What Data Does Windows 10 Send to Microsoft?

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  1. My only major issues with Win10, and why I refuse to upgrade are; the mandatory and pestering windows updates, the lack of consistancy and over simplification of most of the GUI, the awful settings menu, the painfully slow start up times and poor compatibility with my current hardware…. I have ZERO issues on Win8.1 running Start8 and a few other GUI mods for ease of use.

  2. Apple and especially Google are way worse, also your ISP or Carrier can see all your data you send through their network. In fact all the major carries store every call and text you make on their network.

  3. "An empty browser history, is a dirty browser history", lol epic.

    Also what couple would say "Justin Bieber live in Copenhagen, nice!" ?? I mean a girl could be interested in that shit, but her boyfriend too ?? Does Justin Bieber even have male fans?

  4. could've elaborated a bit more on the fact the format the telemetry data is in really doesn't matter…
    if you think MS has any difficulty looking at that JSON-ish document (I know I don't), think again, they have a program that interprets it.

    but yeah, makes me all the more glad I switched to linux a few years ago when my last WinXP installation killed itself because NTFS can't hold it's crap.

    I've only had 1 EXT4 failure from multiple (at least 4) PCs in those years, and that's only because running NTFS on the drive cooked it pretty well causing it to have power issues before I switched.
    (really the data on the (1TB SATA WD) drive is still grand, just the platters aren't accessed anymore (I/O Error) because the controller died, but it still spins, ticks, and gets detected as an unpartitioned drive)

    that's compared to at least 7 NTFS corruptions with probably 5 or 6 disk images and an uncountable number of dead (most of them cooked hot enough to burn your hand or worse) HDDs (most of them Maxtor and WD) on only 1 PC

    I have yet to have an EXT4 HDD (including through IDE) that gets hot enough to burn your hand, and I do more HDD-intensive work now than ever.

  5. People don't know that this is actually much worse than Google or Facebook because where as you actually have to in some capacity know that you posted something on Facebook, or on the net in general. Microsoft steals this information from peoples computers without their knowledge simply by having it (even if its not you using it at the time). It is extreme and basically a trojan key logger. Pretty much every photo, video, website and text you write. The danger of this is Microsoft will turn this information over to law enforcement as well allowing them to take stuff out of context to use against you in court. Even if your innocent and never did anything wrong in your life it's still a danger as they might be able to chain together unrelated things to build a profile of guilt. Ya, use Linux when you can. The plus side of this is that, where as they are much worse as far as privacy, Microsoft is a historically incompetent company and so it's unlikely they will properly use this info.. I mean look how bad Cortana and Bing are.

  6. It's not about what data gets sent to microsoft.
    It's about your ISP snitching you off to the feds.
    It's about director james comey and the clinton gang.
    It's about a war with A.I.

  7. If you care about privacy this much, switch over to a version of Linux like Ubuntu. It’s their work and if you don’t agree with it the only choice you have is not to use it.

  8. Just upgrade back to Windows 7 aaaand problemo finito…

    And before someone says "They're spying there too": You don't have to install updates on Windows 7, that way you can skip updates which brings MS spyware on your PC. Or you can just use a tool called Ancile which will remove every spying feature/update from your system.

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