Woman Steals Drone – GoPro Records It All

Mature Amateur

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  1. in this situation you dont tell them about the footage and beg them not to take you to court, when they eventually do take you to court that is when you bring out the footage and watch their faces change 🙂

  2. jokes aside, drones can hurt people xd, and happens all the time, this was not the case, not even close, but anyways, they should find places without people passing by, is hard to ask, but it have to be, any kid could have a drone and be using it without knowing a single thing and smashing people xd

  3. You could just tell in her voice like in the middle of the video that she knew she was fucked and running out of Breath just by spatting out words and thinking too hard😂😂😂

  4. Fat useless eater, self-entitled ignorant bitch with all the wit of a fuck. Hang 'em clean the gene pool up. These are just inherently BAD PEOPLE they exist and hide among us relying on the fascade to fool us that they are normal, these are the people who want alcohol brands to have white labels and black writing and demand tobacco is sold in big packs not handy 12.5g and say computer games cause violence and want you to give your guns away and dispose with the constitution, these people live to make things difficult for others. Its your fun your life and your freedom your decision and that bugs them to the core. Next time use your physical strength and grab your property. she is a victim mentality person just like all the SJWs, shed love nothing more than to scream rape at you.

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