What The Most Expensive Steak On Earth Tastes Like

Mature Amateur

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  1. Truly want to try this. This is one of the only steaks I'd feel okay with spending a couple hundred on. Good effort to preserve and great idea for the perperation. What state is this restaurant in?

  2. You can name your titles and try to describe the meat but no matter how hard you try this is just you flaunting the fact you get to taste heaven and I'm down here in hell.

  3. i was watching wagyu beef videos and thinking it should be amazing that someone ages one of these steaks like we do in france with fine meats, and then i see this in the sugestions !
    I'm glad someone did it and you shared the result with us
    i definetly need to try this one day in my life
    also i'm pleased to see american people age beef too, i knew we shared a love for meat but i didn't knew we shared that technique, now i wanna try american steak too

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