles in the middle of everything above the bed and a massage table. Recalling a chair in the corner, she said, "Sit and take your shoes and socks." She was the arrangement of the linen on the table, as I observed.

When I atteint pull it off for the hem of my shirt, Wendy said, "Stop!

This is my task. "I over, she slowly and sensually pulled my shirt and undershirt and away from me, ’em stack on the chair behind me as they put the clothes she whispered in and near my ear bent." Now it’s your turn "to take the time Sami my hands in hers and at the waist of her top ranking. now I knew I had made a wonderful decision!
I slowly pulled her top upwards, a very full lace bra revealing. She turned her back over her shoulder at me and looked at the strap of her bra and winked at me, so I have the note and loosened It was good.

Towards Turning back to me, she pushed the bra, revealing full D cup breasts with medium colored areoles and pert nipples, only a half inch diameter Goldring Each One Piercing.

When I stared my lips and licked and she giggled said. "My turn again" Reaching for my pants, she loosened my belt nimbly, Snap, and zip. Grabbing the sides, they knelt, pull ’em down and down when I. One leg at a time Lifted

Looking at me and smiling she grabbed the sides of my panties and slid em and down, her lips as my now very hard cock sprang to leak into view. Wendy rose to slowly pull her soft hair on the underside of my cock as she walked. If you was full they Puts hugged me and whispered in my ear: ". Your turn again"

With a broad grin I grabbed the sides of her pants and pushed them down, as I knelt before her. Face with a prominent hill to face, qui by the shape of the thin nylon Obviously bald covered it, I leaned in and inhaled deeply.

A big dick is exactly what they needed04.wm

quietly chuckles Wendy pulled me to stand and hugged me, gently swaying. Your nipple rings slipped over my chest as her nylon panties grazed the underside of my cock back and forth.

After a couple of times to embrace, she whispered in my ear: "We are not-too!"

With a wide, crooked grin, I pushed her panties down, revealing her bald from stimuli. Again I leaned close to breathe deeply.

Wendy pushed me back up to standing, slapped me on the ass and said, "on the table face down, baby!"

I took the position, and they began the most thorough, professional and deep massage I’ve ever received. Very professional, unless you atteint the inner tips of my thigh, where they grew slowly slid over the back of my balls and away over the entire length of my cock with a single fixed finger, a deep rumble in eliciting from me.

Then Wendy pulled my legs together in the middle of the table and Climbed with me at the head upwards. With my head down down in the cradle, I groaned as she pushed her breasts, the backs of my legs oiled, roll ’em around the fold my knees and my thighs tab then on and over my ass cheeks. She stopped there and slid sideways over her breasts oiled my ass and then slowly up and down, first wedging And Then l’autre ringed nipple entre my ass cheeks.

Then she pushed it on her back, pressing her weight on me against the table my erection as she slid up and down his back for a few minutes. Both Wendy and I breathed this time difficult. She eventually stopped and licked the back of my ear and whispered: "time to pass, Baby" as she slid from the side of the table and stood up.

Once I turned over and she grinned at me all oiled by my side was, as she continued a normal professional massage, rinse my shoulders, arms and hands to work. Then she massaged my chest, face and scalp.

By the time they got to my feet and lower legs, my hard we all had disappeared target and I was almost asleep.

Purpose Then she slowly massaging the thighs in front of my. When she was up, Wendy used the back of her thumb on my bat again growing tail back and forth from the thigh. When I looked ouvert down and my eyes on her, she grinned and once again crept with me on the table.

She teased me by skirting around my rising is difficult to massage the sides of my groin, and it is in my stomach. When Wendy wavered there massaged to swing their oily breasts back and forth my chest, my cock gently entre em twitch.

Once Wendy had my face massaged completely, and I shone with oil, she climbed over me on my knees.

Reaching for the heated oil dispenser, she stared into my eyes as she lubed her breasts and belly thoroughly. her finger over her lips and spread oil over and in her bald pussy stuffing her hand again with oil, it underlined the front of the thigh down to draw up.

Then she leaned her breasts pull up to my thighs, her nipple rings scrape my thighs as her hair back and forth over my throbbing cock slid. They meandered slowly to her breasts my body pull up to surround and slide on the sides of my shaft upward.

When Wendy is pushed my body she licked my ear when my hard cock slid past her lips and oily sprung into the recess of her thighs from.

Sliding slowly followed by a side to the other to me, hidden Wendy hair our faces as her tongue over my cheek. Her breasts slipped back and forth across my chest, the gold rings on my nipples raking as their oily thighs slightly heated and pressed my throbbing cock.

A deep moan escaped my lips and at the same time.

Your side to side swaying connected to a slip up and down. As her breasts my chest slid up and down, pushing her leg caught my cock until her knees rubbed all the way to my balls and then all the way down to the head of my cock only grazed her moist lips up and down. For a fraction of a second, I wondered how much moisture it was the oil and how much was their juice. I knew my cock was leaking head abundant pre-cum.

Then Wendy held as my cock head lodged` her moist lips entre. She leaned forward and licked my ear again. When Wendy slowly pushed down to the head of my cock in her other top accommodation, she whispered, "Is that okay?"

I could only moan, "Yesss," as she slid down all the way to my balls my dick Slipped back and forth along her pussy lips as she ground on me.

My hands massaged her ass and back as she rocked back and forth.

The muscles in her love canal massaged up and down my cock as she contre her clit my pubic bone rubbing. We glided contre and moaning in confusion for a few minutes.

Finally I could not take. My back arched as Wendy continue to push me to the top, milking my cock cum more than I ever produce at a time can remember. We kept moving slowly, comes with it was on my rest.

The arms for a few minutes Wendy After resting licked my cheek and whispered in my ear in "You ready to take me a shower?"

You better believe I have because many times they saw!

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will never forget a Massage

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