Wolf Blitzer TEARS Into Sean Spicer Over RIDICULOUS Hitler Comments

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  1. Donald Trump: "Sean Spicer is the best White House Press Secretary ever. He's amazing, even more than amazing, he's really, really smart. Super smart. Really good. He makes tremendous statements, makes the bad people really bad. He's tough. He's huge and he's no lightweight. He can make it seem like I hate Russia. Sure, I love Russia, but I hate them more. So he's doing a terrific, classy job. Good. Just like me, only I'm great. Or even greater than great. Oh, and I have a big penis and no problems down there."

  2. The use of poisonous gas in the gas chambers was worse than despicable, but it is not analogous to using them in combat. Different issue altogether. The former is classified as a crime against humanity. The latter would be a war crime.

  3. Actually Russia never did sign the 1929 Geneva Accord that outlawed the use of chemical warfare. Stalin made a point he had no intention of living by that treaty. There were limited uses of chemicals by the Russians against the Germans on the Eastern Front. Not many, and documentation is difficult, but enough testimony from German troops to make it credible. Most of the attacks failed because of the lousy quality of the Russian munitions. I've read several accounts where chemical shells were fired, broke open and did nothing more than stink. Still, it was a chemical attack. And no, the Germans, on a direct order from Hitler, were forbidden to respond in kind.

  4. I doubt you will find many who took his remark in the way Blitzer is insinuating. It was very obvious the way in which Spicer meant the remark. You, Blitzer, are very obvious in your bent, and very clearly NOT in any way non-partisan. Your reports should, then, be taken as such.

  5. I don't know how ANYONE can reasonably expect upright, commendable behavior from a gang of amoral idiots. It's almost as though Wolf believes this was uncharacteristic for Spicer. When are the Jews gonna wake up and realize their guilt won't work on this administration. They got into the White House despite not having the Jewish vote, so yeah…they now know they haven't got to cow tow to Jews or any minority. And they've emboldened the basest among us to spread this vitriol across the country.

  6. I'm sure Fox is defending his comments left right and center like they always do to the right. Surely even THEY have enough sense to let this fool hang himself in public. There is a difference between being Republican and supporting the fringe right political fiasco that is the Trump administration. I doubt it though. Bill O' Reilly is probably getting something ready to go right now to support Spicer's 'facts'.

  7. Blitzer is an idiot. Zionist shill. Israeli sycophant. Blitzer worked for AIPAC, that parasitic organization perverting our government and nation's capital. 90% of all WWII deaths had nothing to do with the Jews, but the parasitic Zionists want everyone to believe that they are more important and worth more than anyone else. Most of the world doesn't believe in Zionist revisionists and questionable theories and self obsessed logic.

  8. Maybe you want to ask your president to step down. He's lied to us about so many things. He said drain the swamp but he's bringing the swamp people in. I'm so disgusted with Donald Trump.

  9. Fuck me……

    This prick is still defending Trump and falling on his sword and taking all the blame.

    FFS, Sean……you got lucky when you dropped this gig but you're obviously too stupid to pull it off and it's time to bail.

    There's no fucking way you're coming out of this mess with any cred so give it up now and turn state's evidence.

    You can still redeem yourself…….(For the record, I don't want him to because he's a slimy cunt and I hope his lack of self awareness sends him down.)

  10. Apparently the Arizona senate has passed a bill that would make it illegal under RICO statures to have organized or participated in a protest if that potentially could cause property damage whether or not the person suspected of possibly wanting to cause that damage was associated with the protest or not. And since it is RICO that would mean that the property of anyone remotely associated with that protest could lose all their property. Some of the money to be given to the police departement that the officers who arrested them belonged to!!!

    Not surprising the person putting the bill forward was a Republican senator, Sonny Borrelli. Proving yet again that a large part of the current Republican politicians are not conservatives at all.

    Luckily saner minds in the form of the House Speaker has made it clear that the bill is dead (not that it would not have been struck down by the courts anyway).

    Arizonans, may I suggest you replace the current members of your senate to some people who aren't aspiring to vaporize the First Amendment.

  11. here's the thing assad did NOT do it ISIS stored chemicals they got from uk and the video is staged see the whole thing, it's a trick to get you to bomb babies assad is not the mad man you make out, surely you make sure your info is good before bombing? especially after last time 1 million kids dead because colin liar powell said it was fact when it was not! that's why the world is horrified at your stupidity and the best trump can hope for now is mockery, trump changed his tune sounds just like killary now

  12. Western nations did not use gas in WW@ like in WW!. In fact Hitler was gassed in WW!. Execution of undesirable including Jews and Romas with gas was used by Germany in the 1940s. That WAS pure EVIL on Germany's part. I don't see the point of argument

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