WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Review FUCCCCK!

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  1. Wyatts vs Shield #MatchOfTheDecade
    This was a 20 star match. It was singlehandedly better than anything this company has produced in forever. Love love love love the shield and the wyatts! Babyface turns left and right, heel turns, brawling, attitude era lives on… Reigns losing clean, a rarity as well. Just not enough good words to say about this match!!!

  2. the crowd completely SHITED all over Bald-ista's match

    01] A sign with "Batista=zzzzzz"! on it.
    02] Booing Batista…. every time they can.
    03] a small we want Lesnar chant.
    04] multiple "sí" chants.
    05] Del Rio chants!!.
    06] Cheering Del Rio!.
    07] BOO!-tista chants.
    08] Daniel Bryan chants.
    09] LOUD CM Punk chants.
    10] Y2J chants.
    11] Boring chants.
    12] RVD chants.
    13] We Want Lesnar chant again.
    14] Big si chants.

    & the company still gave us nothing but a big FUCK U & "DEAL WITH IT" garbage…..   FUCK!!!.

  3. some of u r just mad cuz bryan didnt win. even if it was a good match and if daniel bryan didnt win a bunch of u would bitch


    no one wants to see Orton vs Batista
    who cares about HHH vs Bryan
    Im sure there is going to be some lame dancing shit going on
    Commercials of WWE APP and how to download the WWE NETWORK
    Great Khali will probably have a retarded skit
    Hogan will have no involvement in any match just a plain host probably worst than Betty White
    the only thing this WM will have on a good note is Taker vs Brock which we all know Taker is going to win…



  5. the ic match good del rio mach sucked!!!!!!!!!!! dx tag match sucked the whyatt tag match was great chamber match was good but the ending result sucked!!!!!!!!! ppv score 8.5 good ppv

  6. WWE really screwed up making a Orton/Batista main event, they've backed themselves into a corner they can't get out off, the fans want Daniel Bryan, give em Daniel Bryan, what's the big deal

  7. they did what they are doing now with bryan to the rock and kept bleeding viewers for money ppv after ppv before they finally put the title on rock but also turned him corporate heel in the same moment ruining the moment for his true fans.

  8. technically no one really won anything, this shit is scripted remember? the only people that lose are the audience over and over again because they fork over money to a conglomerate mindlessly.

  9. So funny Cenas got a t shirt that says when he wins we complain online. Fuck outa here what are they doing with the network, their pushing it online and they got a nerve to say we complain. Trending and cenas facebook likes is all online but no we are internet marks. Enough already hes got so much protection at the top and he made cesaro tap out. At least orton put him over ffs get this guy out of the wwe, hes been around the main event for too long. Why was the shield and wyatts over cuz it was fresh.

  10. but that intro doe LMAO!!! brad's face…..PRICELESS!!! but overall this funny cool review brad i agreed the usos should not been on the pay-per-view and YES! the wyatt and shield match was EPIC!!! the elimination chamber match good but the up to the end  super cena eliminate cesaro smh then randy orton instead of D.Bryan or Cesaro FACE PALM!! well I know Wrestlemania gonna suck now way to go WWE smh

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