Young man older woman: 58-yr-old sleeps with teen boy; Teen marries 71-yr-old grandma – Compilation

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  1. It really gets on my nerves hearing about these cunts/twats screwing underage boys and probably getting let off easy. Also their female kind, and more shamefully, boys and men won't consider such females or most females for that matter as freaks, creeps, perverts, rapists, and child molesters. Stupid ass society.

    On top of that members of society are alright with LGBT people and gay marriage believing 'Love is love', 'It's fine since theyre 2 adults', yet they'll be against incest. Also that stupid age of consent thing should be taken away. What sense does it make if the age of consent is under 18?

    Also I seen the one about the incest and the one about the boy marrying the old woman already on this channel.

  2. Sexual battery makes it sound like you are beating someone up with a penis! Btw I'm not saying that it isn't a serious offence, I'm just saying the name of the law sounds odd lol.

  3. Tomo news has come a long way: From 30k subscribers to a million. I never thought they would have that much as they're not that good at accurately reporting things.

  4. My bf is 16 yrs younger than me (I'm 41, he's 25) and we are very happy. Our ages aren't something we discuss regularly, only when the topic arises among friends and/or relatives.

    Well. In my opinion the clichés are right: age is just a number, and love knows no boundaries. But some of these stories were crazy (mum and son, yuck), although if people are consenting adults, let them live their lives, I say. 💜

  5. Pedophilia
    Just weird
    Not pedophilia, but something weird
    Love is love?
    Wtf Indonesia…?

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